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"Adopt A Greyhound"
Retired Racing Greyhounds Make Great Pets! Learn How To Adopt One From The Greyhound Project, Inc. Advice, Faqs, Photos, Art, Links, Agency Directory .

"Adopt A Greyhound Atlanta, Inc."

Greyhound Rescue, Adoption, Registration, And Information .

"Adopt-A-Greyhound Of Central Canada, Inc."

Dedicated To Education, Adoption, And Support. Finds Loving Homes For Retired Racing Greyhounds And Provides Education On What Wonderful Pets They Make.


Photos Of Dogs Available For Adoption, What To Expect - Bringing An Adopted Dog Home, And Links To Additional Dog Related Resources

"American Dog Training."

Puppy Training:Training Essentially Begins The Minute You Bring Your Dog Home. During The First 6 Months Of A Dog`S Life Behavioral Problems Can Develop That, If Left Uncorrected, Can Last A Lifetime. Housebreaking:Housebreaking Is An Issue That Needs To Be Addressed At Any Age. We Will Help You Find The Appropriate Place For You To Direct Your Dog - Papers, Box Or A Designated Area Outdoors.

"Animal Care League"

- A No-Kill Animal Shelter For Dogs And Cats Serving Chicago`S Near-West Suburbs. Offers Pet Adoption Services And Education.

"Animal Refuge Foundation"

Arf Is A Non-Profit Care-For-Life 25 Acre Animal Refuge That Over 300 Dogs Call Home. Endowment, Adoption, And Sponsor Programs Are Available.

"Animal Welfare League"

Animal Shelter Offering Rescue, Adoption, And Education Services. Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, And Reptiles To Adopt .

"Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, Inc."

Listing Of Australian Shepherds Available For Adoption.

"Bad Rap (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls)"

Includes Adoption And Breed Information, A List Of Pit Friendly Resources, And Information For The Prospective New Owner.


We Rescue, Adoption, Fostering, Of Bassethound Dog And More.

"Beagles On The Web"

The Definitive Page For Beagle Owners And Admirers, With Links To Over 400 Home Pages, Adoption And Rescue Resources,An Online Auction, And Lots More.

"Belmont County Animal Shelter"

- Includes Pictures Of Dogs And Cats Available For Adoption.

"Best Friend Pet Adoption"

Non-Profit, All Volunteer Organization That Rescues Abandoned, Stray, Abused, And Neglected Cats And Dogs. After Ensuring The Animals` Health, It Finds Them Loving Homes.

"Border Collie Rescue"

Dedicated To The Rescue And Rehabilitation Of Border Collies. Includes An Online Adoption Form.

"Boxer Rebound, Inc."

Rescue And Adoption Of Displaced Boxers In Northern Illinois.

"Camp Happy Dog"

Provides Doggie Daycare, Grooming, And Training Services As Well As Supplies And Accessories. Also Offers A Monthly Dog Adoption Program.

"Central Indiana Lab Rescue And Adoption, Inc."

Dedicated To Rescuing Abandoned And Unwanted Labrador Retrievers In Indiana And Illinois.

"Central Texas Spca"

Non-Euthanasia, Limited Intake Animal Shelter Providing Food, Medical Care, And Adoption Services For Homeless And Abandoned Dogs And Cats.

"Chow Dog Rescue, Inc."

An All-Volunteer, Non-Profit Organization For The Welfare, Care, Adoption Assistance, And Rescue Of The Chow.


This Web Site Has Been Put Here To Help Find Homes For Rescued Chows. Due To Increasing Amount Of Rescues Locally (Northern California), We Are Unable To Help Rescue Other Chow Chows Outside Of Our Area.

"City Of Boca Raton Animal Shelter"

Wonderful Dogs And Cats For Adoption. See Photos Of These Lovable But Forgotten Pets. All Breeds, Shapes, And Sizes.Wonderful Dogs And Cats For Adoption. See Photos Of These Lovable But Forgotten Pets. All Breeds, Shapes, And Sizes.

"Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center"

We Will Also Provide Information On How And Where To Adopt Dogs Cats & Other Pets .

"Community Drug`S"

Special Dosage Forms Of Drugs To Meet The Unique Needs Of Pets, Exotics, Zoo Animals Or Livestock, And To Help The Veterinarian Solve Problems For Patients With Special Medication Needs.We Recognize The Need For Therapeutic Improvisation Which Has Long Been A Fact Of Life For Veterinarians.

"Countryside Rottweilers"

American And German Rottweiler Breeder. Tips, Adoption Programs Information, And Information About The Breeds History.

"Deaf Dogs Education Action Fund (Ddeaf)"

Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To Providing Education And Funding For The Purpose Of Improving And/Or Saving The Lives Of Deaf Dogs. Includes Resources, Faq, Adoption Information And Much More.

"Deborah Dallison Designs"

provides pet funeral supply,pet supplies,pet names,pet stores,pet rescue,pet health,pet adoption,exotic pet,pet food,pet care,pet store,pet turtle.

"Doberman Rescue Of Sacramento"

A Non-Profit Organization For Adoption Of Dogs Especially Doberman .Also Provide Training For Them .


Doggiemom Rescue Is A Nonprofit Organization That Uses The Power Of Cyberspace To Educate The Public About Companion Animal .Post Or Read Doggie Adoptions On A Bulletin Board.

"English Springer Rescue America, Inc."

Esra`S Purpose With Their Rescue Is To Provide An Adoption Referral Service To Assist Shelters And Animal Control Facilities Nationwide In The Rehoming Of Impounded Springers.

"Feral Friends"

An All-Volunteer Group Based In Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas That Is Dedicated To Animal Rescue, Adoptions, And Humane Feral Cat Management.

"Forpaws Corgi Rescue"

Non-Profit Rescue For Corgi And Corgi Mix Dogs. Contains Breed And Adoption Information.

"Frederick County, Md. Humane Society"

Non-Profit Voluntary Organization Dedicated To The Humane Treatment Of Animals. Listings And Photos Of Dogs & Cats Available For Adoption In Frederick County, Maryland.

"Golden Bond Golden Retriever Rescue"

Our Mission Is To Find Caring Adoptive Homes For Goldens In Need And To Educate The Public To Prevent The Homeless Goldens Of The Future.

"Golden Retriever Rescue Club Of Charlotte"

A Non-Profit Organization Involved In Rescuing And Placing For Adoption Golden Retrievers In The Charlotte, North Carolina Area.

"Golden Retriever Rescue Foundation"

Dedicated To The Rescue And Rehabilitation Of Abandoned And Unwanted Golden Retrievers, And Offering Adoptions In Southern California.

"Greyhound Acres Rescue & Adoption"

Dedicated To Finding Responsible, Loving, Adoptive Homes For Retired Racing Greyhounds

"Greyhound Adoption Center"

- Devoted To Rescuing Greyhound Dogs From Racing Tracks. Site Includes Gift Shop, Photo Gallery, Sponsorships, Adoption Procedures And General Information

"Greyhound Friends Of North Carolina"

Rescues And Cares For These Dogs. Promotes Adoption And Education .

"Greyhound Lovers Of Hamilton-Wentworth"

Co-Ordinates The Adoption Of Ex-Racing Greyhounds To Loving Homes In The Southern Ontario Area And Facilitates The Integration Of Greyhounds Through Networking Of Its Members.

"Greyhound Lovers Of Hamilton-Wentworth"

Co-Ordinates The Adoption Of Ex-Racing Greyhounds To Loving Homes In The Southern Ontario Area And Facilitates The Integration Of Greyhounds Through Networking Of Its Members.

"Greyhound Pets Inc"

A Non Profit Organization Established In 1985 To Find Homes For Retired Racing Greyhounds. To Date We Have Placed More Than 3,000 Of These Delightful Animals In The Northwest .

"Greyhound Pets Of America"

Adoption Of Greyhound Pets In America San Antonio Texas .

"Healdsburg Animal Shelter - Ca"

Dedicated To The Adoption And Welfare Of Animals. Dog And Cat Adoptions, Public Education, And Animal Welfare And Health.

"Hearts United For Animals"

Shelter Placing Dogs And Cats For Adoption Throughout The U.S. And Canada.

"Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation, Inc."

Shelter And Adoption For Cats And Dogs. Provides Care And Refuge For Stray, Abused, Or Abandoned Animals.

"Home At Last Rescue"

Saving Cats And Dogs From Municipal Animal Shelters And Finding Them New Homes Through Bi-Weekly Adoption Events.

"Homer Animal Shelter"

Offering Spay And Neutering Services And Cats And Dogs For Adoption.

"Humane Society Of Fairfax County"

We Have Many Animals Available For Adoption Right Now! See Our Cats, Dogs, Horses, Or Other Special Animals!

"Humane Society Of Lewisville"

Promotes Education, Spay/Neuter, And Adoption/Foster Services For Dogs And Cats.

"K-9 Designs"

Products For Greyhounds, Including Collars, Leashes, All-Weather Coats, Plush Bed Mats, And More. Also Provides Information On Greyhound Adoptions.

"Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue, Inc."

Working To Promote And Facilitate Adoption And Public Education.

"League For Animal Welfare"

No-Kill Animal Shelter Featuring Dogs And Cats Available For Adoption In The Greater Cincinnati Area.

"Little Shelter Animal Rescue And Adoption Center"

Cats, Dogs, Kittens And Puppies Available For Adoption At This Long Island Animal Rescue Non-Profit Agency. Cats And Dogs Are All Neutered And Spayed.

"Midwest Animal Blood Services, Inc."

a volunteer based animal blood program which supplies blood products for dogs, cats, cows, horses, llamas, sheep, and goats. Also helps in adoption programs for dogs and cats.

"Midwest Animal Blood Services, Inc."

A Volunteer Based Animal Blood Program Which Supplies Blood Products For Dogs, Cats, Cows, Horses, Llamas, Sheep, And Goats. Also Helps In Adoption Programs For Dogs And Cats.

"Monadnock Humane Society"

Provides Dog, Cat, And Other Pet Adoption, Protection, And Advocacy Services.

"National Greyhound Adoption Program"

Greyhounds Make Wonderful Pets And Will Give You Many Years Of Enjoyment. Our Program Is A Non Profit Corporation Headquartered In Philadelphia To Get The Greyhounds Placed At Home .

"National Maltese And Small Breed Rescue Alliance"

Offers Grooming Information, Adoption Details, Rescue Tips, Photos, And Letters.

"Northeastern Boxer Rescue"

Rescue And Adoption Of Boxers And Other Dogs In The Northeastern United States.

"Olorado Greyhound Adoption"

Colorado Greyhound Adoption Is A Non-Profit Organization (501c3) Devoted To Placement And Adoption Of Greyhounds. Foster Programs Are Available

"Parkway Veterinary Clinic"

We Are Conducting Pet Adoptions Also You Are Interested In Adopting Or Fostering A Pet.

"Paws Of Granby, Ma Inc."

Offers Information On Pets For Adoption, Lost And Found Pets, Training, Dog Officers, Events, And More.

"Pet Orphans Fund"

No-Kill Animal Shelter Which Rescues Homeless Dogs And Cats, Provides Quality Care, Conducts Adoptions, And Educates The Public .

"Pet Orphans Rescue And Adoption"

Is A Non-Profit Organization Located In The Atlanta, Ga Area That Is Dedicated To Finding Great Homes For Purebred And Mixed Breed Orphaned Family Dogs And Cats. We Hold Pet Adoptions Days Every Weekend.

"Petfinder, Llc"

Adoptable Pets From Animal Welfare Organizations Across The Country . Cat, Dog , Puppy, Kitten, Rabbit, Ferret, Bird,

"Pets Unlimited"

Non-Profit San Francisco Emergency, Medical, And Adoption Center For Cats And Dogs.

"Pioneers For Animal Welfare Society"

- Offers A Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program, Humane Education, And Dogs For Adoption.

"Preservation Of Animal Welfare And Safety (Paws) Inc."

Dedicated To Easing The Suffering Of Dogs And Cats Through Spaying/Neutering, Adoption, Feral Cat Program, And More.

"Project Pooch At Maclaren Correctional Facility"

Youth Offenders And Unwanted Dogs Are Paired In An Obedience Training And Pet Therapy Program To Prepare The Dogs For Adoption And The Youths For Rehabilitation

"Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption"

Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To Finding Homes For Retired Greyhounds .


R.E.S.C.U.E. Is Dedicated To Reducing Cat And Dog Euthanasia In Arizona. We Rescue Cats And Dogs From The Kill Lists At The County Pounds And Then Prepare These Animals For Adoption Within Our Community .

"Rescue A Golden Of Arizon"

Ragofaz Rescues Golden Retrievers In Need And Finds New, Permanent Homes For Pets .We Spend Considerable Time And Resources On Educating The Public About The Breed, About Responsible Dog Ownership, And About Rescue Effort


Rescue, Fostering, And Adoption For The Northern California East Bay Area Committed To Rescuing Mistreated And Abandoned Rottweilers

"Retired Greyhounds As Pals"

Adoption Form And Catalog Of Greyhound Stuff. Provide Many Resources For Adoption Of Pets .

"Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc."

Provides For The Rescue, Care, And Adoption Of Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs In Need.

"Rocky Mountain Greyhound Adoption"

Non-Profit Organization Finds Homes For Retired Racing Greyhounds

"Saluki Tree Of Life Alliance, Inc"

National Nonprofit, All-Volunteer Adoption, Rescue, And Education Organization For Saluki Hounds.

"Sarah Norton`S Greyhound Adoption"

Dedicated To Timber And Bear. Includes Information On Adoption And The Breed, Links, Stories, And More

"Second Chance Rescue"

Non-Profit Organization Which Saves Abandoned Dogs, Provides Foster Care, And Adoption Services.

"Shetland Sheepdog Club Of Greater Baltimore"

Akc Performance And Assa Rescue And Adoption Organization Dedicated To Shelties.

"South Texas Animal Adoption Resource"

We Have Many Beautiful Puppies, Dogs, Cats And Kittens For You To Adopt Into Your Heart And Home .

"Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption, Inc"

Volunteer, Not For Profit Rescue Organization Dedicated To Helping Any And All Pugs And/Or Pug Mixes In Need.Pugs Available In Alabama,Pugs Available In Missouri For Adoption.

"Southern Animal Foundation"

Non-Profit Alliance Of Shelters, Humane Groups, And Veterinarians Which Provides Animal Rescue And Adoption Services, Dog And Cat Spay-Neutering, And Feral Cat Care.

"Southern States Rottweiler Rescue, Inc. (Ssrr)"

Non-Profit Society Offers Listings Of Dogs Available For Adoption.

"St. Louis Regap (Retired Greyhounds As Pets)"

Greyhound Rescue And Adoption In The Greater St. Louis, Missouri Area.

"Tails Of The Tundra Husky Rescue Inc"

Nonprofit Organization: Breed Rescue Dedicated To Finding Permanent Homes For Siberian Huskies In Need. Siberian Husky Breed Info, Pictures Of Dogs Available For Adoption .

"Teckels Animal Welfare Centre."

Charity That Rescues Animals And Offers Them For Adoption, With Boarding Kennels And Animal Welfare Facilities For Dogs, Cats, And Other Small Animals.

"The Schoharie Animal Shelter Inc."

Pictures And Information About Cats And Dogs Available For Adoption, Plus Newsletter.

"Tibetan Spaniel Webmag"

Includes Breeders` Webpages, Photographs, Show Results, And Adoption Information.

"Ticking Clock Rescue"

A Virtual Adoption Site For Adoptable Cats And Dogs That May Be Euthanized At San Francisco East Bay Animal Control Shelters Due To Lack Of Cage Space .

"Virtual Pet Adoptions"

Our Mission Is To Help Abandoned Pets Find Homes With Loving Families. Vpa Is Just One Part Of A Rescue And Adoption Network That Includes The Spca And Several Other Shelter Organizations Throughout The Bay Area.

"Weimaraner Rescue Of North Texas"

Helping To Educate And Exchange Information On Weimaraner Rescue And Adoption.


Westiemed Is An All-Volunteer, Irs 501(C)3 Non-Profit Organization Created To Distribute Financial Aid To Injured Or Ill Rescued Westies, Giving Them A Second Chance At Adoption And Love From A Permanent Family .

"Weyburn Humane Society"

Details Of Dogs And Cats Up For Adoption, Events, Petcare Tips, And More.

"World Wide Woofs"

Dedicated To The Adoption, Loving Care, Understanding, Training, Breeding And Humane Treatment Of Dogs

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