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Bull Semen From Network Genetics And Taurus Artificial Insemination, Livestock Breeding, International Export, Embryos.

"Agtech, Inc"

World Leader In The Distribution Of Veterinary Embryo Transfer And Artificial Insemination Supplies.

"Air World Wide.Com"

Thoughts On The Use Of Artificial Insemination - Animal Hospital, Pet Care, Large Animal Hospital, Nc,North Carolina, Stallions, Foaling, Foals, Mares, Mare Insemination, Horse Breeding, Mare Breeding, Equine, Equine Insemination, Vet, Horse Care,

"American Cattlemen Home Page"

Provides Online Listings For Registered Cattle, Commercial Cattle Operations, As Well As Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfer Dealers.

"Animal Fertility Clinic"

Specializing In Both Male And Female Canine Reproduction. Canine Semen Freezing And Transcervical Insemination Procedures Offered. Located

"Artifical Insemination Of Dairy Goats"

Involves Collection Of Semen From A Buck And Transfer Of The Semen To The Reproductive Tract Of The Doe. Does Can Be Inseminated With Either Fresh Semen Or With Commercially Available Frozen Semen. This Publication Discusses Use Of Frozen Semen.

"Artificial Insemination"

Annex A Of The Beva Code Of Practice For Veterinary Surgeons Using Artificial Insemination For Breeding Equids Will Be Complied With And That The Facilities Exist For The Correct Handling And Insemination Of Frozen Equine Semen.

"Artificial Insemination"

The Veterinarian Was Employed To Collect, Assess And Chill Semen From The Bull And Inseminate Cows. Today The Best Method Is Still A `Do It Yourself` Job Where A Trained Stockman Or Technician Puts Semen Into A Cow At The Right Time.

"Artificial Insemination By Gayle Ware And Brian Jacobsen"

Well, Horses Are Proving That Wrong, Because Long Distance Love Affairs Are Becoming Increasingly Common Among Fjords.

"Artificial Insemination In Canines Video Course"

Executive Producer, Carol Scott Bardwick, Founder Of Canine Cryobank And Personally Responsible For 16,000 Pups Through Fresh, Cooled Frozen Semen.

"Artificial Insemination Services"

Provides Agricultural Consultants, Artificial Insemination Services, Veterinary Surgeons, And Inseminacion Artificial.

"Bovine Elite Inc.,"

"Artificial Insemination Equipment Sales And Consulting; International Embryo And Semen Sales And Consulting Including A.I. And Palpation Clinics."

"Budgerigars Galore"

An Account Of The Use Of Artifical Insemination In Australia -Budgerigar,Budgies,Opalines,Infertility,Feather,Feathering,Yellow,Artificial Insemination,Cinnamons,Dark Factor,Buff,Pairing

"Camelot Farms"

"Ability To Check Quality Of Semen Before Breeding. Positive Control Of Reproductive Diseases. Saves Time. Eliminate ""Social"" Problems Of Sire Or Dam"

"Caprine Supply."

Offers Artificial Insemination, And Cheesemaking. Also, A Full Line Of Milking Machines, Books, And Goat-Related Gifts.

"Cass Veterinary Services"

About Services And Canine Artificial Insemination.

"Catherston Stud Farm"

Catherston Stud Offer An Excellent Artificial Insemination Service To Mare Owners Using Chilled Semen From Some Of Our Warmblood And Pony Stallions.

"Certified Practices For Artificial Insemination"

Annex A Of The Beva Code Of Practice For Veterinary Surgeons Using Artificial Insemination For Breeding Equids Will Be Complied With And That The Facilities Exist For The Correct Handling And Insemination Of Frozen Equine Semen.

"Circle Z Genetics Inc."

Supplier Of Bovine Sperm For Artificial Insemination On The East Coast.

"Clarks Concepts"

Manufactures A.I. Buddy`S For Aid In Artificial Insemination Of Sows. This Agricultural Product Makes It Possible For One Person To Breed Multiple Sows At The Same Time.


Is A Leading Swine Artificial Insemination Pioneer Developing New Cocepts For A Fast Growing Industry. Cobiporc Has 200 Pure Boars Coming From The Best Selection Herds In France, And Produces 2 000 000 .

"Continental Plastic Corp"

A Manufacturer And Worldwide Supplier Of Products For The Veterinary, Artificial Insemination Of Domestic Animals, Food Service/Safety Industries And Associated Products Including Boots, Gloves, And Extruded Tubing .

"Csba Artificial Insemination"

Artificial Insemination Offers The Best Of Both Worlds : It Gives The Producer The Possibility To Use The Best Boars While Decreasing The Amount Of Time Spent Breeding Sows, Thus Allowing More Effective Use Of The Producerms Time.

"Cyber Goats."

Goats For Sale, Artificial Insemination Of Goats, Links, Advertisements, And Goat Breed Information.

"Davie County Large Animal Hospital, P.A."

Today`S Breeding Technology Provides Horse Owners More Options Than Were Available In The Past. Artificial Insemination And Semen Preservation Techniques Make It Possible To Ship Stallion Semen To Mares Nearly Anywhere In The Country.

"Elite Genetics."

Offering The Latest In Small Ruminant Reproduction Technology, Including Artificial Insemination, Ram Semen Collection, And Embryo Transfer.

"Elk Breeders."

Elk And Wapiti Ranching And Farming. Info On Elk Breeding, Fencing, Facilities, Feed, Artificial Insemination

"Equine Artificial Insemination"

Research Into Equine Artificial Insemination Has Recently Expanded With Increasing Horse Numbers, The Developing Leisure Interest In Horse Riding And The Realisation Of The Economic Advantages Of Artificial Insemination.

"Equitop Farm"

Breeder And Importer Of Quality Sport Horses Via Artificial Insemination .

"Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine"

The Institute Produces Doses Of Frozen Spermatic Material Of Bulls And Stallions Belonging To The Institute And Animal Breeders. It Enacts A Bovine And Equine Subfertility Prophylaxis Programme On A National Level. It Collects, Dilutes And Freezes.

"Fertility Center Of California (Fcc)"

Fertility Center Provides Patients With Two Types Of Inseminations: Intracervical Insemination ,Intrauterine Insemination.


Fertilityinfo.Com Offers Free Information About The Treatment And Diagnosis Of Infertility, Surrogacy, Male Infertility, Egg Donation, Artificial Insemination, Invitro Fertilization, Pregnancy Loss, Support For Infertile Couples.

"Florida Genetic Center"

Specialized In Artificial Insemination (Semen, Embryos, Tanks And Equipment) And All Veterinary Products(Vaccines, Supplements, Instruments).

"Forest Creek Farms."

Sales And Breeding Of Texas Longhorn Cattle, And Artificial Insemination Services.

"G.R.Polypapers Pvt. Ltd"

Offers Polyglov Disposable Polyethylene Gloves Veterinary Artificial Insemination.


Offers Cattle Service, Semen, Sire Proofs, Artificial Insemination Supplies, And More.

"Genervations Inc."

We Are The Semen Marketing Division Of Cormdale Genetics Inc.. Genervations Is Committed To The Genetic Advancement Of Dairy Genetics Worldwide.

"Genetic Gains Ltd."

Artificial Insemination: Sheep, Cows From New Zealand, Ram Semen Marketing ,Artificial Insemination And Embryo Transfer Services

"Genetic Selection"

Livestock Improvement Genetics Livestock Improvement Develops And Delivers Profitable Breeding Solutions.

"Global Advertizing Llc"

Embryos For Sale, Embryosforsale, Eggs For Sale, Artificial Insemination

"Goat Market Vestibule."

A Resource For Goat Information:All Breeds, Goat Shows, Goats For Sale, Spanish Goats, Artificial Insemination Of Goats, And Goat Farms.

"Imv Technologies."

The World Leader In Animal And Human Reproduction Biotechnology, From Semen And Embryos Collection To Freezing. Imv Supplies All Equipment For Artificial Insemination And Embryos Transfer.

"Irish Sport House Developments."

Artificial Insemination And Embryo Transfer Services, Also Semen From Our Stallions Aldato And Equiova Kalizan. Located In Northern Ireland.

"Itsi - Insemination Technics & Supplies International Inc"

Insemination Technics & Supplies Inc. (I.T.S.I.) Promotes The Use Of Artificial Insemination (A.I.) In The Swine Industry Through On-Farm And Commercial Programs

"Lucky S&L Ranch"

Provides Artificial Insemination Basics.

"M And M A.I. Homepage"

Artificial Insemination Supplies For The Swine Industry.

"Masterbreeders Pig Artificial Insemination Centre"

Masterbreeders Pig Artificial Insemination Centre. The Uk`S Largest Independent Ai Centre

"Meggle Artificial Insemination Center."

The Artificial Insemination Center Works Only With Cattle Concentrating On Simmental Breed.

"Melbourne Ivf"

Melbourne Ivf - Our Treatment Program - Artificial Insemination

"Michigan State University Extension"

Effective Use Of Artificial Insemination In Beef Cattle


Minitube Supports And Promotes The Global Animal Reproduction Industry Through Research, Development, Manufacturing, And Distribution Of Innovative Products For Artificial Insemination And Embryo Transfer

"Muller Ai"

Muller Ai Is An Experienced And Reliable Source Of Ai Products And Services. Complete Selection Of Artificial Insemination Products For Swine.

"Ontario Swine Improvement,Inc."

Provincial Organization Responsible For Advances In Swine Genetics, Research, And Artificial Insemination.

"Otterswick Marketing Ltd"

Artificial Insemination Involves Placing Chilled Or Fresh Semen Directly Into The Uterus Of The Mare Shortly Before She Is Due To Ovulate.

"P & J Agricultural Trading, Inc."

Sales And Distribution Of Nutritional Items, Bulk Chemicals, Veterinary Drugs And Biological Equipments And Instruments. Specialized In Direct Selling Of Artificial Insemination For Cattle And Swine.


Today, Many Dog Breeders And Veterinarians Have Found Artificial Insemination (Ai) To Be An Invaluable Tool. Many Of Them See It As A Way To Increase The Quality Of A Breed By Overcoming Limitations Of Both Time And Space.

"Pig Tracks"

Specializing In Swine Artificial Insemination Equipment And Scientific Analysis And Evalution Of Boar Sperm Cell Quality.

"Polar Genetics Inc."

Offers Canadian Swine Genetics And Breeding Technology For Superior Quality Pork , Swine Genetics And Artificial Insemination.


Specializes In Horse Training, Horse Competition, Horse Breeding, Equine Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfers, And Is Also A Favorite Movie Location Providing A Ranch Or Farm Setting.

"Sangre De Cristo Equine Services"

Many Breed Associations, Including Aqha (Quarter Horses) Now Allow Breeding By Artificial Insemination With Cooled Shipped Semen.

"Show Dog Super Site"

"Articles On Veterinary Topics; Canine Reproduction, Artificial Insemination, Neutering, Herpes Virus, Fresh-Extended And Frozen Semen, And Freezing Of Ovaries."

"Silk N Quincy"

Offers Artificial Insemination. We Breed, Train And Sell Quality Apha Paint Horses In Las Vegas, Nevada And Parowan, Utah.

"Springwood Livestock Management Services"

Specializing In Herd Health Preventative Medicine Reproductive Problem Solving Ultrasounding Synchronization And Artificial Insemination Programs .

"Swiss Genetics Ltd."

Is The Exporter Of Swiss Semen And Swiss Embryos As Well As The Main Exporter For Swiss Livestock.

"Teague Diversified, Inc.,"

Full Service Feedyard Offering Custom Cattle Feeding, Beef And Dairy Heifer Development, And Artificial Insemination Services.

"The Artificial Insemination Centre"

Maff Approved Uk Quarantine Centre, Chilled And Frozen Semen Collection Services To High Quality For Export.

"The Dutch Export"

"Offers Insemination Artificial; In Livestock, Agriculture And Fisheries."

"The Horse Interactive"

Artificial Insemination Of Equines Has Been Around A Long Time And, Through The Years, Has Had A Profound Impact On The Horse Industry. Most Of The Impact Has Been Of The Positive Variety, But There Also Have Been Some Negatives.

"The Northeast Sheep & Goat Genetics Alliance,Inc."

Offers Export Tested Semen And Breeding Stock For Both International And Domestic Sale.Also Offer Artificial Insemination Equipment And Technical Assistance

"University Fertility Associates"

Specializing In Tubal Reversals, In-Vitro, Artificial Insemination, Donor Eggs, And Related Treatments For Infertility.

"Veterinary Corner"

More And More Breed Associations Are Permitting Artificial Insemination. The Negative Attitudes And Regulations By The Breed Registries Are Starting To Decline.


Which Will Demonstrate The Quality Of Holstein Cow We Have. This Together With Other Reasons Why Visitors Should Come Here, And Make A Full Holiday Of It. And Artificial Insemination

"Westmead Fertility Center"

Affordable Treatment Is Provided Including Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilisation And Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection.

"World-Wide Sires,Inc."

International Supplier Of Dairy And Beef Cattle Genetics Through Frozen Semen And Embryos. Wws Represents All United States Artificial Insemination Cooperatives

"Xenaphon Publishing Ltd."

It Is Little More Than A Decade Since Breeders In The British Isles Began To Realise That Artificial Insemination (Ai) Might Have A Useful Role To Play In Horse Breeding.

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