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""American Veterinary Supply Corp.;""
Veterniary Vaccines Products:Monoject 6cc Syringes Luer Slip Or Luer Lock, 50/Bx $6.50, Reglan Injection 5mg/Ml, 30ml $5.95,Benadryl Injection 50mg/Ml , 10ml$9.95,Clindamycin Drops 20ml $2.76,Monoject 12cc Syringes Luer Slip Or Luer Lock,80/Bx $12.00, Cytoxan Injection 100mg $3.65,Etc.

"A J Borthwick Veterinary And Agricultural Chemist"

Our Comprehensive Range Includes Animal Health And Nutrition Products For Farmers Horse And Pet Owners.

"Abu Dhabi Veterinary Services"

Vaccination At The British Veterinary Centre Is More Than Just The Set Of Shots Everyone Is Familiar With. It Is A Time To Give Your Pet A General Check Out And Find Any Problems That May Have Escaped Your Notice In The Preceding Year.

"All-Creatures Veterinary Hospital"

Vaccination Clinics:Low Cost Vaccination Clinics Are Offered The First Saturday Of The Month From 7:30 A.M. Until 1:00 P.M. For More Information Regarding Vaccines.

"Alternative, Complementary And Holistic Veterinary Medicine"

Vaccination Decisions By Susan G Wynn, Dvm Conventional Veterinary Wisdom States That Annual Vaccinations Have Decimated The Incidence Of Formerly Common Viral Diseases Such As Feline Panleukopenia.

"Animal Health Products"

Information On Cattle Vaccines, Swine Products, Antibiotics , Sulfa Products , Colostrum Products , Dairy Products , Insecticide Products And Horse Products.

"Animal Livestock Supply Inc"

Animal Health Supplies Equimectrin, Strongid Paste, Anthelcide, Zimecterin, Quest, Corta-Flx, Cortaflx, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Biotin, Thrush, Showsheen, Hoof Polish, Grooma, Clippers, Needle, Syringe, Easy Wormer, Vetrap, Sweat, Saddle, & Halter.

"Animal Medical Clinic"

"Vaccinations - Necessary To Prevent Infectious Diseases.Spays And Neuters, Declawing Cats, Abdominal And Thoracic Surgery; A Complete Range Of Services Available."

"Animal Vaccines"

Merck`S Veterinary Manual More Specifically States That Exposure To Live Parvo Vaccine May Be The Initial Cause In Canines.

"Ausvac Pty Ltd"

Ausvac Develops, Manufactures And Markets Veterinary Vaccines And Associated Products To National And International Clients.

"Balgownie Veterinary Hospital"

Make Sure Your Dog Has An Annual Booster Vaccine . Annual Vaccinination Boosters Are Vital To A Dog`S Health :C3 Vaccine ,C5 Vaccine .


Standard Needles:Reusable Stainless Steel Hypodermic Needles. Veterinary Quality,Luer-Lock Hub ,Recordfix Hub Hypojet (R) Genalu (R),

"Biocor Animal Health Inc"

Manufacturing Of Veterinary Vaccines Diagnostics. Biocor Animal Health, Omaha, Ne, Has Been Recently Acquired By The Csl Group, Headquarters In Melbourne, Australia.


Research Institute Of Biopharmacy And Veterinary Drugs, A.S. Produces Pharmaceuticals, Premixes, And Vaccines.

"Bomac Laboratories Limited"

Vetadine Pvp Iodine Spray ,Amino Plus ,Bovine Range Are Some Of Vaccines Offered By Us For Different Animals.

"British Veterinary Centre"

An Extensive Range Of Veterinary Services Is Available At The British Veterinary Centre In Abu Dhabi .General Veterinary Medicine Vaccinations & Preventive Medicine Surgery Radio Surgery Etc

"Brown Animal Hospital"

Vaccinations:Vaccinations Are Safe, Effective And Well Worth The Financial Commitment. Many Diseases That Were Once Considered Fatal To Dogs Are Now Under Control Due To The Use Of Modern Vaccines. Vaccinations Are Molecules, That When Administered Into The Body, Produce Substances That Are Called Antibodies.

"Camp Road Small Animal Hospital"

Informations On T-3, Vaccines, Cbc, Vax Cbc Chem, Animal, Hospital, Cbc With Diff, Heartworm, Pulseox, Fleas, Catheter, Osteoarthritis, Iv, Feline Leukemia, Clinical Signs.

"Canine Vaccines"

The Vaccine Commonly Referred To As The Distemper Vaccine Is Directed Against The Following Diseases: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza And Parvovirus.

"Caprine Supply"

Fringol C & D, Clostridium Perfringens Type C And D Vaccine For Control Of Enterotoxemia. This Type Of Vaccination Does Not Always `Take,` But It`S The Best Protection Available Against Enterotoxemia.

"Cat Vaccines"

Vaccines For Fip And Ringworm , Vaccination - Differing Medical Opinion , For Rabies , Panleukopenia (Distemper) .


Manufactures Specific, Custom Made Vaccines For Pyoderma In Dogs.

"Cornell Feline Health Center"

"Vaccines And Sarcomas A Concern For Cat Owners Those Of Us Entrusted With Caring For Cats Have Two Basic Desires: First, We Wish To Help Cats By Preventing Serious Disease And Death; Second, We Wish To Do Them No Harm."

"Csl Limited"

Csl Limited Develops, Manufactures And Markets Pharmaceutical Products Of Biological Origin. Thgeir Products Include Vaccines.

"Cumberland Animal Clinic"

Annual Vaccinations Against:Feline Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper) Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (Fvr)Feline Calicivirus (Fcv) Feline Chlamydiosis (Pneumonitis)Rabies,Etc

"Cypress Ave. Animal Hospital"

Vaccination:Both Low Cost Vaccinations, And Regular Cost Vaccinations With The Dr. In Attendance To Perform A Physical Examination Are Offered.At Present, The Low Cost Vaccinations Are Offered On Tues., Wed., And Thurs. This Is Done By Appointment. Unless An Examination Has Been Performed Within The Last Year Or Less (In Older Pets And Those With Medical Problems), Etc.

"Dunkirk Animal Clinic"

Immunizations :We Use The Highest Quality Vaccines Available To Protect Your Pet From Disease. We Also Have A Reminder System That Will Notify You When Your Pet Is Due For Any Vaccinations Or Treatments


The Csl Healthy Horse Computer Program The Australian Vaccine Specialist Equivacb¨ The Latest Technology To Protect Your Horse Against Tetanus And Strangles People Who Want Their Horses To Achieve Their Full Potential .

"Facts And Comparisons"

Features Adverse Effects Adverse Events After Immunization: Reports And Results.

"Feline Vaccines"

Feline Vaccines. Publication By Charity Devoted To The Health And Welfare Of Cats.

"Florida Genetic Center"

We Are Specialized In Artificial Insemination (Semen, Embryos, Tanks And Equipment)And All Veterinary Products(Vaccines, Supplements, Instruments). Some Products And Accessories For Bovine, Equine, Swine, Pets,

"Grand Laboratories, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Animal Biologics, Including Vaccines, Bacterins, And Antiserum Products For The Veterinary Profession.

"Hoechst Roussel Vet And Bioproducts"

Bioproducts Factory Jilin, One Of China`S Top 500 Pharmaceutical Companies, Is A Leading Producer Of Animal Veterinary Products In The Country.

"Holistic Hound"

The Allopathic Medical Establishment Has Been Teaching People For Years That Vaccines Are The Best Way To Protect Our Pets From Horrible Illnesses Like Parvo And Distemper.

"Igi Vineland Labs"

Develops Inactivated Vaccines, Sanitizers, Anti-Infectives And Pharmaceuticals For Broiler Breeder, Commercial Egg And Broiler Industries.

"Infomedia, Companies List For: Veterinary Vaccines"

Infomedia, Companies List For Veterinary Vaccines - Agricultural Inputs, Equipment Supply Building, Construction Chemicals, Oil Cosmetics, Toys, Education Others Electronics, Computers Optics Environment Food,


Inno-Vet Is An Internet Site Dedicated To The Continued Improvement Of Veterinary Medical And Surgical Care.

"Izo S.P.A."

Specalised Products In Vaccines For Poultry , Bovine & Swine .

"Kingston Animal Hospital, Pc"

Dogs:Puppies Are Vaccinated At About 8, 12 And 16 Weeks Of, Rabies:Puppies Are Vaccinated At 4-6 Months Of Age 2. Repeat In 1 Year Lyme:Puppies Are Vaccinated At 9 And 12 Weeks Of Age. 2. Annual Boosters Are Required,Etc.


Provides Vaccinations For Disesases Like Calici Virus, Chlamydia, Feline Leukemia, And Panleukopenia.

"Kv Vet Supply Co., Inc."

Offers:Vaccines:Canine,Feline,Ferret - Distemper ,Rabies Etc.

"Lambrar Veterniary Health Care."

Ft. Dodge Feline Vaccines:Fel-0-Vax Pct(Protect Against Diseases Caused By Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, And Panleukopenia Viruses).Fel-0-Vax Lv-K(Protect Against Diseases Caused By Feline Leukemia Virus),Etc.

"Lambriar Animal Health Care."

Distributors Of Animal Health Care Products, Kennel Supplies, Pet Supplies, Veterinary Supplies And Vaccines, For Dogs, Cats, Birds, Ferrets, Horses, And Cattle

"Live Virus Poultry Vaccines"

Pacificvet Has A Wide Range Of Live Poultry Vaccines Available Which Have Undergone Strict Quality Control On Every Batch For Efficacy, Safety, And Freedom From Contamination.

"Malaysian Vaccines & Pharmaceuticals Sdn. Bhd."

"Presently, Mvp Is Producing Vaccines Mainly For The Poultry And Pig Diseases Such As ; Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine (Ibd) .Newcastle Disease Vaccine Asplin Etc"

"Maplehurst Genetics International, Inc."

We Are Exporters Of Large And Small Animal Vaccines, Drugs And Test Kits, Livestock Feeds, Plant Seeding Equipment, Livestock Equipment, Veterinary Instruments, Semen & Embryos, Etc.

"Mds Incorporated"

Veterinary Products:Ves 5000 - Video Endoscope System,Ps 2001 3v - 3 Meter Gastroscope,Ccd Cameras - Video Electronics,010 C - Egg Candler Parts Catalog - Accessories,Etc.

"Netvet Veterinary Resources Veterinary Specialties"

Veterinary Specialties Information About Veterinary Vaccines And Netvet, Electronic Zoo, Animal, Health, Disease, Alternative, Science, Veterinary, Medicine, Veterinarian, Dvm, D.V.M., Vet, Specialty, Specialist, Anatomy, Genetics, Ethics, Behavior.

"Novartis Animal Health Canada Inc."

Our Injection Products:Program¨ Injectable All The Efficacy Of Program In A Single Six-Month Injection. Interceptor¨ Prevents Heartworm Disease By Eliminating Infective Larvae For 60 Days Past Infection.Etc.

"Nutrahealth, Inc."

"Company Dedicated To Providing Quality Vitamin And Trace Mineral Products For Horses, Cattle And Humans, Which Include These Items; Equil-Life ""Plus"" For Horses, Bovi-Life Paste For Cattle, And The World Renowned American Longevity Vitamin And Mineral Products For People Who Seek The Best Suppliments For Their Body.Offers A Wide Range Of Health Products For Large And Small Animals. Such As Vaccines, Antibiotics, Implants, Vitamins, Supplements And Pet Food. "

"Omaha Vaccine"

Provides Including Over 12,000 Products For Dogs, Cats, Fish Birds And Reptiles. Products Offered Include Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, Flea And Tick Control, Dental Health, Grooming, Training, Toys And Rawhide Treats.

"Palmlab, Inc."

Palmlab:Palmlab`S Methodology Is A Wet Chemistry System That Uses Individual Pre-Dispensed Tubes. Moderate Samples Of Plasma Or Serum Are Added To The Tubes. The Doctor Can Provide Swift Diagnosis And Quickly Begin Treatment.

"Personnel & Major Duties"

Development And Manufacturing Of Animal Vaccines. Diagnosis And Prevention Of Exotic Animal Diseases.

"Pet Expo"

Dog & Cat Vaccines : Veterinarian Recommended Vaccination Programs ,Puppy Vaccination Schedule ,Kitten Vaccination Schedule Etc

"Petcity.Com, Inc"

Vaccinations For Dogs And Cats Even If An Epidemic Of Canine Distemper Or Parvovirus, Or Of Feline Influenza Or Panleukopenia Isn`T Raging Through Your Neighborhood, And Even If Your Animal Companion Rarely Gets Out And Has A Low Chance Of Exposure.

"Pethealth Plus"

Retailer Of Many Dog Vaccines And Other Vaccines For Various Pets .They Also Specify Their Rates .

"Protein Sciences Corporation"

Veterinary Influenza Vaccines Recent Outbreaks Of Highly Pathogenic H5 Avian Influenza In Hong Kong, Mexico, Italy, China And Other Countries And Low Pathogenic H7 In Pennsylvania Have Caused Great Concern In The Poultry Industry.

"Rabies Vaccine"

Infomations About Rabies Vaccine, Polio Vaccine, Dna Vaccine, Childhood Immunization, Vaccines, Immunization Schedule, Child Vaccination Guide.

"Science News Online"

The Newest Vaccine Technology Has Moved A Step Closer To Benefiting Some Of The World`S Poorest People. Two Studies Of Animals Show That Inexpensive And Durable Dna Vaccines Work Well Against Rabies And Viral Diarrhea Diseases That Hit Many Countries

"Seattle Veterinary Associates"

Vaccine Consultations:Vaccine Protocols And Recommendations Are Continuously Changing As New Research Emerges. Annual Exams Are A Wonderful Opportunity To Learn About Recent Advances And Discuss With Your Veterinarian The Best Approach For Your Pet And Situation.

"Shafit Biological Laboratories Ltd"

Shafit Biological Laboratories Was Established By Kibbutz Shefayim And Private Entrepreneurs And Is Considered To Be One Of The Largest And Most Advanced Israeli Companies In The Production Of Veterinary Poultry Vaccines.

"Sheriff`S Highway Veterinary Hospital"

We Are Now Able To Protect Your Puppy Against Six Diseases By Giving Him An Initial Course Of Two Injections Between The Ages Of 6 And 12 Weeks So That He Can Go Out And About A Week After The Second Injection At 13 Weeks Of Age Fully Protected.

"St. David`S Veterinary Practice"

Treatment For A Wide Area From The South West Of England` Please Take A Look At The Veterinary Culture Around The South-West Of England. We Have Created Our Website To Be Both Informative .

"The Cat Doctor"

A Feline Cat Only Veterinary Practice Devoted To Caring For Cats And The People Who Love Them. This Veterinary Practice Offers Full Service Veterinary Care Including Vaccines, Examinations, And More.

"Uk Veterinary Health Care"

Providers Of Veterinary Health Care And Treatment For A Wide Area From The South West Of England.


Vaccinations Annually For Dogs And Cats Have Been Promoted For Years But Are They Harming Our Dogs And Cats.

"Vaccinations Feline Health Center"

The Incidence Of Many Infectious Diseases In Cats Has Been Reduced Greatly Through The Use Of Vaccines.

"Vaccines Have Non-Zero Risk"

The Official Mad Cow Disease Vaccinations.

"Vet Info"

"Dog Vaccines And Vaccinations ; Annual Vaccinations , Puppy Vaccination Schedule ,Lyme Disease Vaccination Etc"

"Vet Pharmaceutical"

Crop Needles:Manufactured From Silver And Stainless Steel, Vetafarm Crop Needles Are Designed To Provide Quick, Accurate Administration Of Food And Medications Directly To The Crop Of The Bird.Available In 8 Gauge (Feeding Tube), 12g, 14g, 16g And 18g. Custom Sizes And Lengths Available On Request:Crop Needles - Gauge 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 Feeding Tube 8g & 10g- Stainless Steel & Silver ,Crop Needle Video (Vhs Locally Produced),

"Veterinary Medicine"

Information About Veterinary Vaccines, Arthrix For Dogs And Cats , The Cat Doctor ...

"Veterinary Products And Vaccines"

Offers Aquaculture Vaccines , Neospark Drugs , Syndel International And

"Veterinary Supplies And Pharmaceuticals"

Valuevet Provides Vaccines, Antibiotics, Small Animal Products, And Nutrition Supplements For Livestock And Pets. Swine Specialists.

"Veterinary Vaccines"

This Report Takes An In-Depth Look At The Veterinary Vaccines Industry Detailing The Latest Developments In Vaccine Research , A Survey Of The Diseases That Are Stimulating Research Interest .

"Vetoquinol NA"

Manufacturer and distributor of veterinary and livestock products in USA, Canada and Mexico. Vetoquinol's line of products includes: antibiotics, vaccines, anti-inflammatory, disinfectants, insecticides, Z-tags and more.


Virbac, A Company Specialised In Veterinary Drugs And Vaccines .

"West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic"

Provides Vaccines For Dogs And Cats,For Contagious Disease,Advantages And Risks.

"Wing-N-Wave Labradors Vaccines"

Vaccines, Both In Human And Animal Medicine, Have Come Under Attack Recently With Critics Blaming Adverse Reactions And Long-Term Health Disorders On Their Wide-Spread And Frequent Use.

"Yolano Veterinary"

Provides Routinely Recommend Vaccines, Distemper Parvo 6-Way And Rabies For Dogs, Distemper 3-Way And Rabies For Cats.

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