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"A Drop In The Bucket"
Provides All Natural Herbal Products For The Horses,Wide Range Of Herbal Blends And Homeopathic Remedies ,Herbal Liniments, Sports Gels And Lotions ,Flower Essences.All These Holistic Products Are Pure And Natural - No Chemicals, Fillers, Synthetics.

"Ag-One, Inc."

Offers Product Like Remedies Which Helps Livestock Farmers And Ranchers Maintain Healthy Sheep, Cattle, And Hogs. Ag-One Manufactures And Distributes A Natural, Organic Formula Of Vitamins, Minerals And Amino Acids.

"All Animal Veterinary Hospital"

Helpful To Pet Owners At Their House Such As Home Remedies And Flea Control.

"All The Best Pet Care"

All The Best Pet Care Want To Help Your Animal Companions Live Longer, Happier Lives With The Best Selection Of All-Natural Pet Foods .Offers Natural Foods, Supplements, And Remedies For Dogs & Cats.


Offers Holistic Veterinary Medicine—Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Herbal Medicine,Homeopathy, Nutritional Therapy & Other Complementary Or Alternative Modalities .

"American Livestock Supply, Inc."

Supplier For Vaccines, Dewormer, Supplements, Equipment And Much More. Offers Vaccines Like Solo-Jec 7 For Immunization Of Healthy, Susceptible Dogs Against Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis (Canine Adenovirus Type 1), Canine Adenovirus Type 2.

"Animal Elements"

Featuring Herbal Remedies, Vitamins And Supplements, Magnetic Therapy Collars, Homeopathic Remedies, And Natural Grooming Products.

"Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority"

Independent Regulatory Body Whose Task It Is To Ensure That The Marketing And Distribution Of Animal Medicines In The Uk .

"Animal Nutrition Center"

Offers Remedies For Behavioral Problems Of Animals .

"Apo Health"

Apo Health A Leader In Smart, Innovative Products For The Dental, Medical And Veterinary Professional. Founded In 1987, Apo Has Been A Leading Innovator Of Unique Disposable Products For The Practitioner.

"Auntie Jane"

Provides All Types Of Dog Remidies .

"Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center"

Dedicated Exclusively To The Care Of Exotic Birds And Other Non-Domestic Pets .

"Bayer Plc"

Bayers Animal Health Business Group Is The Worlds Third Largest Supplier Of Pharmaceutical Remedies Which Improve The Well-Being Of Household Pets, Horses And Farm Livestock.

"Biological E. Limited"

Manufactures Bulk Drugs, Formulations, Injectibles, Veterinary Drugs, And Herbal Remedies .


Catalogue Of Birds For Sale, Aviaries And Cages, Products, And Medicines And Treatments.

"Bomac Laboratories"

Manufacturing And Marketing Animal Remedies For Vets, Farmers, And Pet Owners World Wide.

"Callvetcall, Llc"

Antiviral Product: Equimune I.V. New! Vetrepharm , Kustom Komfort Floors Biolux International Inc.

"Choices In Health"

Includes Informative Articles Popular, Knowledgable National Speakers Videos, Books And Easy-To-Use, Effective Natural Remedies .

"Co-Op Animal Health"

Offers Animal Health Products And Remedies May Be Purchased Directly Through The Secure Server.One Of The Remedy Is Aspirease Which Is Recommended For Arthritis, Lameness, Chronic Joint Problems And Pain In Horses.

"Cold River Veterinary Center"

Offers Homeopathic Remedies , Holistic Veterinary Medicine, Alternative Cancer Therapies, And Nutritional Medicine For Cats And Dogs.


Defend® Exspot® Is A Convenient And Effective Way To Kill And Repel Fleas, Ticks And Mosquitoes On Dogs.

"Deprenyl Animal Health, Inc."

Develops And Manufactures Veterinary Pharmaceuticals For Companion Animals .

"Diamond Animal Health ,Inc.,"

Contract Manufacturer Of Non-Regulated Human Health Products Such As Anti-Bacterial Soaps And Regulated Pharmaceuticals For Animals.

"Docs Pharmacy, Inc.,"

Specialized In The Art And Science Of Compounding Medicine. Offering A Complete Line Of Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional Supplements And Herbal Remedies .

"Dog Cross Natural Products Ltd."

Dog Cross Skin Comfort Products Can Give Relief / Remedies To Your Allergies .

"Dogwood Veterinary Hospital"

Providing Both Large And Small Animal Medicine And Surgery.

"Doolittles Barn"

Offers Animal And Pet Accessories - Feed , Remedies , Medicines Etc.

"Dorwest Herbs"

Offers All Type Of Dorwest Homoeopathic Remedies For Dogs And Cats

"Dr Edward Bach Centre"

Offers Bach Flower Remedies For Animals .

"Emerald Valley Botanicals"

Reliable, Alcohol-Free, Patented Liquid Herbal Remedies Are Powerful, Safe & Easy-To-Use.


Manufactures Herbal And Homeopathic Remedies For Horses, Dogs And Cats .

"Equine Products, Inc."

Singularly Dedicated To Providing Top-Quality Products That Bring Out The High Performance In Every Horse.Offers Bronchial Bronchial Remedy Which Helps To Discharge Phlegm In The Bronchial Tubes Following A Bronchial Condition, Cough Remedy.

"Ericson Veterinary Hospital"

Offers Small Animal Surgery And Preventative Medicines .

"Everglo Natural Veterinary Services"

Offering Holistic Veterinary Medicine, Natural Pet Care, Homeopathy And Acupuncture For Arthritis, Skin Problems, And Diet In Pets.

"Finish Line Horse Products, Inc."

Manufacturers And International Distributors Of Quality Equine Healthcare Line Offering Traditional Remedies To New Alternative Medicines, Backed With Excellent Endorsements, Fully Researched, Tested, And 100% Guaranteed.

"Foys Pigeon Supplies"

Sells Vaccines/Medicine, Books, Bands, Fountains, And Feeders For All Types Of Pigeons.

"Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc"

Develops And Manufactures Health Care Products For Animals And People.

"Gentle Animal Products"

Provides Natural Remedies, Supplements, Grooming Supplies, Treats, Insect Control, Etc.,

"Glenwood Llc"

Niche Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Company That Manufactures, Markets, And Distributes A Diverse Range Of Proprietary Products For The Healthcare Market.

"Gp Feeds Ltd"

Sells Animal Feeds To Farmers. Products Include Compound Feeds, Fertiliser, Grain, Homeopathic Medicines, Minerals, Straights, Molasses, Arable Products, And More.

"Grannys Home Remedies"

Offers Remedies For People , Cats , Dogs , And Other Pets .

"Gunbarrel Veterinary Clinic"

A Full-Service Hospital Specializing In Small Animal Medicine, Including Acupunture.

"Health Products"

Includes, Alternative, Ayruvedic, Homeopathic, Holistic, Essential Oils, Flower Remedies, Herbs, Chinese, Acupressure, And All Types Of Remedies For Animals .

"Hebei Shenzhou Animal Medicine Co., Ltd."

Manufactures A Series Of Zinc Bacitracin Veterinary Drugs And Feed Additives For Livestock And Poultry.

"Herb N Pets"

Offers Animal Health Care Products Like 38 Herbal Remedies Which Provides Pets With A Gentle, Safe System Of Emotional Stress Relief. These Remedies Can Help Restore Your Pet To A State Of Calm And Emotional Balance In Difficult Times, Moves.

"Herbal Doctor Remedies"

Offers Dogs & Cats Natural Remedies , And Herbal Remedies .

"Hi Tech Detergents"

Manufacturer And Designer Of Detergents, Sanitisers & Animal Remedies For Suppliers To The Institutional, Dairy, Meat, Fish & Poultry Industries.

"Hilton Herbs, Ltd."

Offers Remedies For Common Injuries And Skin Problems , Lameness , Horses Prone To Colic And Common Respiratory Conditions , Etc.,

"Holistic Pet Medic"

Acupuncturist And Master Herbalist Who Continues To Be The First And Most Comprehensive Line Of Traditional Chinese Herbal Treatments For Pets .

"Homeo Pets"

Offers Dogs And Cats Remedies , And Equine Remedies .

"Homeopathy Overnight"

Offers Homeopathic Remedies For Various Plant, Mineral And Animal Sources .

"Homeopathy Works"

Complete List Of Remedies, In Raw Form, Used In Our Products .

"Igi Incorporated"

Produces And Markets Animal Health Products, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional Supplements And Grooming Aids.

"In Clover ,Inc."

Offers Connectin Which Is A Vet Proven Glucosamine Based Remedy For Dogs With Joint Disorder. 89% Of Dogs Showed Significant Relief Of The Symptoms Of Arthritis In Clinical Studies.

"Kemme Distributors"

Offers Horse Race Care Products, Pre Race, Vitamins, Food Supplement, Equine Joint Care, Herbal And Homeopathic Remedies.

"Kemp Homeopathic Center"

We Carry Single Remedies C And X Potencies 6, 12, 30, 100, 200, 1m, 2m And 10m And Also Homeopathic Medicines .

"Kemp`S Koops Poultry Medications"

Offers Quality Poultry Supplies Available For Immediate Purchase Over The Internet. Offers Vetrx Poultry Remedy .Just A Few Drops Every Few Weeks Can Help Relieve Colds, Roup And Scaly Legs.

"Lake Immunogenics, Inc."

producer of quality plasma products for equine in the USA.

"Lambriar Animal Health Care"

Currently Offers Veterinarian Products , Equine (Horse) Products , Homeopathic Products , Ferret Products , Etc.,

"Lenrys Associates, Ltd."

Provides Chinese Herbal Remedies For Various Horse Health Problems, And Offers Grooming Supplies. They Have Been Formulated To Assist Many Conditions Such As Upper And Lower Respiratory Problems, Poor Joint Mobility, Poor Hoof Quality.

"Lloyd, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Vet-A-Mix And Lloyd Laboratories Veterinary Pharmaceuticals. Includes Oral And Topical Dosage Products And Sterile Injection Solutions.

"Locke Pet Supply"

Offers Vetrx Veterinary Remedy - 2 Oz. R84-904-84-905 And Provides Effective Relief From Respiratory Ailments Produced By Congestion Or Allergies In Dogs, Cats, Puppies, And Kittens.

"Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,"

Offers Degenerative Joint Disease And The Therapies .

"Meadowsweet Acre Herbs"

Offers Custom Blended Herbal Remedies .

"Medicine Box"

Remedy Center For Analgesics , Antibiotics , Psychotropics , Alternative Therapies , Etc.,

"Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center"

Introduction To The Facility, Personnel, And Resources. Experienced And Trained In The Care Of Companion Animals, Exotics, And Birds.

"Morrills New Direction"

Offers Combination Remedies For Various Ailments And Problems From Which Your Pet May Suffer .

"Natural Health Supply."

Offers All Types Of Remedies For Animals .

"Natural Pet Health"

Offers All Types Of Remedies For Dog, Cat Or Other House Pet Animals .

"Natural Pet Supplies Dog Food"

Offers Natural Pet Supplies Premium Dog And Cat Foods, Supplements And Health Care Supplies Like Homeopathic Remedies, Herbal Shampoos, Flea And Tick Control. Offers Homeopet Gastro Enteritis Remedy Which Is Used To Eliminate Intestinal Distress.

"Natural Pets"

Offers Animal Health Remedies , Homeopathic Creams, Healing Sprays For Hot Spots, Wounds, And Bruises, As Well As Extracts For Irritated Tissue.

"Neeps, Inc."

Marshall Ferret Rx Upper Respiratory Remedy , Vetrx Veterinary Remedy Has Been Used As A Remedy In Veterinary Applications.

"Paws-Itive Choice"

Wholesalers And Retailers Of Human-Grade,Holistic Products For Pets Including Natural Foods,Gourmet Treats And Training Aids, Vitamin And Mineral Supplements, Books,Herbal And Homeopathic Remedies,Essences, Gem Elixirs And Magnetic Therapy Products.

"Pet Hangups"

Provides Natural Solutions For Animals Suffering From Behavioural Problems And Also Offers Remedies .

"Pet Herbs"

Offers Remedies & Treatment Suggestions For Pets And Products Along With Western Drugs .


Offers Natural Remedies For Homeopathy, Herbal Medicines, Message, Acupressure, Etc.,

"Petscriptions.Com Llc"

Online Pharmacy For Dogs, Cats, And Other Animals .

"Petsone Healthnet Llc"

Offer Secured Web Sales Of Pet Products In Our Petsone Healthnet Site Including Herbal Remedies, Pet Vitamins, Omega Fatty Acids, Glucosamine, Arthritis Formulas, Garlic Tabs, Enzymes, Antioxidants, Etc.,

"Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health"

Livestock, Equine, And Companion Animal Pharmaceuticals


Specializing In Custom Made Medications And Herbal Remedies Are Also Available .


Independent Biopharmaceutical Company Engaged In The Development And Production Of Human Medicines From The Milk Of Animals.

"Rainbow Crystals"

Offers Bach Flower Remedies For Humans , Animals , And Plant World .

"Saffa Compounding Pharmacy"

Offers Special Flavorings Specifically For Animals And Unique Dosage Forms As Well .

"Simply Good Health"

Specialising In Retailing The Widest Range Of Natural Supplements And Brands In The Region Including Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals And Homoeopathic Remedies .

"The Holistic Horse"

Homeopathy Employs The Use Of Minute Doses Of Natural Remedies That Are Created From Herbal, Mineral And Animal Substances.

"The Stray House"

Offers Natural Remedies For Animal Health.

"The Sugartree Store"

Herbal Remedies And Feed Supplements For The Horse. Custom Herbal Blends For The Horse`S Specific Needs. Customer Support. 100% Pure And Natural. They Choose Only The Finest Quality Products.

"The Way To Groom"

For Natural Pet Foods, Treats, And Remedies .

"Tw Medical Veterinary Supply"

Pharmaceuticals, Surgical Supplies, And Equipment .

"Utopa Pharmaceutical Corporation"

Undertake Scientific Research Focused On The Discovery Of Possible Cures Or Drug Therapies For Human And Animal Diseases.

"Valley Vet"

Valley Vet Offers Remedies Also.Some Of The Remedies Are Anxiety Remedy ,Arthritis Remedy ,Flea Bite Dermatitis Remedy ,Gastroenteritis Remedy ,Skin And Seborrhea Remedy And More.It`S 100% Natural Formulas Are Safe, Non-Toxic And Non-Habit Forming.

"Ventura Boulevard"

Offers Homeopathic Pet Remedies , Pet Food And Accessories .

"Vet Brands International, Inc."

Import/Export Company That Supplies Veterinary Medical Equipment And Products, Medicines, Pet Products, And Animal Health Products.


Specialising In Avarian Product And Also Sell Pharmaceuticals And Food For Other Pets.

"Veterinary Pharmacies of America"

provides custom compound medications for animals.

"Vetnat International."

Offers Homeopathic Medicines For Both Human And Animal Patients .

"Vetoquinol NA"

Manufacturer and distributor of veterinary and livestock products in USA, Canada and Mexico. Vetoquinol's line of products includes: antibiotics, vaccines, anti-inflammatory, disinfectants, insecticides, Z-tags and more.

"Vetrepharm Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Pharmaceuticals And Supplier Of Speciality Medicines For The Treatment Of Birds, Small Mammals, And Ornamental Fish.

"W.F. Young, Inc.,"

Makes A Family Of Muscle Care Products, Specially Formulated With Herbal Extracts To Provide Your Horse With Fast Relief, Speeding The Natural Healing Process.

"Wild Earth Animal Essences"

Wild Earth Animal Essences Are The Latest Development In Vibrational Remedies -- Supporting And Nurturing You With The Wisdom And Power Of Wild Animals.

"Wildlife Pharmaceuticals Canada, Inc."

Dedicated To The Manufacture, Registration, And Marketing Of Pharmaceuticals For Wildlife, Nonfood, And Nondomestic Species.

"Wildlife Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Product Catalog Pharmaceuticals:Antagonil®,Antisedan®,Cervizine®, Ketaset®,Telazol®,Tolazine®,Etc.

"Witch Doctor"

Offers The Only Remedies Available For Sickness Were Those Obtained From Plant And Animal Sources.


Dog Ear Remedies And Medication Are Sold At Zpets.Com And Also Carry A Wide Selection Of Other Dog Products .

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