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"Advanced Technology Corporation"
Provides Animal Disease Diagnostic System , Hospital Management System , Comparative Medicine ,Laboratory Information System , Etc.,

"Agen Biomedical Limited"

Specialises In The Development And Commercialisation Of Medical And Veterinary Diagnostic Products.

"Agen Biomedical Limited"

Veterinary Products Diagnostic Testing:Hw Heartworm Antigen Test(Canine Heartworm Is A Parasitic Worm That Lives In The Pulmonary (Lung) Arteries Of The Infected Dog. Heartworm Can Cause Heart And Lung Disease, And Death If Left Untreated)Canine Parvovirus Test ,Feline Leukemia Virus Test ,Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Test ,Etc.

"Alta View Animal Hospital"

Full Service Medical And Boarding Facility Providing State Of The Art Services For Your Pet .

"American Biological Technologies, Inc."

Producer Of In Vitro Diagnostic Controls And Reagents On Contract Or Oem Basis, And A Manufacturer Of Control Matrices And Human And Animal Serums.

"Animal Care Centers Of America, Inc."

Offer Full Veterinary Services Including Diagnostic, Radiographic, Surgical, And Emergency Services, As Well As Boarding And Pet Grooming.

"Animal Critical Care Group Of Vancouver"

Provides Specialty Veterinary Services And Diagnostics In The Areas Of Neurology, Radiology, Internal Medicine, And Surgery For Critically Ill Pets.

"Animal Diagnostic Clinic"

Small-Animal, Secondary-Care Veterinary Clinic .

"Animal Health Laboratory"

Provides Diagnostic Testing In The Field Of Animal Health For Both Food-Producing And Companion Animals.

"Animal Medical Center Of Southern California"

Advanced Diagnostics, Medical Treatment, And Surgery Available .

"Animal Radiology Clinic"

Offers Advanced Medical Imaging And Radiation Therapy For Pets Throughout Northern Texas And Adjacent States.

"Antech Diagnostics"

Antech Diagnostics Is A Nationwide Network Of Integrated Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories Dedicated To Providing Our Clients The Finest In Laboratory Medicine. Our Facilities Employ Highly Trained And Degreed Technologists In All Departments. We Offer Daily Service To Over 18,000 Animal Hospitals, Zoos, Biotechnology Firms, Government Agencies And Specialty Practices Throughout The United States.

"Aurora Systems, Inc."

Offers Visualab, A Client/Server Database System For Veterinary And Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories Of All Sizes.

"Avenues Pet Hospital"

Ultrasound:Ultrasonagraphy Is An Ancillary Diagnostic Tool Used In Conjunction With Radiographs To Investigate The Size And Shape Of Internal Organs. Echocardiography Is A Special Branch Of This Field Used To Diagnose And Evaluate Heart Disease.

"Biogal-Galed Labs"

manufactures and markets diagnostic kits for the testing of diseases in small animals, poultry, and livestock.

"Biogal-Galed Labs"

Manufactures And Markets Diagnostic Kits For The Testing Of Diseases In Small Animals, Poultry, And Livestock.

"Caladesi Animal Hospital"

A Full-Service Veterinary Clinic Providing Total Diagnostic And Therapeutic Care For Pets.

"Carter-Wallace, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Health, Personal Care, Medical Diagnostic, And Pet Care Products .

"Christensen Animal Hospital"

Offering A Full Range Of Diagnostic Services, Including Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Laporoscopy, And Laser Surgery.

"Classic Medical Supply"

Distributes Diagnostic And Therapy Ultrasound Systems, Imaging Supplies, And Portable Ecg/Ekg To The Veterinary And Animal Science Marketplace.

"Clinilab, Inc."

Full Service Laboratory With A Large Selection Of Profiles Sure To Fit Your Needs .

"Coastal Carolina Animal Hospital"

Providing The Health Care For Pets, Including Consultations, Preventive Medical Treatment, Radiology, Complete Physical And Diagnostic Examinations, And Surgical Procedures .

"Connolly Animal Clinic"

Services Include Dentals, Vaccinations, Orthopedic Surgeries, And Radiology .

"Cti, Inc."

Products And Services For Positron Emission Tomography, A Medical Imaging Technique That Provides Images Of Biochemical Function.

"Cypress Ave. Animal Hospital"

Diagnostic Services:We Perform The Full Variety Of Blood, Urine, Fecal Examinations,Along With Pathology, Endoscopy, Radiology And Electrocardiography.We Arrange For All Of The Advanced Imaging Techniques, Such As Ultra-Sonography, Mri`S And Cat Scans.

"Diagnostic Products Corporation"

Offers Veterinary Test Kits And Applications - Veterinary Assays And Applications For Use With Immulite And Ria Kits .

"Diagxotics, Inc"

Develops, Manufactures And Markets Disposable Diagnostic Test Kits And Reagents For The Aquaculture And Agriculture Industries.

"Equine Veterinary Services"

Specializing In The Use Of Advanced Diagnostics For Ambulatory And Reproductive Equine Medicine.

"Falls Road Animal Hospital"

Offers A Full Compliment Of Diagnostic Testing, And Provides Advanced Medical And Surgical Care For Small And Exotic Pets.

"Faulkner And Associates"

Diagnostic Kits:We Offer A Complete Range Of Kits For The Testing Of Diseases In Small Animals, Bovine/Ovine And Poultry That Are Sold To Leading Veterinarians And Laboratories Around The World. Recently Our Immunocomb Feline Fip Test Was Recommended In A Comparative Study Presented At The Esvim Biogal`S Kits Are Based On A Patented Technology Called Immunocomb That Provide A Test For Detecting Antibody Levels In Blood Or Serum.

"Gulf Coast Veterinary"

These Capabilities Include Comprehensive Radiographic Examination Techniques With Fluoroscopy, Ultrasonography, Nuclear Scintigraphy, And Ct/Mri Scanning For A Variety Of Diseases Including Cancer, Orthopedic Disorders, Neurologic Abnormalities And Many Others. Review Of Radiographs And Other Imaging Results Taken By The Practitioner Are Also Provided By Mail Or Via Teleradiography.

"Harvey Oaks Animal Hospital"

Offers All Types Of Diagnostic Services Which Include Ultrasonography , Ophthalmology , Endoscopy , X-Ray Or Radiography , Etc.,

"Hemostat Laboratories"

Quality Animal Blood And Serum For Diagnostic, Veterinary And Biotechnology Applications.

"Heska Corporation"

Heska™ Solo Step™ Fh Test Cassettes Specifically Developed For The Diagnosis Of Heartworm Infection In Cats.

"Hester Pharmaceuticals Limited"

Manufacturing & Marketing Poultry Vaccines, Poultry Disease Diagnostic Kits And Offers Sero Monitoring Services To The Poultry Industry .

"Histovet Surgical Pathology"

Provides Veterinary Diagnostic Histopathology And Cytology, With Particular Interest In Dermatopathology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, And Endoscopic Biopsies.

"Idexx Laboratories, Inc.,"

Provides Diagnostic, Detection, And Information Products To The Animal Health Industry, As Well As Quality Assurance Products And Services To The Dairy And Water Industries.

"Immutopics International, Llc"

Leading Source Of Diagnostic Tests For Early Clinical And Basic Research In Human And Animal Models, And Provider Of Innovative Research Solutions To The Scientific And Pharmaceutical Industries.

"Kalisto Biologicals, Inc."

Develops, Manufactures And Markets Diagnostic Products Exclusively For The Veterinary Market.

"Kems Biotest, Ltd.,"

Specializing In The Research And Development To Create The Kems Rapid Test (Tm) To Be Used In Various Animal Diagnostic Markets Who Need To Receive A Quick Test Result In A Short, Limited Time Frame At Low Cost.

"Kingston Animal Hospital"

Kingston Animal Hospital Offers A Variety Of Diagnostic, Medical Dental And Surgical Services For Dogs And Cats. Providing These Services Requires Not Only Expertise On The Part Of The Veterinarian.

"Kingston Animal Hospital, Pc"

Offers A Variety Of Diagnostic, Medical, Dental, And Surgical Services For Dogs And Cats.

"Kootenai Animal Hospital"

Modern Diagnostic Equipment Allows Us To Offer Your Pet In-House Advanced Diagnostic And Treatment Methods/Modalities.

"Leica Microsystems Inc."

Manufacturers Of Analytical And Diagnostic Products Like Automatic Abbe Refractometer,Microwave Moisture Analyzer,Precision Refractometers,Automatic Refractometer,Automatic Refractometer,Auto Abbe Refractometer,Mark Ii Plus Digital Refractometer.

"Long Island Equine Medical Center"

Full Service Equine Hospital Offering Equiscan Diagnostic Imaging And Other Innovative Therapies.

"Manatee Diagnostic Center"

Provider Of Diagnostic Imaging Services Including Mri, Cat Scan, Mammography, And Nuclear Medicine.

"Maplewood Animal Hospital"

Laboratory Services:We Are Able To Perform Many Routine Diagnostic Tests Within The Hospital And Also Utilize The Expertise Of Outside Laboratories When Appropriate. Strict Quality Controls Are Always Maintained.

"Metairie Small Animal Hospital"

Diagnostic Procedures:We Encourage Daily Client Communication On Hospitalized Patients And Will Gladly Supply Written Estimates Upon Request.Visitation Of Hospitalized Pets Is Not Only Allowed But Encouraged.

"Metzger Animal Hospital"

Ultrasound:Ultrasound Is A Procedure Which Uses Sound Waves To Visualize Organs In The Chest Or Abdomen. It Is Especially Helpful To Diagnose Pregnancy And Evaluate The Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Bladder, Intestines, Adrenal Glands And Pancreas.

"Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center"

Diagnostic Ultrasound: And Echocardiography Services By Well-Trained And Experienced Ultrasonographer Allows For In-Depth Diagnostics Of Heart Diseases And Diseases Of The Abdominal Organs And Enhances A Non-Surgical Method For Biopsies Of Certain Organs And Conditions.

"Mobile P.E.T. Systems, Inc"

Mobile Positron Emission Tomography And Medical Diagnostic Imaging Services.

"Monticello Animal Hospital"

Offers Examination, Surgical, And Laboratory Services. Facilities Include A Radiology Room, Isolation Room, Pharmacy, And Recovery Kennel.

"National Veterinary Diagnostic Services"

Offers Veterinary Diagnostic Services .

"Neogen Corporation"

Its Diagnostic Products Detect Foodborne Bacteria, Natural Toxins, Drug Residues And Plant Diseases For Animals .

"Noah`S Animal Hospital"

"There Are Times When A Physical Exam Is Not Enough, And A Deeper Look Is Needed To Assist In Making A Diagnosis. This Is Especially Important With Pets, Who Cannot Tell Us Where It Hurts.Ultrasound Equipment Is Available For That Non-Invasive ""Look Inside"" Your Pet To Evaluate Chest And Abdominal Problems. "

"Nobl Laboratories, Inc."

Develop And Market High Quality, Innovative Animal Health Products, Productivity Enhancement Products And Diagnostic Products To The Swine Industry Worldwide.

"North Of The River Veterinary Hospital"

A Full-Service Clinic Providing Surgical Care, Vaccinations, Dental Care, Radiology, Pharmaceuticals, Boarding, Grooming, Nutrition Counseling, And More.

"O`Connor Road Animal Hospital"

Our Clinic Offers:Ultrasound Services For Your Exotics.We Are Giving A Specila Treatement For Pets In Diagnostic.

"Palm Beach Equine Clinic, Inc."

Specializes In Care For The Performance Horse, With State-Of-The-Art Diagnostic Equipment And International Veterinary Care Capabilities.

"Pet Imaging Center, Inc."

Mri Diagnostic Imaging Center For Companion Animals.

"Pie Medical"

Dutch Company Almost Exclusively Involved In Research And Development, Manufacturing And Marketing Of Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound Devices For The Human, Veterinary And Animal Science Marketplaces .

"Products Group"

Used Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment:Working Closely With Veterinarians, Leading Schools And Equipment Manufacturers And Suppliers Places Products Group International At The Helm In Terms Of Industry Knowledge. Its Established Relationships With These Professionals Translates Into More Efficient.

"Professional Medical Sales, Inc."

Performs Repairs, Calibration And Does Refurbishment To A Variety Of Veterinary Diagnostic And Laboratory Equipment. Also Sells Refurbushed Equipment .

"Professional Placement And Opportunities"

Ultrasound Equipment For Sale,List Date 02-02-00,Ultrasound Equipment For Sale List Date 02-02-00 Atl Um4 (Refurbished Ultrasound),Ultrasound Equipment For Sale List Date 02-02-00,Etc

"Quad Five"

All Quad Five Donor Animals Are Carefully Selected And Maintained Under Veterinary Care And Diagnostic Protocols.

"Quail Creek Veterinary Clinic"

Provide The Most Sophisticated Medical, Surgical, Dental, And Diagnostic Services Available .

"Saddleback Animal Care Center"

Full-Service Animal Hospital Offering General Medicine, Radiology, Ultrasonography, Endoscopy, And Surgery.

"San Mateo Animal Hospital"

Providing Complete Medical, Dental, And Surgical Services Including Ultrasound .

"Southpaws Veterinary Referral Center"

Experts In Veterinary Medicine Including Cardiology, Critical Care, Emergency Care, Holistic And Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, And Surgery.

"Synbiotics Corporation"

Provides Veterinarians And Breeders With Access To Information And Products From One Of The Worlds Leading Diagnostics And Instrumentation Manufacturers.

"The Dna Diagnostic Institute, Inc."

Conducts Research On Non-Human Populations Using Molecular Genetics Tools To Promote, Monitor, And Maintain Genetic Diversity In Wildlife Populations.

"The Lake Animal Hospital"

Diagnosis And Management:Food Allergy And Hypersensitivity Should Not Be Confused With Fool Intolerance. Food Intolerance May Occur If An Individual Lacks A Certain Enzyme Necessary For A Physiological Or Digestive Process E.G. Lactose Intolerance Results From A Deficiency In The Enzyme Lactase Which Results.

"The Wisconsin Equine Clinic, Inc"

Offers Diagnostic, Surgical, Medical, Reproductive, And Rehabilitative Services For Horses.

"Venturi Medical Systems, Llc."

Manufacturing And Marketing Of Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanners For Human, Veterinary And Animal Science Marketplaces .

"Vet-Scans.Com, Llc"

Offers Mri, Ct, And Ultrasound Imaging Services For Small Animals .

"Veterinary Neurological Center, Ltd."

"Diagnostics:Brain Imaging: A Ge 9800 Cat Scanner With Hilite® Detectors Is Located On Site. Mri Imaging Can Be Arranged At A Nearby Hospital.Craniotomy For Biopsy, Tumor Removal And Decompressive Procedures; Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Placement And Endoscopic Treatment Of Hydrocephalus."

"Veterinary Referral Center"

Works With You And Your Primary Veterinarian To Manage Your Pets Problem When Advanced Diagnostics, Therapeutics, And/Or Surgery Are Needed .

"Veterinary Referral Clinic"

Offering Services In The Specialty Areas Of Veterinary Oncology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neurology, And Radiology.


Innovative Use Of Modern Technology Enables The Vetermetrics Ecg Recording And Replay System To Offer Outstanding Performance In Todays Demanding Environments.

"Vetoquinol Uk"

Manufacturer And Supplier Of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics And Animal Health Products.

"Vetsound, Inc.,"

Provide Veterinary Diagnostic Service That Brings The Knowledge Of Board Certified Veterinary Specialists To Veterinarians And Concerned Pet Owners.

"Vita-Tech Canada, Inc."

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Offering Chemistry, Hematology, Pathology, Microbiology, Serology, Parasitology, Immunology, Cytology, And Genetics Services.

"Vmrd, Inc."

Performs Research, Develops, Manufactures And Markets Veterinary Diagnostic, Research Kits And Reagents For Animals.

"Winston Veterinary Hospital"

We Take Special Care To Make An Accurate Diagnosis--The Critical First Step In Successful Management Or Treatment.After Diagnosis, We Explain Your Pet`S Problem To You In Detail,As Well As The Pros And Cons Of The Various Treatment Options,So You Can Make An Informed Decision About How You`D Like Us To Proceed.

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