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Offering Information About Care, Play, Grieving, And More.

"Abedo`S Cattery"

Abedo`S Cattery Work Hard To Achieve Top Quality Animals Seals & Blues Cats.Permanent Goal Is To Bring To Life Top Quality Animals, Both Concerning Type And Temperament. Health Is Not To Mention: It Is A Pre-Condition.

"Absolutely Bengals"

Produces Showable And Pedigreed Bengal Cats. Use Only Quality Foundation Adults And Maintain A Sound Breeding Program Which Consistently Produces Healthy, Naturally Showable Temperaments As Well As Loving Home Companion Cats.

"Abyroad Cattery"

Abyroad Cattery Breed And Show Abyssinians In The Colors Accepted For Championship Competition In Tica And Cfa.Usually Breed Only One Or Two Litters At A Time, In Order To Give The Kittens Lots Of Attention And Time In Our Laps.

"Acre Farm Boarding Cattery"

Breeds Devons And Offers A Unique Boarding Facility For Cats. The Cattery Have Been Breeding Devon Rex Kittens At Acre Farm Cattery For Many Years Now. All Our Cat Pens Have Their Own Private Outside Runs, Giving Your Cats Room To Exercise.

"Advent Hill Cattery"

Breeders Of The Maine Coon Cat, British Shorthairs, And The Norwegian Forest Cat. Specialize In Shipping Our Cats All Over The World. We Only Sell Our Kittens By Reservation And Only To Approved Homes.

"Ailuro`S Maine Coons"

Ailuro`S Is A Small Cattery Of Breeding Maine Coons Cats.Coonies Are Not Caged And Kittens Are Raised Under Foot.Ailuro`S Is A Fifi Registered Cattery And Also Member Of The Maine Coon Club - Denmark.

"Alaskan Gourmet Treat Company"

Sells Dog And Cat Treats Made From Dried Salmon. Full Of Omega-3,Jammin Salmon Are A Healthy Treat For Your Pet As Either A Training Aid, Or A Supplement To A Healthy Diet.

"All About Cats"

A Special Store For Cats, Cat Lovers And Their Friends

"All That Jazz Persians"

All That Jazz Cattery Breeds, Shows Sells Persians, Chinchilla, Black Whites, Cats Kittens With Pedigree Money Back Guarntee On Their Health Along With Florida Agricultural Health Certificate.

"All The Best Ragdolls"

Raising Lovable, Large And Friendly Kittens Underfoot With The Utmost Of Care .Health Guaranteed. Both Felv And Fiv Negative. Ragdolls Have No Outcrossing To Any Other Breed. Colorpoint, Mitted And Bicolor Patterns In Seal, Chocolate, Blue And Lilac.

"Aloeway American Bobtails"

A Very Small Cattery Breeding American Bobtails Cats.All Of The Babys Are Handled From Birth And Are Treated As Part Of Our Family Untill They Enter Your Family.The Kittens Are Raised With Children And Dogs And Loved,Touched And Handled Every Day.

"Amantra Bengals"

Amantra Is A Small, Los Angeles Area Cattery Breeding Limited Numbers Of Quality Bengals. Our Focus Is Mainly On Brown Spotted Cats But Sometimes Have Marbles And Snows Available.Our Kittens Are Raised Exclusively In The Homes.

"Angel Babies Maine Coon Cats"

Offering Purebred, Pedigree Maine Coon Cats. Specialize In Quality Maine Coon Cats With Outstanding, Award Winning Bloodlines, And Ultimately Loving Personalities. All Kittens And Adults Placed Into Homes Are Placed With A Certified Health .

"Angel Soft Ragdolls"

Michigan Cattery Offering Most Colors Of Ragdolls.Cattery Is Inspected Yearly By A Licensed Veterinarian, And We Have Acheived The Cfa Cattery Of Excellence Award.Small Cattery, And Our Females Are Not Caged, They Are Given Complete Run Of Our Home.

"Angel Soft Ragdolls"

A Small Cattery, And Our Females Are Not Caged, They Are Given Complete Run Of Our Home. Our Kittens Receive Total Individual Attention From The Moment They Are Born. They Are Will Socialized And Used To Dogs.

"Angelfire Sphynx"

Breeders Of Sphynx Cats And Offering Kittens For Sale.Breeding Between Domestic Short Hair And Other Cat Breeds Has Produced A Wider Gene Pool And Allowed The Modern Sphynx To Exhibit Most Of The Eye And Color Patterns Available In Many Of Cats.


Animalbytes.Com Provides Screen Savers, Cursors, Themes, Wallpaper, Trivia, And More For Dog And Cat Lovers.

"Animato British Shorthairs"

Aim Is To Provide Beautiful, Healthy, British Shorthair Kittens With Excellent Temperaments, To Good, Loving And Permanent Homes. All Our Cats Are Routinely Blood Tested And Are Free From Any Diseases.

"Apophis Sphynx"

Apophis Sphynx Cattery Take The Breeding Program Very Seriously And Are Committed To The Kittens .The Goal Of Apophis Cattery To Breed The Healthiest, Most Genetically Sound Sphynx Possible.

"Apricot Cat Guest House"

Heritage B&B Located Downtown. Offering Budget Travel Accommodations To Those Making Plans To Travel Canada.

"Araquipa Cattery."

Specializes In Breeding And Raising Beautiful, Healthy, And Affectionate Havana Brown Kittens For Loving Responsible Homes. This Rare Breed Has A Rich Mahogany Brown Coat With Vivid Green Eyes.

"Asiana Bengals"

Asiana Bengals Is Located In Downtown Chicago, Illinois And Only Breeds Bengal Cats.A Proud Member Of The International Cat Association (Tica) And The International Bengal Cat Society (Tibcs).

"Atticus Maine Coons"

Breeders Of Maine Coons Cats Like Kittitas Maine Coons ,Noracoon Maine Coons ,Kassaro Maine Coons .Registered Breeders With The The Cat Association Of Britain, F.I.F.E. - Fidiration Internationale Filine,The Maine Coon Cat Club, G.C.C.F. - Governing

"Auchentoshan Maine Coon Cattery"

A Small Familiar Cattery In South Germany Breeding Dantooine, Dakota, Niagara, Connemara And Milky Way Cats.Breed Healthy Coonies With Lovely Temperaments And Very Good Size And Type For Show, Breed Or Just As Lovely Couch Potatoes.

"Aveleigh And Keidenville Ragdolls"

Breeders Of The Famous Ragdoll Cats. Breeding For Type, Colour And Temperament. All Our Kittens Go To Their New Homes Vaccinated, Wormed, Insured And G.C.C.F. Registered.The Cattery Sell The Kittens For Both Pet And Breeding.

"Bagpuss British Shorthairs & Bengals"

Breeders Of Pedigree British Shorthairs And Bengals Cats.Belong To The Feline Advisory Bureau, Which Is A Registered Charity Whose Aim Is To Find Cures For Feline Diseases, And Educate The General Public In The Health And Care Of Cats.

"Barmont Persians"

Barmont Persians Has Been Registered With Cfa Produced Many National And Regional Winning Cats As Well As Many One-Show Grands. Our Cattery Is Small And Clean. All The Cats Are Raised With A Personal Touch As To Insure Happy, Healthy Well Adjusted

"Bastetkatz Cattery"

Bastetkatz Sphynx Cattery Is A Tica And Cfa Registered Cattery Dedicated To Producing Healthy Pet And Show Quality Sphynx Kittens. Today The Sphynx Cat Is An Established Breed Enjoying Championship Status In Tica, Acfa And Ufo Feline Organizations.

"Bastetsphynx Cattery"

Bastetsphynx Is A Small Cattery Selectively Breeding For A Small Number Of Litters Each Year, We Are Dedicated To Improving The Sphynx Breed. Bastetsphynx Cattery Prides Itself On Upholding The Highest Standards As A Breeder


A Young Urban Sophisti-Cat`S Stories Of Life In A Big City. Includes A Peek At His Private Art Gallery Of Important Feline Artists.

"Bengaland Bengals"

The Goal Of The Bengal Breeding Program Is To Create A Domestic Cat Which Has Physical Features Distinctive To The Small Forest-Dwelling Wild Cats, But With The Loving, Dependable Temperament Of The Domestic Cat.

"Benmarne` Cattery"

At Benmarne` Cattery We Raise 3 Breeds Of Cats, All Of Which Are Relatively New.The Kittens Come With A Limited Health Guarantee, A Spay Or Neuter Clause And Specific Care Guidelines For The Health And Safety Of Your Kittens.

"Bit O` Blarney Cattery"

Home Of Purebred Sphynx And Persian Kittens And Cats. A Careful Scrutiny Of A Prospective Breeding Pair Is Made To Insure Several Factors Including:Health, Vigor And Stamina,Freedom From Congenital Defects,Conformation To Breed Standard,Companionable

"Bitterroot Bobcat And Lynx"

Breeders Of Domesticated Bobcat And Lynx Kittens. Offers A Healthy Cat Or Kitten, Free Of Internal And External Parasites, Infectious Disease Or Life-Threatening Congenital Defects, And Up-To-Date On Required Vaccinations.Provide A Health Certificate

"Blakkatz Cattery"

Blakkatz Cattery Is Home To Naturally Raised American Shorthairs. All Of The Cats Are Fed A Homemade, Raw Diet Consisting Of Raw Meat And Supplements. In Addition To The Diet, They Are Vaccinated .

"Blarney Cattery"

Showing And Breeding Manx And Birman Cats. Our Breeds Are Manx (Sh), Cymric (Lh). We Show Our Cats In Cfa And Are Active Members In The Breed Council

"Blazers Maine Coon Cats"

Blazers Has Been Showing And Breeding Maine Coon Cats In Southern California.Long-Standing Breeder Members Of The Maine Coon Breeders And Fanciers Association (Mcbfa) And Strive To Breed Very Traditional Maine Coons: Large Boned, Rectangular Body.

"Bonitakatz Cattery"

Bonitakatz, A Small Persian Cattery In Alabama. Our Cats And Kittens Are Raised Underfoot With Lots Of Love And Attention. We Are Dedicated To The Health And Happiness Of Our Persians. We Have Solids, Particolors, Calicos, And Tabbies.

"Bono`S Cybercathouse"

A Mysterious Feline With A Checkered Past (And An Amazing Wardrobe) Offers Pet-Inspired Gifts And Products For All Occasions.

"Boogie Woogie Cattery"

Boogie Woogie Cattery Is Located In Plantation Breeding Devon Rex Cats For Over 15 Of Years. The Most Striking Features Of The Devon Rex Are Their Curly Coats And Their Unusual Faces. Devon Rex Cats Come In All Colors And Some Are Pointed.


Raising Loving, Soft, Cuddly, Well Socialized Kittens And Cats In Our Home, Never Caged. All Colors And Shipping Available. Bragdolls Kittens Are Available In All Colors And Patterns Including Lynx And Coming Soon, The Rare Reds And Creams.

"Breakfastat Tiffanies Asians And Bengals"

British Breeder Of Bengal And Asian Cats. The Cattery Introduced Moonspinner Monopoly (Fudge) Which Is Brown-Shaded Silver Tiffaniemale Neuter.


Bryrhaven Has Been Breeding Maine Coon Cats For 11 Years.Bryrhaven Cats Now Live In Many Parts Of The Country, Including Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, And Illinois. Maine Coon Cats Are One Of The Oldest Natural Breeds In North America.

"Burmese Moravanka"

Burmese Moravanka, As Discerning Breeders, Have A Simple Cat Management Philosophy. They Believe That All Burmese Breeding Should Facilitate The Health And Temperament Of The Burmese Cat, Not The Fashion Dictates Of The Show Ring.

"Busy Kitty Devon Rex"

Busy Kitty Is A Cfa And Tica Registered Cattery Specializing In Devon Rex. Three Generation Pedigrees Of Devon Rex Hybrid Cats Currently In Our Breeding Program.

"C-N Spots Cattery"

The Cattery Breed And Show Ocicats And Cornish Rex.The Cattery Is A Wild And Fun Place To Be With The Devoted And Wild Looking Ocicat To The Silly And Carefree Cornish Rex., A Perfect Compliment To Each Other. All Of Our Kittens Are Raised Under Foot

"C.P. Rags Cattery"

Members Of Rfci And Tica And Ragdoll Breeders.A Repeat Breeding Of Beau And Dixie Produced C.P. Rags` More Than A Feeling (L.J.), Also A Seal Bicolor,Have Seals And Blues.

"Calicorose Cattery"

Specializing In Solid And Bi-Colored Persian Cats.Our Kittens Are Raised In Our Home With Lots Of Love And Personal Attention. We Test For Pkd, And Breed Only Pkd Negative Cats.

"Camischa`S Burmese"

Small Cattery Breeding Burmese Cats. The Burmese Is In Europe Avaliable In 10 Colours, Of These 6 Is Fully Coloured: The Original Brown/Sable, Chocolate/Champagne (Light Cream Chocolate-Coloured), Blue (Steelgrey), Lilac/Platinum (Light Dove-Grey).

"Campbell Katz Himalayans"

Campbell Katz Himalayans Is Composed Of Tom And Kim Campbell And Our Beautiful Himalayan Cats And Kittens And Acfa Cattery .Breeding Stock Are Pkd Scanned, As The Health Of Our Little Family Is Our Priority.

"Caring Cats"

Breeder Of Sphynx Cats. Personality Plus Is A Top Priority In Our Breeding Program. Education Of The Sphynx Is Also On Our Top List. Caring Cats Is Utilizing It`S Own Outcross Program To Widen The Gene Pool Of Sphynx .

"Carlydoll Ragdolls Cattery"

Breeders Of True Ragdoll Temperament, Size, Type, And Eye Colored Cats.The Price Of Pet Kittens Are Based On Pattern, Color, Temperament And Size. Ragdoll Pet Kittens With Red Or Tortie Points Are A Little Higher Priced.

"Castlegate Cattery"

Breeders Of Some Of The World`S Most Beautiful Silver And Golden Persian Cats. Our Cats Eye Color Ranges From Blue/Green,And Their Coats Vary In Color From Light Shaded Silver, Chinchilla Silver To Chinchilla Goldens,And Light Shaded Goldens .

"Caszan Persians"

Specializes In Chinchilla, Colorpoint, And Exotic Persians. Available Kittens For The Sale Are Red Colourpoint Exotic Male,Cream Colourpoint Male,Red Solid Longhair Males And Tortie Longhair Female.

"Cat Scratch Cattery"

Mission Is To Improve The Persian, Exotic And Himalayan Breeds Through Selective Breeding, Diet, Health Care, Clean Environment And A Loving Surroundings .

"Cat-Chi Cats"

Specializing In The Japanese Bobtail Cats.We Started With Two Kittens From Jennifer Reding Of Janipurr. We Currently Have Six Females And Three Males (And Lots Of Kittens) In Our Cattery: A Blue And White Harlequin Female (Pedigree),A Male Black.

"Catiators Ocicats"

Catiators Ocicats Specializes In Developing The Mild Purrsonality With The Wild Spots.Our Ocicats Are Raised From Cfa Registered Grand Champion And Regional Winning Lines, Since Our Goal Is To Develop Show Winners.Ocicats Are Friendly, Sociable.

"Cats Toronto"

An information resource and searchable guide to adopting cats from animal rescue groups in Toronto and across Canada.

"Cattery Hopefully"

Cattery Hopefully Has Become Recognized As One Of The Premier Birman Cat Breeders In Europe. The Cattery Breeds Birman Cats Because Of Their Wonderful Character And Natural Beauty. They Are Beautiful Semi-Longhair Cats, With Medium Length And Long .

"Cayugafarm Cattery"

Provider Of Himalayan And Persian Kittens. Produce A Limited Number Of Healthy, Happy, Well Socialized Kittens. All Kittens Are Sold With Health Certificates And Cfa Registration Papers And A Pkd Tested Cattery.


A Small Cfa Registered Cattery Which Is Breeding Chartreux Which Is A Natural French Breed Of Great Antiquity.It Is Always Gray-Blue In Color, With Gold To Copper Eyes.These Characteristics Were Prized In A Working Breed, And Are Still True.

"Cinema Persians"

Specializes In Copper, Odd And Blue Eyed Whites, And Bi-Colors Cats.Some Of The Cinema`S Leading Men Provided By The Cattery Are Ce White Male,Black Male,White Ghost Of Cinema,Cinema`S Tears In Heaven Of Jasnfur,

"Classy Paws Cattery"

Classy Paws Offers A Collection Of Turkish Angora Cats For Pets, Breeding And Show. The Cattery Brings Loving, Healthy Kittens At An Affordable Price, Raised Underfoot, For Pet Breeder Show.

"Classy Touch Cattery"

Breeder Of Cornish Rex, Devon Rex And Sphynx Kittens And Cats. Mission Is To Be Recognized As A Premier Breeder Of Quality And Healthy Cornish Rex, Sphynx And Oriental Hairless/Peterbald Kittens And Cats.

"Coffr Cattery"

Coffr Cattery Is A Small Cattery Breeding Scottish Fold Cats.Occasionally Have Retired Adults For Adoption. All Cats/Kittens Are Sold With A Contract. All Kittens Are Hand Raised In Our Home With Lots Of Tlc And K9 Companions.

"Colleesdolls Ragdoll Cattery"

Southern Oregons Only Registered Purebred Ragdoll Breeder Specializing In Traditional Colors And Patterns. Goal Is To Produce Beautiful, Loving And Healthy Ragdoll Cats.

"Collins Cats"

Cattery Has Been A Cfa Registered Cattery Offers Award Winning Persians In A Rainbow Of Colors. Having A Partial Caged Cattery, The Boys Are Up So A Proper Breeding Program Can Be Achieved. The Girls Have Their Own Room And The Run Of The House.

"Colors Include Brown, Silver, Red, Blue, Patched Tabbies Wit"

Snoopercoon/Harborcat Catteries Began Breeding Maine Coons Cats.Members Of The Maine Coon Breed Council, Which Defines The Way A Maine Coon Should Look. Colors Include Brown, Silver, Red, Blue, Patched Tabbies With And Without White.

"Coonsworth Cattery"

Coonsworth Cattery Have Been Breeding, Showing, And Placing Maine Coons Since 1992. Specialize In Browns, Blues, And Patches With And Without White. A Small Breeder And Normally Breed And Place By Reservation.


Breeders Of Champion Maine Coons. Raise A Cat With A Sweet Congenial Purrrrsonality And Maintain A Sound Healthy Cat With No Physical Weaknesses.Specialize In Reds, Blacks And Blues. All Our Breeding Cats Are Cfa Champions.


A Small In-Home Maine Coon Cattery Located In Ohio, South Of Cleveland. We Raise And Show Playful, Affectionate, Maine Coon Kittens And Cats From Cfa And Tica Champion Lines. We Keep Our Numbers Small, So That Our Kittys May Receive All The Love.

"Coonyham Maine Coons"

The Farm Have Been Showing And Breeding Maine Coons Cats.Breeder Members Of The Maine Coon Breeders And Fanciers Association (Mcbfa).

"Cottage Kennels & Cattery"

Cattery Is Equipped With Its Own Kitchen For Keeping And Preparing Special Diets.Fresh Air Circulation Provides A Healthy Normal Environment. We Have 30 Heated Pens For Those Cats That Are Used To Being Indoors. The Pens Are Fully Tiled.

"Cotton Hills Himalayans"

Cotton Hills Himalayans Are Striving To Produce Healthy, Socialized Himalayan And Persian Color Point Carrier Cats. Cfa-Registered Cattery, And Some Of Our Breeders Are Registered In Tica As Well. Cats Are Raised With A Lot Of Love And Attention.

"Country Kitties"

Breeds Both Himalayan And Persian Kittens In A Variety Of Colors. Located In Reisterstown, Maryland. Offer A Wide Variety Of Colors Such As:Blue Points,Blue Cream Points,Liliac Points,Seal Points.

"Couronne Persians"

Breeder Of Bicolor And Solid Persians From Cfa National Winning Bloodlines. Four Kittens Of The Cattery Breeding Have Been Very Consistent Kitten Winners, Each Having Made At Least One Best Ab Kitten And The Large Majority Of Finals.

"Craigdhu British Shorthair Cats"

Specializing In The Black Tipped Color Cats.All Of The Pedigrees Are Registered With The Gccf Thats One Of The Uk Registered Governing Cat Bodies. Currently Have Twelve Cats At Home, A Mix Of Burmese, White Fat Moggie Cat .

"Crazy For Kitties"

Celebrating Cats With Articles, Facts, Photos, Games, Postcards, And Biographies. Features Kitty Of The Week.

"Cupid Rags"

Kittens From Cupid Rags Are Examined By A Licensed Veterinarian, Receive Appropriate Vaccinations And Are Tested For Felv And Fiv Before Leaving The Cattery. Our Kittens Are Guaranteed Against Life Threatening Genetic Defects For Three Full Years.

"Daisydolls Ragdoll Cats"

A Small Family-Run Cattery Dedicated To Raising The Best, Most Cuddly-Loving Cats You Will Ever Meet: The Ragdoll.Specialize In Both Seal And Blue Colors, And Colorpoint, Mitted And Bi-Color Patterns. We Also Have The New Lynx Points.

"Davrica Maine Coons"

A Small Breeder Situated In The Rolling Hills Of The Sussex Downs,Uk .Produce Well Adjusted Freindly Lap Cats That Will Settle In To Any New Home.


"Breeding And Showing Cfa Registerd Persian, Solid And Bi-Colors. Specially Whites And Pastel Colors (Blues And Creams); And In The Bi-Color Division, Specially Dilutes (Blue And White, Cream And Whites, And Dilute Calicos)."

"Dk. True Trust"

Breeding Two Different Types Of Semi-Longhaired Cats, And Have Chosen These Two With Considerable Care. The Norwegian Forest Cat Because We Love Its Temperament. They Are Calm, Well-Balanced, Talkative And Loving.

"Dobrae Cattery Of Augusta Georgia"

Dobrae Cattery Specializing In Brown And Blue Tabby Maine Coons.Cfa And Tica Registered.The Cattery Is Breeding With Champion Bloodlines.

"Dollhouse Cattery"

Breeder Of Ragdoll Cats In All Colors And Patterns With An Emphasis On Bicolors.Kittens Are Sold With A Written Health Guarantee Including A 2 Year Genetic Guarantee. Kitties Are Ready For Adoption At 12 Weeks Old After Receiving 2 Vaccinations.

"Dollvalley Ragdoll Cattery"

Breeds And Sells Adult And Kitten Grand Champion Bloodline Cats. Dollvalley Is A Closed Cattery, And We Guarantee The Health Of All Of Our Big, Blue-Eyed Beauties. All Patterns And Colors Are Available.

"E.T. Curlycats"

Breeders Of Devons Cats And They Are Bred To Perfection To Give Love And Affection.Their Unique, Short And Wavy Coat Is Hypoallergenic.The Short Muzzle And Wedge Shaped Head With Those Huge Earsmake Our Little E.T.`S The Most Sought .

"Edendolls Ragdoll Cattery"

Devoted To Raising Healthy Ragdoll Kittens. The Hybridization Was Achieved By Crossbreeding Feral Cats Of Unknown Ancestry, Persians, Birmans, And Burmese Cats.Ragdolls Are Gentle, Quiet And Non-Aggressive.

"Elyse`S Regal Rags"

Offers Ragdoll Kittens For Sale. All Of The Ragdolls Are Guaranteed Healthy And Are Treated Like Family.Ragdolls Come In 4 Standard Colors: Blue, Seal, Chocolate And Lilac.

"Encore Ragamuffins"

A Small Cattery Having Many Lovable, Huggable Ragamuffins For The Cat Lovers.Ragamuffins Are Big, Friendly Lapcats Wrapped In Soft, Plush Fur Coats Of Many Beautiful Colors.

"Fanci Fx Persians"

A Cfa Registered Cattery Breeding Persian Cats.A Small Cattery Specializing In Bi-Colors, Solids, Parti-Colors And Tabbies. Lines We Are Currently Working With Include Tehy, Aftabi, Bolo, Bocasana, And Pojo.

"Feathergate British Shorthair"

The Cattery Have Been A Cfa Cattery For 5 Years, Breeding British Shorthair Cats.We Are Members Of The British Shorthair Fanciers, A National Breed Club. Some Of The Colors We Work With Are Red, Cream, Black, Blue, Bluecream, And Tortoiseshell.

"Ferrersford British Shorthair"

Breeders Specialising In White, Black, Blue, Black-Tipped, And Tortoiseshell. Kittens Are Handled From A Early Age As We Aim To Produce Friendly, Outgoing Kittens, With A Gentle And Human Loving Nature.


Us Breeder Of Maine Coons In The Puget Sound Area Of Washington.Breeding Maine Coons Cats With Colours Like Reds,Blacks,Whites,Bi-Colours,Tortoiseshells ,Calicos With & Without White And Patterns Like Classic ,Tabby, Van, Bi-Color& Calico.

"Fireside Cattery."

Fireside Cattery Offers Kittens Come With A Health Guarantee, Pedigree, And Instructions For Care And Feeding.All Kittens Will Have Had At Least Two Fvrcp Innoculations, Been Veterinarian Checked, And Been Wormed.

"Florida Arabians"

Florida Arabians Is A Purebred Registered Arabian Broodmares And Stallion For Stud. Yearlings, Foals And Weanlings. Breeding The Cats With Colours Like Bay, Grey, Chesnut And White.

"Fluffy Angel Persians Cattery"

Small, Healthy, Cageless Cattery. Bloodlines Include Barmont, Bolo, Vickits, Farallon, Q-T Cats, Fountainhead, Ronlyn, Cattrax, Kitty Charm, Jovan, And Polcann. The Cattery Is Not Only Breeding Cats Of Excellent Type , But Also Cats With Healthy.

"Fog City Maine Coon Cattery"

Goal Is To Contribute To The Breed By Raising Healthy, Happy Kittens That Are True To The Maine Coon Breed Standard. Our Kittens And Cats Are Raised In Our Home, And Treated As Members Of Our Family. We Strive To Produce Well Socialized Kittens .

"Fur Pleasure Cattery"

Fur Pleasure Cattery Is A Small Cattery Breeding Himalayans And Persians Cats For The Cat Lovers.These First Generation Offspring Produced Color Point Carriers (Cpc’S), Solid Colored Persians Carrying The Color Point Gene.


Us Based Breeder Of Maine Coon Cats. Furkats Maine Coon Cattery Is A Veterinarian Inspected Cfa Cattery Of Excellence Which Outcrosses National Winning Maine Coon Lines To Maine Coon Foundation Lines. Member Of Tica And Mcbfa Cfa .

"Furxxtc Cattery"

Breeders Of Persian And Himialayan Cats. Selective Breeding Have Produced The Most Exotic Of Colors In The Long Hair Cats In The Persian And Himalayan Family. The Color Selection Is Unique In These Strains In That They Produce Primarily The Lilac .

"Glitterglam Bengals"

Specialise In Breeding Bengal Cats With Lovable Temperaments, Good Conformation And Contrast, And Clear Unticked Pelted Coats.Regularly Have Kittens Available For Sale For Pet, Show, And Breeding.

"Gogees Cattery"

The Cattery Is Raising And Showing Bengals In Louisiana.Gogees Cattery Has Been Actively Breeding And Showing Cats With Tica.Exported Our Top Quality Cats To Help Establish Bloodlines Abroad.

"Goldenheart Persians."

Home Of Cfa Registered And Shown Pampered Persians.They Are The Most Loving, Intelligent And Affectionate Felines Ever Owned.Some Of The Cats For Sale Are Goldenhearts Little Crystal Charm,Goldenhearts Sweet Princess,Ch Goldenhearts Chantal.

"Hapynesis Persians"

Breeder Of Persian Cats.Specializing In Doll-Faced Persian And Himalayan Kittens From Cfa National Winning Bloodlines.

"Harkleen Maine Coon Cats"

Breeders Of Maine Coon Cats. The Maine Coon Is A Hardy, Working Cat Possessing Great Charm And A Strong Desire For Human Companionship, Factors Which Make It A Very Satisfying ,Adaptable Pet.

"Heavenly Muffins Cattery"

Small Catteries Working Together To Provide The Perfect Ragamuffin Kittens. Our Kittens Are Raised Underfoot, Which Helps Make Them Lovable, Adorable Lap Cats That The Ragamuffin Breed Is Known For.Our Catteries,Adult Cats And Kittens Are Registered

"Hesselbjergęs British Shorthair Breeding"

"Hesselbjerg`S British Shorthair Breeding Is A Serious And Caring Show Cat Breeder.Breed British Shorthair In The Following Colours; Black, Blue And Spotted.Occasionally We Have Kittens For Sale."

"Hindarfiall Pedigree Cats"

A Uk-Based Exhibitor And Breeder Of Norwegian Forest Cats And Angoras And Owner Of Several Cats Of These Breeds And Others.Now Own Four Of These Amazing Cats And Are Actively Involved In Showing And Promoting This Breed.

"Hobbikats Cattery"

A Cfa Cattery Of Excellence, Breeding Orientals In Goshen, New York. Breeders Of Oriental & Colorpoint Shorthairs Cats.


"Breeders Of Purebred Maine Coon Cats And British Shorthairs. Maine Coons Come In Two Different Tabby Patterns; Classic Tabby And Mackeral Tabby. Any Tabby Colors Can Come In Either Pattern."

"Indiaink Bengals Cattery."

Indiaink Bengals Is A Small Cattery Located In Washington State Specializing In The Classic Dark Spotted Bengals.Bengal Kittens Are Glittered And Rosetted With Wild Looking Faces And Personalities Like A Dog. Indiaink Has Two Studs And Usually 5 Or 6

"Indykatz Bengals"

A Reputable Breeder Of These Magnificent Cats For Many Years Our Aim Is To Continually Maintain Our Elegant Top Line Strains Whilst Developing On The Impeccable Breeding Lines So Representative Of The Asian Leopard Cat.

"Itikat Persian & Himalayan Cattery"

Itikat Persian And Himalayan Cats And Kittens Are Cfa Registered. We Work With Solid, Bicolor And Pointed Color Patterns. Our Priorities Are For Good Health And Sweet Temperament. Our Kittens Are Raised Underfoot To Promote Outgoing Personalities.

"Jadasia Bengals"

Jadasia Bengals Is A Registered Cattery And The Breeder Of Descendants From Asian Leopard Cat.Bengals Are Extremely Loyal, Very Social, And Make Wonderful Pets. They Will Charm You With Their Love For Water, Boundless Energy, Keen Intelligence.

"Jakatta Cattery"

Uk Breeders Of Maine Coon Cats Based In Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Member Of The Maine Coon Breed Society And A Breeder Member.Specialise In Breeding Red, Brown And Tortie Classic Tabbies With And Without White.


Proud Breeders Of Fourteen Regional Winners Since 1993 - National Maine Coon Club Member.They Are Breed For Temperament (Which Is A Combination Of Nature/Nurture) As Well As Quality Type.

"Jazz Bengals"

Breeds Classic And Marble Bengals Cats For Show And Domestic Pets. The Bengal Started As A Hybrid Breed Resulting From The Crossing Of The Asian Leopard Cat (Prionailurus Bengalensis Or Felis Bengalensis), A Small Wild Leopard Cat,To A Domestic Cat.

"Johnsbay Maine Coon Cats"

Located In Barrington, Illinois, Johnsbay Is A Small Maine Coon Cattery, Dedicated To The Breeding Of Healthy Well Socialized Cats For Pets And Showing. Maine Coon Kittens Are Bred For Size And Temperment. We Have Kittens Available Most Of The Time

"Junglebeat Bengal Cattery"

Specialize Primarily In Brown Spotted Sbt Generations Right Now But Are Migrating Slowly Into The Felial Generations . Bengalpalace F2 Katana Of Junglebeat.Bengals Are Naturally High Spirited, Intelligent And Very Confident Cats.

"Karians` Silver Persians"

Breeding Exclusively For Chinchilla And Shaded Silver Persians And Showing 3 Of Our Newly Acquired Hapynesis Kittens At Cfa Shows In Southern California.

"Karyntay Cattery"

Uk Breeder Of Main Coons Located In Nottinghamshire. All Our Kittens Are Gccf Registered .Every Kitten Is Fully Vaccinated And Insured .


Katko Is A Well Established Cattery, Having Been Actively Breeding Siamese Cats.Every Attempt Is Made To Match The Perfect Kitten With The Desires Of Our Customers. Each Kitten Receives 2 Or 3 Vaccines, Including Bordatella, Before Leaving .

"Katkraze Persian Cats"

Raises Golden, Silver, And Chinchilla Persian Kittens. Cats Are In Cages Only For Breeding Or Birthing. We Have 2 Rooms That We Have Turned Into Catteries. This Is Great For The Males, We Can Separate Them And They Run Free, Instead Of Being Caged.

"Katnip Kuties Cattery"

Breeders Of Persians, Exotic Short Hairs, And Munchkins. The Cattery Is Having Cats And Kittens That Are Cfa And/Or Tica Registered And Are Veterinarian Inspected And Approved.


Himalayan And Persian Cattery .The Cattery Is Dedicated To The Health And Happiness Of Our Pet, Breeder, And Prize-Winning Show Cats. And These Cats Have Very Sweet Temperaments And Distinctly Unique Personality Traits That Make Each One Endearing.

"Katyskittys Cattery"

A Small Cattery Dedicated To Breeding Toward The Excellence Of The Persian Himalayan Breed.Breeds Variety Of Color Points To Solids, Colors Include Tortie, Cream, Flame, Seal, Blue, And Blue Cream Pointed. Red, Red Tabby, Black, Tortishell, Blue.

"Katzele Persians"

A Small Catttery Breeding Persian Cats All Carefully Selected From Top Catteries And World Famous Bloodlines. Cats Are Cageless, Enjoy The Friendship Of Cats, Dogs, Cockatiels And Humans, Roaming Indoor And Outdoor .

"Kellycat Maine Coons"

Kellycat Is A Cfa And Tica Registered Cattery Located In The Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia Area Of The Southeastern United States. All Kellycat Kittens Are Raised With Love And Affection As Members Of The Household.

"Kiddlyn Japanese Bobtails"

Produces Longhair And Shorthair Japanese Bobtails In All Colors. Breed Selectively For Type And Temperament. The Kittens Are Home-Raised To Nurture Outgoing And Loving Personalities. Guarantee The Health And Disposition Of Our Cats And Kittens.

"Kimsdolls Ragdoll Cats And Kittens"

Breeding And Showing Registered Ragdolls For 10 Years.All Kittens Sold Can Be Registered In One Of The Following Associations: T.I.C.A., C.F.A., A.C.F.A., Or C.F.F.. Breed The 4 Traditional Colors And 3 Patterns As Well As The Lynx, Flame`S, Seal .

"Kings Ransom Bengals"

Ohio Cattery Breeding Bengal Cats. Cattery Is Currently Setting Ourselves Up To Produce Primarily Seal Lynx And Seal Mink Spotted And Marbled Snows, But The Cattery Will Always Have Classic Brown Spotted And Marbled From Time To Time.

"Kinky Kitty"

Breeds And Sells Devon Rex And Sphynx Cats.Guarantee That Our Cats Are Healthy, Free From Congenital Defects And Conform To Breed Standard.Ship Our Kittens To Their New Homes By Air.It Is Safe And Is Widely Used By Breeder

"Kisscats Persians"

Kisscats Persians Is A Small Cattery Nestled In The Woods Of Southwest Arkansas.A Team With A Goal Of Quality, Not Quantity. Our Cats And Kittens Are Never Caged, They Are Raised As Loved And Loving Pets In Our Homes.

"Kitkatz Cattery"

A Small Cattery Nestled In The Millington Hills Which Is Specialize In The Raising And Breeding Of Unique Cats. Abyssinian, Bengal, Chausie, Oriental Shorthair, Pixiebob, Savannah, Serengeti And Siberians From Russia.

"Kitnhuyse Sphynx"

All Kitnhuyse Sphynx Are Raised In A Loving Family Environment To Promote Excellent Health And Temperament. Kitnhuyse Specializes In Odd-Eyed, Blue-Eyed Whites, And Blue-Eyed Pointed Sphynx.

"Kitty Hugs Cattery"

Kittyhugs Cattery Breeders Of Munchkin Cats.Breeders Of The Most Adorable Cats In The Whole World The Munchkins. Short Legged Miracles Of Nature. Short On Legs But Long On Personality.All Our Cats Have Tested Fiv/Feline Leukemia Negative

"Kitznkatz Bengals"

Kitznkatz A Tica Registered, Veterinary Inspected Cattery, Member Of The International Bengal Cat Society, Bengal Breeder`S Alliance, Authentic Bengal Cat League And Serves On The International Cat Association`S Feline Welfare .

"Klassikatz Bengals"

Klassikatz Bengals Have Been Breeding The Exotic Bengal Cat For Almost Two (2) Years. Goal Is To Create A Bengal That Most Closely Resembles The Asian Leopard Cat. Main Objective Is To Be An Ethical Breeder Of Bengals.


Uk Based Breeders Of Maine Coons Cats.Now Currently A Cattery Of 5 Maine Coons, 3 Norwegian Forest Cats, 1 Birman And 1 Domestic Cat. All The Cats Are Pets And Walk Freely In The Cattery.

"Lalabi`S Ragdolls"

A Small Cattery Located In Austria Near Vienna .They Do Not Cage The Cats, Even Our Stud Boy Does Not Have To Stay In A Room Of Their Own.

"Laptop Cats"

Specialize In Breeding And Hand-Raising Burmese Cats. Everyone Gets The Attention And Nutrition That Is Required To Grow Healthy, Happy And Loving Kittens.Offering Kittens Raised With Love And Attention To Select Families.

"Late Night Ocicats"

"Arizona Breeder, Home Of The Armchair Cheetah; Specializing In Hot Cinnamon Spotted Ocicats. Specialize In Snow Leopards Or, More Correctly, Silver Spotted Ocicats. Occasionally Have Chocolate Spottedocicats ."

"Le Club Fur"

A Pkd Tested Cfa Cattery, Located In Springfield, Mo. Breeders Of Pointed Persians. Goal Is To Produce Healthy, Happy, Friendly Himalayan Cats And Kittens.

"Le L`Amitie Cattery"

An Alabama Cattery Specializing In Sphynx And Cornish Rex Cats And Kittens. Le L` Amitie Cattery Brings Alabama Up To Date In The Cat Fancy With The Elegance, Style, And Sophistication Of Our Unique Non-Shedding, Curly Comedians.

"Leopardhaven Cattery"

A Small Hobby Cattery In Chicago`S Northwest Suburbs Breeding Bengals And Pixie-Bobs. Leopardhaven Bengals And Pixie-Bobs Are Bred For Excellence In Health, Temperament And Appearance. Member Of Tica, Acfa And The International Bengal Cat Society .

"Leyraine Ragdoll And Maine Coon Cats"

Breeders Of Ragdoll And Maine Coon Cats In The Uk And France .Members Of The British Ragdoll Cat Club And The Guild Of Maine Coon Breeders And Owners.

"Liscoonvarna Maine Coon Cats"

Breeders Of Maine Coon Cats .All Kittens Are Litterbox Trained, Socialized, Vaccinated And Ready To Go To New Homes At The Age Of 12 Weeks. We Use A Standard Sales Contract Which Assures The Health And Happiness Of Each Kitten.


To Llandar - Uk Breeders Of High Quality Bengal Cats, For Pets, Showing Or Breeding. There Are Five Of The Main Stud Cats Used In Our Bengal Cat Breeding Programme.Halcyon Is A Beautiful Young Male That Has Just Reached Maturity.

"Long Island Ragdolls"

Kittens Are Raised With Love And Attention As Our Pets. They Are Never Caged Or Locked Away From People Or Our Other Ragdolls. All Of Our Ragdoll Kittens Come With A Full Health Guarantee.

"Long Shadow Cattery"

Specializing In Breeding And Showing Shaded Silver And Chinchilla Silver Persian Cats And Kittens. Kittens Are Typically Offered For Sale As Pet Or Show Quality At 4-6 Months Old. Some Kittens Are Selected For A Showing And/Or Breeding Career .

"Lopend Vuur Bengals"

A Small Cattery And Breed About Three Or Four Litters Every Year.Our Current Stud Is Akerr`S Promise, A Very Dark Spotted Male Of The 5th Generation. Promise Is Not A Very Big Cat, And This Sometimes Makes It Quite Hard For Him To Breed Our Girls.

"Los Angeles Purr Department"

The Los Angeles Purr Department Is A Member Of The Maine Coon Breeders Association (Mcbfa) And Currently Shows In T.I.C.A. And C.F.A..Breeder Of Award Winning Maine Coons.

"Loxly Cattery"

Breeds Maine Coons And Persian Cats. They Are Rugged, Yet Balanced, Large, But Sweet, A Cat For Dog Lovers.

"Luv Paws Cattery"

Luv Paws Cattery Is Breed Himilayans Specializing In Chocolate And Lilac Points, But We Have Most Other Colors. The Himalayan Is Shown In The Following Point Colors: Chocolate, Seal, Lilac, Blue, Red, Cream Tortie, Blue-Cream, Chocolate-Tortie.

"Maelstrom Norwegian Forest Cats"

Uk Breeders Of Norwegian Forest Cats In Southampton, England.The Cattery Is Now Having Sixteen Forest Cats, And Are Active In The Welfare, Breeding, Showing And Promotion Of This Natural Cat.The Pedigree Lines Do Not Contain Ticked Cats.

"Maine Coon Cattery"

Is A Small Cattery, Situated In Zandvoort In The Netherlands.Our In-House Maine Coons Are A Pure White Queen Going By The Name Ballina Des Griffes Vigoureux , A Red And White Queen Going By The Name Dynamicats Indecent Proposal .

"Maine Coons Vom Helkenberg"

German Breeders Of Maine Coon Cats.Breeding With Remarkable Healthy And Tested Cats Including Very Old German Lines With Clones About 2%. Our Goal Is To Reduce The Top 5 Percentage To Approx. 65 Percentage And The Clone Percentage .

"Majestic Hills Bengals"

Majestic Hills Bengal Cats Are Raised With The Individual And Personal Attention They Need To Become Fantastic House Pets. Each Of Our Cats Have Been Home Raised In A Family Environment, Not In A Cattery Or In A Small Cage.

"Maple Bay Exotics And Persians"

A Small Cagless Cattery Located Along The Shores Of Puget Sound In The Beautiful Pacific Northwest Of Washington State.Cageless Cfa Cattery Offers Healthy, Socialized, Outgoing Lapwarmers.

"Maraitai Bengals"

Breeders Of Enchanting Leopard Lookalike Kittens With Puppy Personalities. All The Kittens Have Bomb-Proof Temperaments Due To A Lively Noisy Atmosphere, Raised With Two Small Children And A Large Dog.All Of Our Cats Are Registered Through The Gccf.

"Marmews Silver Persians"

The Cattery Breed Exclusively For Chinchilla And Shaded Silver Persians.Silver Persians Are Basically White With Black Tipping On The Ends Of The Fur Along The Back And Tail With Some Tipping On The Face Of The Shaded Silver.

"Masterclass Persians"

Achieving And Dedicated To Producing Show Quality Kittens With Type And An Overall Balanced Look.In:-Bicolours ,Parti Colours ,Vans,Solid.

"Meadowpurrs Cattery"

The Primary Goal Of Meadowpurrs Cattery Is To Provide An Environment For Our Cats And Kittens Where They Receive Lots Of Love And Attention. Our Intention Is To Continue Offering Health Guaranteed Kittens That Will Make Ideal Companion Pets .

"Mewssouri Persians"

Breeders Of Top Quality Persians Cats.Many Of Our Cats Are Raised Underfoot. Our Males Are Confined In Runs That Allow Them To Run, Jump And Climb And Be On The Floor. There Are No Small Cages Here.

"Micmar Persians"

A Small Cattery Located In Southern Maine Breeding Lines From Markekit, Starrlitt, Linmar And Ter-Ben. These Lines Are Composed Of Some Of The Following Lines: Spellbound, Kittycharm, Suken, Jovan, Rubyrose, Beaudee And Char-O.

"Minghou Cattery"

A Small Cattery That Is Able To Give Each Cat And Kitten Individualized Care, Love And Attention. We Are Focused On Breeding Healthy, Vigorous Cats And Kittens With Exceptional Temperaments As Well As Good Looks. Work With All Four Colors.

"Mirrormere Oriental Cats"

German Breeder Of Balinese And Oriental Longhair Cats. Our Kittens Grow Up Integrated In The Family And Leave Us Aged 12 Weeks Earliest - Of Course With A Pedigree And Vaccinated Against Feline Enteritis, Feline Respiratory Disease And Rabies.

"Mjcats Cattery"

A Florida-Based Cfa Cattery Of Excellence Breeding Japanese Bobtails Cats.Mjcats Cattery Has Several Wonderful Breeding/Show Cats From Kiddlyn Kattery, Janipurr Cattery, And Cacin Cattery .

"Montagne Des Lihvres"

An Maine Coon Cattery Located In Holland.We Own And Breed Maine Coon Cats, Breeding Is Our Hobby. Character And Health Of Our Good Looking Maine Coons Are Of Primary Importance To Us.

"Moran Silver Persians"

Specializes In Breeding Chinchilla And Shaded Silver Persians. Our Kittens Are Raised Under Foot. None Of Our Cats Are Caged Unless They Are Ready To Have Kittens.

"Morgan`S Majesic Cats"

Fl Based Cattery Breeding Maine Coon And Persian Cats Registered With The Cat Fanciers Association (Cfa) #189726 - Morgancats.Breeding For Size And Temperament With Our Cats Raised In Our Home As Pets.

"Native Son"

Pixie-Bobs For Breeding, Show, And Pets. Native Son Focuses On:Socialization - By Raising Kittens In The Home.Nutrition - By Feeding A Home-Made Natural Diet.Health - By Using Natural Remedies And Homeopathy As First Line Of Defense.

"Nekomo Cattery"

Breeding Japanese Bobtails In North Carolina .Breeding Stock Was Carefully Selected From No Less Than Seven Fine Catteries In The United States. A Cat With A Raised Paw Beckons From The Doorway.


Are A Very Select And Caring Cattery, Concentrating On Intense Eye Colour Along With Good Type And A Pleasant Expression. Our Kittens Are All Raised In The Home With Lots Of Love And So Are Very Affectionate.

"Norcastle Bengals"

Breed Handsome Bengal Kittens By Our Double Merit-Winning Stud Cat, Llandar Norcastle Titan .The Three Lovely Friendly Bengal Kittens Are All Sold.

"Ocigatos Cattery"

Ocigatos Cattery Was Established With The Goal Of Improving, Promoting, And Exhibiting Exceptional Pedigreed Ocicats.A Small Cattery And Focus On Exceptional Quality Rather Than Quantity.Occasionally We Have Kittens&Retired Young Adults Available.


Ociopia Ocicats Cattery Is A Small Cattery Breeding Ociopia Cats.Ocicats Come In Twelve Colors:Tawny,Lavender,Chocolate,Blue,Cinnamon,Fawn,Silver,Lavender Silver,Chocolate Silver,Blue Silver,Cinnamon Silver,Fawn Silver.

"Old Fashion Traditional Balinese Cats And Kittens"

Breeding Traditional Siamese Cats .Not A Large Cattery And Raise Only A Few Very High Quality Litters A Year. Our Kittens Are Hand Raised And Never Caged. The Cattery A Well-Documented Reputation For Raising Top Quality, Superbly Socialized Kittens.

"Pairodocs Turkish Vans"

Mission Is To Contribute To The Maintenance Of The Health, Personality, And Sustainability Of The Turkish Van As A Breed.First Priority Is To Produce Happy, Healthy, And Well Socialized Cats. Focus Is On Quality And Not Quantity,.

"Pamukkale Cattery"

A Small Cattery Consisting Of Several Turkish Angoras, Kittens.Cats Are The Natural Breed With Original Turkish Lineage. Their Ancestors Were Never Taken Out Of The Country Before Nor Mixed With Any Kind Of Cat To Produce The More Oriental Look.

"Pannonius Persians"

Small English Cattery Committed To Breed Top-Class Smoke Cameo And Self Colored Persians, Both Open And Ultra Type. Are Committed To Produce Quality Kittens Conforming To Breed Standard Excelling In Type, Temperament And Good Look.

"Patipause Cattery"

Breeder Of Siamese, Oriental Short Hair And Color Point Shorthair Kittens.Breeding Solid Cinnamon, Fawn, Ebony And Whites.Bred For Health And Personality.Raised With Loving Care.Health Guarantee.

"Permes Cattery"

A C.F.A. Registered Cattery And Feel Proud, To Preserve, Perpetuate And Promote The Traditional Siamese Cats. All Our Cats Are Bred For The Applehead Type And Are Selectively Chosen For Breeding To Improve Health, Temperament, Intelligence.

"Persian Angels Cattery"

A Very Small Cattery Located In Miami, Florida Which Is Breeding Persian Cats.All Kittens Are Cfa Certified And Come With Their Cfa Registration Certificate,Their First Set Of Shots,A Veterinarian Health Certificate For Traveling.

"Photofaces Cattery"

Photofaces Is A Cfa Registered Cattery Specializing In Devon Rex Exclusively. A Small Closed Cattery And Our Devons Are Given Individual Attention, Respect, And Love From The Time They Are Born.

"Pixiepurrfect Cattery"

Pixiepurrfect Cattery Breeds And Shows Pixie-Bob Cats And Pixie-Bob Cats Only. Every One Of Our Cats Feature Original Nw Foundation Bloodlines With Pedigrees Going Back To Nw Legend Cats Or Nw Foundation Legend Cat

"Ponderosa Pixiebobs"

Produce A Very Limited Number Of Kittens Each Year To Enhance The Wonderful Affectionate Temperaments People Have Come To Adore In The Pixiebob. All Of Our Cats Are Tica™ Registered And Are 100% Blue-List.

"Priderock Bengals"

Breeding Program Is Not A Large One Though It Has Grown A Great Deal Since Our Meshing Of The Sbt Bengal (Complete With Ribbons And Titles) And The Ancestor Cat - Asian Leopard Cat - Along With Our Foundation Bengals.

"Prophecy Sphynx"

Prophecy Sphynx Is Having Sphynx Kittens, Beautiful, Quality, Healthy, Hairless Babies For Loving Homes By Reservation Only. The Cattery Do Not Cage Our Babies Or Adults, And As Soon As The Babies Can Climb Onto A Bed To Snuggle.

"Purrdycat Cattery"

Purrdycat Cattery Is A Small Cattery Breeding The Cats Different Bloodlines And The Cattery Received A Cfa Cattery Of Excellence Award Last Year, And Again This Year. Colors To Breed In Both Cornish And Devon Rex Are Chocolates, And Lavenders.

"Purrfectgems Persians"

A Small Cattery Producing Persian Cats.This Solid Color Breeding Produced A Lovely Copper-Eyed White Female Who Went On To Become Our First Solid Color Grand Champion And Our First Ever Regional Winner - Grc Purrfectgems Built For Pleasure.

"Purrfurdots Ocicats"

Sweet Tempered, Healthy, Smart Home Grown Kittens And Cats Available.Offering Pets, Breeders And Show Prospects From Champion, Grand Champion And International Grand Champion Lines.Guaranteed, Reasonably Priced.Shippling Is Also Provided.

"Purrinlot Persian Cattery"

A Cfa Cattery Of Excellence, Veterinary Approved Which Is Breeding Cfa Champion Bloodlines, Specializing In Dilutes And Particolors.Specializing In Bi-Color Persians, Tabby And Whites And Now Solid Whites. Working Towards Blue Eyed Bi-Colors.

"Purrshinka Persians"

An Ohio Cattery Specializing In Tipped And Bicolor Persians. Purrshinka Is A Small Cattery That Specializes In Tipped (Smoke, Shaded And Shell) Persians. Kittens Are Descended From The Following Lines: Palmetto`S, Marhei, Oakway, Anz, Lil` Miracles.

"Purwaky Cattery"

A Small Clean Cattery And Our Kittens Are Raised Underfoot.. We Work Hard Daily To Study Pedigrees In Order To Use The Top Lines, To Study Feline Genetics In Order To Breed Out Any Genetic Defects,And We Try To Keep Informed On All The Feline Defect

"Quartzkats Cattery"

Offers Burmese Cats And Kittens For Sale In All Four Colors. The Kitten Will Not Be Given Or Sold To A Pet Shop, Research Laboratory, Or Any Person Or Organization Using Animals For Commercial Or Experimental Purposes.The Kitten Will Not Be Declawed.

"Ragamews Ragdolls"

Offers Ragdolls Kittens.Breed Mostly Mitted And Colourpoint Ragdolls, And Occasionally Bi Colours In Seal And Blue From New U.S.A Recently Imported Lines , And Old English Lines. Also Have Lynx,Torties,Reds And Creams.

"Raggtown Cattery"

Breeder Of Quality Ragdoll Kittens, Located In Southwestern Ontario. Kittens Come With A Health Guarantee, Two Sets

"Ragmeister Ragdoll Cats"

Breeder Of Ragdoll Cats And Kittens, Large, Healthy, And Available. Ragdoll Cattery Is Recommended As A Reputable Breeder Of Ragdoll Cats In The International Book Entitled The Definitive Guide To Ragdolls.Having A Spotless Health Record .

"Ragnarok Cattery"

Ragnarok Cattery Have Been Raising Lovable, Large And Friendly Kittens Underfoot With The Utmost Of Care .Health Guaranteed. Both Felv And Fiv Negative. Ragdolls Have No Outcrossing To Any Other Breed.

"Ragtime Ragamuffins"

In-Home Cattery Dedicated To Breeding High Quality Ragamuffins In All Colors. Kittens Are Raised Underfoot Where They Have Opportunities To Be Social And Play With Other Pets. A Proud Member Of Rag - Ragamuffin Associated Group.

"Rainforest Bengals"

Rainforest Is A Small Cattery Focused On Breeding Very High Quality Bengals. We Have Selected From The Best Lines In The Country To Produce Wild Looking Heads And Large Dark Spots And Dynamic Rosetting Patterns.

"Raz 2 Taz Siamese"

Raz 2 Taz Is A Very Small Cattery Of Breeding Traditional & Classic Siamese With An Occasional Balinese. The Cattery Is Recognized By Cfa An Aca As A Breeder Of Traditional And Classic Siamese Cats. Kittens Are Vaccinated .

"Richoci Ocicats"

Richoci Ocicats - Breeders Of Ocicat Cats And Kittens, Specializing In Silver Spotted And Dilute Spotted Ocicats

"Ritzyrags Ragdolls Small Cattery"

Ritzyrags Ragdolls Is A Small Cattery .Breed For Show And Enjoy Doing So. Quality Is Number One And Will Always Prevail Over Quantity All Our Cats, Young And Aduts Are Housed With Us Indoor And Are Treated As Family.

"Romance Rags"

A Small Cattery Dedicated To The Health And Happiness Of My Cats And Kittens.Offer A Comprehensive Health Guarantee, A Care Kit, And Lots Of Follow-Up Care. Buying A Romance Kitten Promises To Be A Pleasant Experience.

"Rose Valley Bengals"

Missouri Breeder Of Bengal Cats For Pets, Showing, And Breeding. Our Cattery Began Because Of A Fascination With The Wildly Exotic, Independent Yet Loving, Curiously Intelligent Feline.

"Sans Souci Bengals"

Breeders Fo Bengal Cats.The Price Of Our Kittens Depends Upon The Quality Of The Cat. Those With The Most Vivid Markings And Coat Are The Most Expensive.All Kittens Come With Current Health Certificates And Their Shot`S Are Current.

"Sanspelo Sphynx And Russian Hairless Cattery"

Sanspelo Work Exclusively With The Hairless Wonders Of The Cat Fancy, The Sphynx And The Russian Hairless , In Order To Concentrate Our Energy Into A Fine Line Of Feline. Sanspelo Constantly Evaluates And Upgrades Its Quality By Regularly Showing .

"Sarcenet American Curls"

Spanish Cattery Breeding American Curls. All Of Our Cats Live In Our Home And Litters Are Raised Here Too, To Aid In Socializing The Kittens.All Curls Make The Most Marvellous And Loving Companions .

"Saroko Siamese Kittens"

Sarako Has Been Breeding Loving, Cfa And Tica Show Standard Kittens For 30 Years. Felines Have Received Many Regional And International Show Awards.

"Scoville Cats"

Small Cattery In Norfolk, England, Breeding Ragdolls, British Blues/Blacks And Occasionally Bengals.Winston Has A Wonderful Temperament And Has Been Placed Every Time Out, Including 3rd At The Supreme.

"Selkatz Tonkinese"

Selkatz Tonkinese Promotes Health, Happiness And Temperment Through A Fresh Raw Food Diet And Love. We Show Tonkinese Cats In The Cat Fanciers`Association (Cfa) And Are Members Of The Tonkinese Breed Association (Tba) And Tonks West (Tw).

"Shaineh Cattery"

Breeding Devon Rex, Sphynx And Burmese. Pet Kittens Are Always Sold With A Contract That Protects That Cat And Offers A Health Guarantee To The Buyer. Our Kittens May Never Be Allowed Outside. They May Never Be Declawed And Must Be Spayed Or Neutered

"Siam Bali Rags"

Experienced In Worldwide Shipping. Specializing In Old Style Applehead Siamese And Balinese Kittens. We Also Raise Beautiful Ragdolls In All Colors And Combinations And Raise Limited Quantities Of Tonkinese And Birman Kittens.

"Siam-I-Am Siamese"

At Siam-I-Am Siamese, We Are Devoted To Producing Purr-Fect Siamese Kittens For Loving, Responsible Owners. Cats Are From Grand Champion Lines, And We Are Active In The Show Ring. We Specialize In Gorgeous Seal, Chocolate, Blue, And Lilac Points.

"Siamese Kittens"

Kittens For Sale In Massachusetts, Raised Under Foot And Scratching Post Trained. The Kittens Are Cfa Registered,Very Friendly & Social And They Are Trained For Litterbox,Raised Under Foot As Part Of The Family,Scratching Post Trained .

"Silver Belles"

Silver Belles Specialize In Chinchilla And Shaded Silver Persians Cats.Our Breeders Are Our Pets And Have Never Been Caged (Even The Males)! Many Of Our Kittens Are Adopted By Families With Children. All Kittens Are Litter Trained,Vaccinated.

"Silver Paws Persians"

Breeder Of Solid Including White (All Eye Colors), Bicolors, And Particolors Cats.Available Kittens For Sale Are Top Show Quality Calico Female ,Black And White Bicolor Male,Copper Eyed White Female,Copper Eyed White Male,Copper Eyed White Female.

"Silver `N Gold Persians"

Silver `N Gold Persians Is A Small Cfa Registered Cattery Specialize In Shaded Silver, Chinchilla, Shaded Golden And White Persians Featuring Brilliant Green Eyes. Our Kittens Are Raised Underfoot In A Large And Busy Household.

"Skinsational Sphynx Cattery"

All Cats And Kittens Are Raised Underfoot And On Shoulders.We Do Not Cage Any Of Our Animals.Goal Is To Breed The Highest Quality Sphynx With The Most Diverse Genetic Background We Can.

"Stellarhart Ragdoll Cattery"

A Small Ragdoll Breeder Specializing In Big Ragdoll Cats. Stellarhart Ragdoll Cattery Has Been A Premier Breeder Of The Finest Cats .Good Health And Sweet Ragdoll Temperaments Are Priorities At Stellarhart. Stellarhart Ragdolls Is Registered With Acf

"Stringapurrs Abyssinians"

A Florida Cattery Raising Abyssinian Cats. Primary Aim In Breeding Abys Is To Produce Healthy Well Adjusted Cats For The Show Ring.In Addition To Breeding Cats We Also Work To Produce A Yearly Cat Show In Pensacola With Proceeds Benefiting Local.

"Sunwaters Maine Coon"

A Small Cattery In The North Of Germany In Delmenhorst. All Our Cats Including Two Studs Live With Us In An Appartment With A Big Balcony Where They Can Go As They Please. They Are Of Course Not Allowed To Go Outside The House.

"Sweetheart Rags Cattery"

Sweetheart Rags Cattery Is A Small Cattery Raising Ragamuffin Cats.Goal Is To Raise Big, Healthy, Lovable Lapcats For You To Love. Ragamuffin Cats Are The Ultimate Pet, And We Hope To Help You Find Just The Right Kitten Or Cat For Your Family.

"Sweetpeacats Cattery"

Breeders Of Silver, Tabby, Calico, Black Exotic Shorthair Cats And Kittens. A Lovely Blue Exotic, Mgc Chinchelita Glory Hallelujah Of Sweetpeacats, Was The Foundation Female For The Cattery,And Was Purchased From Chinchelita Cattery Several Years Ago

"Syltonia Cats And Kittens"

Breeders Of Bengal, Maine Coons, Burmese, And Siamese Cats. Our Babies As We Call Them Are Handled And Loved From The Moment They Are Born And After Their First Vaccination .

"Tabby Town"

Tabby Town Maine Coon Cats And Kittens Are Bred For Health, Personality, And Conformation. We Raise Our Cats With Lots Of Love And Pampering, And They Spend Their Days Underfoot And Overhead In A Cattery We Call Home.

"Tadofa Somalis"

Tadofa Somalis Is A Very Small Cattery, Taking Pride In The Outgoing, Sweet-Natured Personalities Of Our Cats And Kittens. Kittens Are Raised Underfoot As An Integral Part Of Our Family And Are Not Caged To Ensure They Develop The Socialization Skill

"Tangaloor Maine Coon Cats"

Located In Lincolnshire England, Quality Maine Coon Cats For Pet,Show And Breeding .Specialities Are Brown Tabbies And Silver Tabbies With And Without White, Consequently We Have Managed To Attain Warm Rustic Browns And Clear Bright Silvers.

"Timberwood Maine Coon Cats"

Timberwood Cattery Is Small Which Is Breeding Male And Four Females.There Are No Cages, These Are Our Beloved, Spoiled Pets. All Cats Are Tested For Felv And Fiv Before Entering Our Home.

"Tinjers Persians"

California Cfa Cattery Of Excellence Breeding Persians Of All Types.Cfa Cattery Of Excellence Solids, Tabbies, Parti-Colors, Himalayans, And Bicolors.Exceptionally Affectionate And Loving Kittens With Carefree And Outgoing Personalities Available .

"Tracy Mayo"

Breeder Of Himalayans, Bi & Tri Colour, Self & Tabby In All Colours,Specialising In Chocolate Series - Working With The Cream Of International Pedigrees For Extreme Type And Sweet Expression.

"Traditional Siamese"

Breeding Traditional Applehead Siamese Cats And Kittens. Selected Our Breeding Stock For Their Intelligence, Loving And Calm Temperaments, Robust Health And Beauty. All Cats Are Up To Date On Innoculations And Are Guaranteed Free Of Leukemia, Fiv .


"Breeds And Shows Pedigree Persian And Exotic Shorthair Cats. Kittens By Reservation; Adults Occasionally For Adoption,Excellent Health With Guarantee,Very Socialized, Never Caged ,References Available; Reasonably Priced,Quality Not Quantity."

"Tribeca Cats"

Breeders Of The Luxurious Maine Coon Cat, And Specializing In Solid Whites. Specialize In White Cats, We Often Get Other Colors: Brown Tabbies, Brown Tabbies With White, Brown Patch Tabbies And Red Tabbies Are The Most Frequently Seen Other Colors.

"Tymack Cattery"

Tymack Cattery Is A Small, Family Oriented Cattery Breeding Maine Coons Cats.Striving To Build A Healthy, Breeding Program With Loving Cats That Are Beautiful Loyal Pets. Now Cats Are Available For Adoptation.

"Ultimate Rags"

Breeding Quality Ragamuffins In Many Colors. Developed A Number Of Breeds Of Cats, Collectively Known As Cheribums. The Distinguishing Characteristics Of These Breeds Were Their Exceptionally Docile, Sweet Temperaments, Large Size, Mushiness.

"Van Boots Ragdoll Cattery"

Van Boots Cattery Specializes In The Professional Breeding Of Premier Ragdoll Cats.Ragdoll Cat Breeder Registered With Tica And Acfa. Information, Photos, And Kitttens Available.


Uk-Based Breeders.Breed A Lot Of Silvers & Blues, And Tend To Sell More Kittens In Pairs Than Singles.They Are Given Full Health Checks, Inoculated And Are Fully Insured For Six Weeks After Collection.

"Viran Persian Cattery"

Breeds And Sells Persians Cats.Only Breeds Within The Cfa Standards For Show Persians, With An Emphasis On Producing Affectionate And Playful Persians That Love To Show Off.Offering Stud Service, And Keeping Mothers With Their Kittens .

"Wattkatz Persians"

Cfa Cattery Of Excellence, Cabins On Cruise To Disneyworld Available. All Of Our Cats Have Their Faces Cleaned Twice A Day. It Does Not Matter If They Are Pet, Breeder, Or Show Quality. They Are Keep Just As Clean As My Show Cats With No Staining.

"Weekiltie Scottish Folds"

Goal With The Scottish Fold Is To Produce Cats As Close To The Cat Fancier`S Association Written Standard As Possible. Weekiltie Cattery Is The Promise To Breed Only Folded To Straight Cats.

"Westholme Persians & Exotics"

Breeding Solids All Colors, Chocolate, Lilac, Himalayans Bi-Colors, Including Tabby & Tabby & White.Offer Unsurpassed Care And Attention And Our Top Rate Facilities Include: Spacious Living Accommodation, All Pets Have A 6 Foot Covered Outside .

"Whispurwnds Cattery"

A Small Cattery Producing High Quality Cfa Registered Kitties That Have The Sweet Expression And Unforgettable.All Our Kitties Are Raised With Love And Attention, With Our Cattery Attached To Our House It Enables Us To Spend The Most Maximum Time.

"Wildsun Bengals"

Oregon Breeder Of Bengal Kittens Suitable As Pets, Breeders Or For Show. Breeding Program Specializes In Glittered, Spotted And Marbled In Your Lap Kittens. Glitter- Unique To Bengals.

"Winterfyre Norwegian Forest Cats"

Cattery Came Into Existence In Early 1999 With The Intent Of Preserving The Natural Beauty And Disposition Of The Norwegian Forest Cat. A Very Small Cattery, Our Size Is Not An Indication Of Our Dedication Or Love For This Marvelous Breed.

"Winteridge Cattery"

Winteridge Cattery Is A Small Cattery Doing Breed, Raise, And Show Norwegian Forest Cats, And Siberian Huskies Under The Name Of Silistra. Looking For A Quality Kitten Or Puppy, Contact Us On The Availability Of Our Next Show Or Companion Babies.

"Wintesams Turkish Angora"

Breeders Of Turkish Van Cats.Cats Comes From The Best Lines And Are Careful Selected.Our Cats Have Outdoor Cages Where They Can Go Out In From The House.

"Wishstar Persian Cattery"

Wishstar Is A Small Cattery Breeding Persian Cats.A Health Guarantee Is Offered On All Sales.Pkd Testing Has Been Done On All Animals Of Age To Be Scanned. All Pet Quality Kittens Are Sold Only To Persons Who Come To The Wishstar Premises .

"Wolfermist Cattery"

Wolfermist Cattery Is A T.I.C.A. Registered Cattery. Specializing In The American Bobtail Breed. Here At The Wolfermist Cattery We Are Specializing In The Classic Pattern And Lynx/Color Pointed Patterns.

"Yewcats Cattery"

Small Cattery Concerned With The Breeding Of Traditional Siamese And Himalayan Cats. Yewcats Is Aware That Siamese, Persian, And Himalayan Kitties Are The Most Over Bred Kitties In The United States.


A Small Cattery Breeding Cats For The Better Part Of Ten Years. The Persians Are Breed For Cobby Bodies, Good Bone Conformation And Excellent Temperament. The Cattery Is Having Separate Nursery Where My Females Have Their Kittens.

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