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"1-2-Tweet Aviary"
Parrot Breeders Of African Grey Parrots, Cockatoos, Macaws And Eclectus Parrots, Blue Gold Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Military Macaws, Severe Mini Macaws, Hahn Macaws, Yellow Collared Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos, Moluccan Cockatoos, Goffin Cockatoos.

"A Feathered Friends Aviary"

Quality Breeder Of Exotic Hand Fed Domestic Birds Like African Greys, Quakers, Conures, Amazons, Macaws, Cockatiels, Lovebirds .All Babies Are Handraised In Our Facility, Close Banded And Guaranteed Healthy.

"A&M Aviaries"

Breeders Of Hand Fed Baby Scarlet Macaws, Blue And Gold Macaws, Green-Wing Macaws, Red-Fronted Macaws, Yellow Crown Amazons, Yellow Nape Amazons, Orange-Wing Amazons, African Greys, Moluccan Cockatoos, Sun Conures, Jardine Parrots .

"Acadiana Aviaries"

"Specializing In Finches, Doves, Java Rice Birds, And Button Quail. The Farm Has Several Other Buildings; The Two Largest Each Hold Over 100 Individual Breeding Cages For Finches. In These Cages Are Society Finches, Exotic Finches."

"African Pines Aviary"

Specializing In The Breeding Of The Poicephalus And Pionus Parrots As Well As Cockatoos, Macaws, Caiques, And Cockatiels.Breeding Ranch Our Babies Are Raised In A Family Setting To Help Make Them The Sweetest Babies Available.

"Airway Aviary"

Specializing Eairway Aviary Is A Small, High Quality, Closed Breeding Facility Located In South Florida. Xclusively In Breeding White Belly Caique Parrots.Our Breeding Stock Is Of The Highest Caliber (Size, Color, And Vigor), Provided With An Ideal.

"Animals, Animals, Inc."

Breeder Of Tame Hand-Fed Birds For The Pet Industry. Supplier Of Breeding Stock For Exotic Bird Farms. Produce Quality Babies For Pet Lovers And Retailers Across The Country.

"Aves International"

Breeders Of Fine Parrots And Other Exotic Birds From Subtropical And Tropicalraise Over 50 Species Including African Greys, Amazons, Caiques, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Lories, Macaws, Mini Macaws, Pionus, & Poicephalus. Written Health Guarantee.

"Avian Antics"

Offers Handfed, Health Guaranteed African Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws And Others. Our Babies Are Guaranteed In Writing, To Be Healthy, Free Of Congenital (Occuring At Birth) And Genetic Defects, At The Time Of Delivery.

"Avian Avenue"

Breeds Cockatoos, Amazons, Africans, And Mini-Macaws. All Our Breeding Birds (As Well As Our Pets) Have All Been Examined, Cultured, And Vaccinated By Our Avian Veterinarian.

"Avitech Inc."

Producing Captive Bred Exotic Birds And Nurturing These Animals To Be Outstanding Human Companions. Bird Collection Encompasses Many Popular Psittacines Including:Meyers, Senegals, Red Bellies, Jardines, And Capes,Conures,Cockatoos,Eclectus.

"Baby Beaks Aviary"

Small Aviary Specializing In Handfed Blue And Split To Blue Quakers.Begun Breeding Quakers Because Of This Love And Captivation For This Little Parrot. Produce The Healthiest, Most Genetically Sound Babies Possible.

"Bali S Stunning Bird Park."

"A Cast Of Hundreds Of The Worlds Rarest And Most Beautiful Birds Greet You As You Stroll Through Diverse And Rich Tropical Gardens; Highly Endangered Endemic Bali Starlings, South American Macaws And Australian Cockatoos , African Crowned ."

"Benden Weyr Aviaries"

Breeder Of Conures, Amazons, And Pionus In Mid-Michigan. Our Breeders Are Kept In Large Suspended Cages And All Of Our Birds Are Given A Nutritious Diet Of Pellets, Fruit, Vegetables And Many Types Of Sprouted Seeds And Grains Along With Mixed Nuts.

"Bignest Aviary"

Bignest Aviary Is An Map (Model Avicultural Program) Certified,Vet Checked, Closed Aviary. Bignest Aviary Is A Small Aviary Offering Weaned, Handfed And Socialized Greys.It Raise Congo And Timneh African Grey Parrots.

"Bird Cage U.S.A. Inc"

Specialize In Hand Fed, Highly Socialized, Baby Birds. Most Species Are Avilable Since Bird Cage U.S.A Inc Are Also Breeders.

"Bird Crazy"

Breeders Of African Greys, Amazons, Caiques,Finches, Macaws, Toucans, And More. Purpose Is To Provide The Retail And Wholesale Public - The Finest And Healthiest Domestically Bred Birds Available, Along With The Largest Assortment Of Feed.

"Bird Fever Aviary"

Bird Fever Aviary Is A Small, Family Owned Aviary. The Aviary Are Dedicated To Raising Healthy, Well-Adjusted Baby Birds And Endeavour To Give Them The Very Best Start In Life And Specialize In Amazons Only.

"Bird In The Hand"

Specializing In Hyacinth Macaws. For Decades We Have Been Breeding Macaws, Cockatoos, & Parrots. Raise Over 36 Varieties Of Precious Cuddly Handfed Babies. These Babies Are So Sweet And Gentle That They Have Often Been Placed In Special Homes As Pet


Birder.Com Is You Love Wild Birds And Birdwatching And We Are Happy You Found Us!

"Birdlady Babies"

Specializing In Hand-Fed Exotic Parrots.Specializes In Macaws, Cockatoos, Myers, Redbellies, Moluccans, Toucans, Mynahs, Greys, Ringnecks, Mini-Macaws, Conures And Many Others. We Ship Anywhere In Usa. All Birds Health Guaranteed.

"Birds & More"

We Specialize In Exotic Birds, Hand Raised Babies, Grooming, Nutrition, Boarding, All Types Of Supplies And Behavioral Consultation. Karen Allen, The Owner Of Birds & More, Has Been Involved With Birds For Nearly 30 Years.

"Birds 2 Pet."

"Specializing In Rare And Hand-Fed Parrot Species : Cockatoos; Conures; Macaws. A Central California Resource For Hand Raised Companion Parrots; Rare Species Of Parrots; Information On Species, Rearing, And Care; And Breeding Stock."

"Birds By Donalee"

The Wonderful Parrot Calls You Are Hearing Are Of Wild Yellow Headed Amazons. They Were Recorded By Harvard Biologist Mike Schindlinger And Used With His Permission

"Birds Galore"

Small Bird Breeding Farm In Northwest Georgia. All Of Our Babies Are Hand-Fed And Raised With Careful Love And Attention.

"Birds N More"

Raise And Sell Rare And Exotic Species Of Beautiful Birds. Look In Our Picture Album For The Latest Pictures Of What We Have Available. Birds N More Is Not A Pet Store, However, We Do Offer A Very Select Assortment Of Supplies For Birds.

"Birds Of A Feather"

Birds Of A Feather - Your Unique Backyard Nature And Gift Store Were U Will Have All The Types Of The Birds Of All The Kinds.

"Birds Of A Feather"

Birds Of A Feather Birdhouses And Bird Feeders Are Not Only Beautiful Works Of American Folk Art, They Are Also Quality Constructed Functional Houses, Feeders, And Planters. Constucted Of High Quality Western Cedar, Each One Is Mitered On All Joints

"Birds Of A Feather"

Specialized In African Greys. They Also Breed Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Macaws And Senegals.We Currently Breed Over 90 Proven Pairs And Raise Over 200 Babies A Year. Also A Member Of The American Federation Of Aviculture.

"Birds Of Paradise"

"Our Business Grew Out Of Genuine Love For Birds And All Animals...Our Commitment Is To Provide You With Beautiful, Hand-Fed Birds, Raised In A Healthy And Loving Environment. Our Goal Is To Match Bird Personality And Owner ""Wants"" So As To Provide"

"Birds Of Play Inc."

Distributor Of Sport Kites, Bird Appliqui Kites, Windsocks And Banners There Breeders And Other Types Of The Birds

"Birds Underwater"

Birds Underwater, In Central Florida, Offers Manatee And Snorkel Tours, River Trips, Manatee Videos. Scuba Diving Certification.

"Birds Unlimited"

All We Do Is Birds, Nuthin But Birds. Whether You Need Information On Handfeeding Or You Re Having A Behavioral Problem With Your Cockatoo, Someone Will Be Able To Help You. No One Is On Commission So You Won T Be Pressured Into Buying Something

"Birds, Etc."

We Manufacture Species Specific Nest Boxes For Parrots, Ladders, And A Watering System Designed For All Birds From Finches To Macaws.

"Birdsnways Guide To Pet Birds"

Birds N Ways For Pet Birds, Pet Bird Care, Bird Supplies, Guide To Pet Birds, Pet Parrots, Exotic Birds, Bird Products, Bird Care & Bird Ezine Magazine. 1000s Of Parrot Breeders, Pets Classifieds, Pet Bird Cages, Bird Toys, Bird Shows, E-Zine Magazin

"Blackstone Aviaries"

Breeders Of Macaw, Amazon, African Grey And Senegal Parrots In California. Offers Handfed Babies For Sale.At Blackstone Aviaries All Of Our Babies Are Incubator Hatched And Hand-Fed From Day One. We Guarantee The Health Of Our Babies.

"Blue Skies Aviary"

Breed Congos, Ringnecks, Moustache, Several Species Of Conures, Blue Headed Pionus, Quakers, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, American Parakeets.Babies Currently Available: Blue Headed Pionus $475.00,Moustache Parakeet $250.00 .


We Are Breeders Of Beautiful Handfed Baby Parrots. Our Babies Are Domestic-Bred And Are Offered For Sale As Delightful Pets Or Future Breeding Parents. We Have Been In Aviculture For Over Fifteen Years (Over Ten Years At Our Present Location).

"C.R. Birds"

C.R Birds Is Owned And Operated By Carlene Silva She Has Been Hand-Raising Quality Baby Parrots Since 1986 In The Foothills Of The Sierra Nevada S In Northern California


An Aviary Located In San Diego, California Breeding Hand-Fed Caiques.Caiques Are The Ultimate Companion Parrot. A Charming, Playful And Inquisitive Personality With Colorful Feathering Make Them The Pet Second To None.

"Canadian Falconry"

Breeder, Offers Captive-Bred Large Falcons, Namely Gyrfalcons, Gyrsaker Hybrids, Sakers, And Harris`S Hawks. They Can Be Trained By An Expert Falconer Who Has Previously Trained Gyr Saker Hybrids For Arab Pursuit Falconry. There Is An Extra Cost.


Worldwide Exporter Of Canaries And Other Birds.Specialise In The Import & Export Of All Breeds Of Canaries And Other Birds From The Best Italian Breeders. Some Of The Species Breeded By The Aviary Are Canarylist With Mixed Colours,Yellows,Whites.

"Cjp Exotics"

Breed Cockatiels,Quakers,Blue Front And Red Lord Amazons,Blue Crown Conures,Timneh Greys And Umbrellas.A 10% Discount Is Available For Orders Of $150.00 Or More.

"Companion Bird Source"

An Association Of Model Aviculture Program Certified Pet Bird Breeders Supplying Better Quality Companion Pets And Select Breeding Stock From A Wide Range Of Parrot Species Like African Grays, Amazons, Caiques, Canaries, Cockatoos, Cockatiels.


Vets Are The Backbone Of Pet Care They Not Only Use Their Expertise In Treating Our Companions But Also Develop Amazing Friendships In The Process. Concerningpets Brings You The First Of This Series...

"Custom Parrot Network, Inc."

Breeders Of Exotic Birds And Spoon-Feeding Of Baby Parrots .Nutritional And Behavioral Counseling Is Always Available.We Pride Ourselves On Offering The Following:24-Hour Nursery Care,Bird Care And Breeder Information.

"Double T Lofts"

Specializes In Imported Janssen Racing Pigeons, 969 Janssen, Leen Boers, And Ganus Janssen. Double T Lofts Is Dedicated To Finding, Breeding, And Racing The Best Pigeons Available, Anywhere.

"Dragonfeathers Aviary"

Offers Family Raised, Spoiled, Socialized Hand-Fed Baby Birds Small Birds, Cockatiels, Conures, Poicephalus And Others. Raised With Lots Of Loving Care, Sold To Quality Homes.

"Eclectus Companion Aviary"

Small Quality Breeder Of Eclectus Parrots Specializing In The Vosmaeri And Aru Redsided Subspecies. Fully Weaned, Health Checked, Banded, Purebred Babies.

"Emerald Forest Bird Gardens"

Breeder Specializing In Toucans, Toucanets, Aracaris, Macaws And Cockatoos. Largest Toucan Breeder In The Usa Shipping All Over The World. Close Banded Handfed Or Parent Raised Babies.

"Exclusively Lories"

Breeders Of Many Types Of Lories Particular Interest To Us Are The Stella, The Cardinal Lory, The Blue-Streak Lory, The Black Lory, And The Musk Lory.

"Exotic Birds-R-Us"

Exotic Birds-R-Us Specialize In The Breeding Of The Asiatic Species.All Our Babies Are Hand Fed And Brought Up With The Most Tlc Possible. We Not Only Hand Feed Our Babies But We Also Hand Feed For Other People.

"Exotic Flock Aviary"

A Small, Closed Indoor Aviary That Exclusively Breeds Color Mutation Quakers. We Currently Offer Green, Blue, Cinnamon And Cinnamon-Blue Varieties As Well As Numerous Splits. All Chicks Are Closed-Banded, Dna Sexed And Abundance Weaned.

"Feather Friendzy"

Breeders Of Well Socialized Exotic Parrots. Specializing In Hand-Fed Well Socialized Baby Parrots. Congo Greys, Eclectus, Amazons,Tiels, Conures, Moustache, Alexadrine, Derbyan, And Ringneck Parakeets.

"Feffie`S Feathers"

Breeder Of African Greys, Pionuses And Senegal Parrots. The Babies Are Fully Weaned, Socialized, Avian Vet Checked And Vaccinated, And Sold With A Written Health Guarantee. Parent Birds Are Housed In Large, Meticulously Clean Cages.

"Feisty Feathers"

Bird Breeder Of African Greys, Conure`S, Napes And Amazon`S.All Of The Parents Are On The Premises, And Have Been Vet Checked And Quarantined Before Ever Entering The Breeding Program.It Can Guarantee The Health And Background Of All Babies.

"Fox`S Feather Farm"

Breeder Of Many Kind Of Birds Such As Cockatoos, Conures, African Greys, Macaws, Amazons, Eclectus And Bourkes, All Are Handfed.Offer A 72 Hour Health Guarantee For The Birds.

"Gum Tree Ranch"

Specializing In Quality Rare Australian Birds .Available Birds Are Rosy Bourke Parakeets,Pink Bourke Parakeets,Western (Stanley) Rosellas,Scarlet-Chested Grass Parakeets,Red-Headed Parrot Finches,Yellow-Headed (Seagreen) Parrot Finches,Lady Gouldian.

"Heaven`S Birds"

Breeder Of Cockatiels, Conures, Bourkes And Indian Ringnecks. We Offer A 72 Hour Limited Health Guarantee If No Other Birds Are Present In Your Home. We Also Offer A 48 Hour Limited Health Guarantee If Other Birds Are Present In Your Home.

"Hex Aviary"

Certified Aviary Raising Quality Handfed Congo & Timneh Grays, Cockatoos, Hawkheads, Amazons, Pionus, Sun Conures, Mini Macaws, And Caiques. Complete Oral And Written Instructions As Well As A Video On Bird Care Are Provided With Every Baby.

"High Springs Aviary"

A Small Aviary Dedicated To Pet Quality, Hand-Fed Baby Parrots.Specialize In Green-Rumped Parrotlets And Small Cockatoos (Citron-Crested, Goffin`S, Bare-Eyed). All Of Our Babies Are Closed-Banded And Come With A Health Guarantee. Shipping Available.

"Homestead Aviaries"

Breeders Of Exotic Birds Including Cockatoos, Parakeets, And Cockatiels. Handfed Babies Are Available For Most Of The Year And Of Course There Are Always Older Birds That Need Homes.

"Hookbill Haven Aviary"

Breeders Of Exotic Birds Including African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures, Lovebirds, Pionus Parrots, And Senegals. Babbies Are Are Healthy, Adorable Hand-Fed Baby Parrots At Very Affordable Prices.

"Irena`S Aviary"

Breeder Of Cockatoos, Macaws, African Greys, Amazons, Caiques, Pionus And Quakers. Emphasize Keeping Our Baby Birds Well-Socialized, Happy And Healthy To Ensure That You Receive The Best Possible Pet Bird For Your Loving Home.

"Jeepers Cheepers"

Have A Variety Of Birds Including Congo African Greys, Indian Ringnecks, Quakers, Cockatiels, Parakeets, And Many Others. Our Birds Are All Lovingly Hand-Fed In Our Home And Are People Friendly And Well Socialized.

"Jj`S Jungle Birds"

Breeder Of Exotic Birds. Cockatoos Are Their Specialty, However They Do Raise A Limited Number Of Macaws, African Greys And Vosmeri Eclectus. Aviary Is Unique - All Of Our Breeders Are Previous Pets, Most Were Domestic, Hand-Fed Babies.

"Judy Leach`S Parrots"

Raises Hand-Fed And Socialized Macaw, Cocakatoo, Afrikan Grey, And Amazon Babies. All Babies Are Born And Raised In Our Home, And Given Individual Training And Attention. They Are Kept In Separate Containers And Cages .

"June Hendrix"

The Birds Nest Exotic Bird Aviary And Supply Hand Fed Exotic Birds, Distributor For Topper Bird Ranch Products,And Great Links To Other Avian Internet Pages.

"Jungle Enterprises Of Miami"

Jungle Enterprises Has Provided Baby Birds And Breeding Stock To Breeders, Wholesalers, And Pet Stores Throughout The United States .Species Are African Parrots: Congo Greys, Timneh Greys, Jardines, Red Belly, Senegal, Meyers,Etc.

"Leeward Coast Aviaries"

Breeder Of Rare Eggsquisite Parrots.Super Sweet Eggsquisite Babies Regularly Priced At $1,695.00 Are Now Specially Priced At $1,250.00 Each.Breeding Macaws & Cockatoos Also.

"Legend Creek Aviary"

Specialize In Sweet Handfed Babies To Make Great Companion Birds For The Family.Breeding Many Varieties Of Species Like African Greys, Senegals, Cockatiels, Red Bellies, White-Capped Pionus, And A Large Variety Of Love Birds.

"Lena`S Bird Haven"

Florida Licensed Breeder Of Umbrellas, Goffins, Mollucans, Sulpher Crested, Scarlet, Blue & Gold & Green Winged Macaws, Amazons, African Congo Greys, Sun, Green Cheek, Maroon Belly, Nanday & Jenday Conures, Rosellas, Derbyans, Alexandrines .

"Little Big Birds"

Breeder Of Spectacled And Blue Mutation Pacific Parrotlets. Babies Are Handfed, Tame, Socialized, Close Banded, And Health Guaranteed. Babies Are Close Banded And Receive Individual Training And Taming From The Time They Are Pulled From The Nest.

"Majestic Cocka2s"

The Farm Offers Health Guarantee, Poyloma Vaccinated Hand-Fed Baby Birds. Providing Parrot Supplies,Hyacinths, Green-Wingeds And Red-Fronted Macaws, African Grays, Eclectus Parrots, Sulpher-Crested And Palm Cockatoos, Golden Conures .

"Massachusetts Quaker Parakeet Specialists"

Massachusetts Quaker Parakeet Specialists,Two Small Aviaries Specializing In Quaker Mutations. Breeders Of Green, Blue, Cinnamon, Cinnamon-Blue And Split Quaker Parakeets. The Aviary Working Together To Provide Quality Quakers Of Diverse Bloodlines.

"Meadpark International"

Breeding, Racing And Exporting The Worlds Finest, Staf Van Reet And Braspenning Jansenn Racing Pigeons.Having 2 Different Breeds Of Pigeons: Staf Van Reet And Braspenning Jansenn`.

"Mirror Lake Exotics."

"All Birds Offered Are Hatched And Hand-Raised On Our Farm And Are Closed Banded. We Guarantee All Birds Are Healthy At Time Of Sale; We Do Not Guarantee Babies Still Hand-Feeding."

"Nest Box Aviary"

Breeders Of Domestically Bred & Raised Exotic Birds Like Conures, Quakers, Macaws, Mini-Macaws And Indian Ringnecks. The Babies We Produce And Offer Are Domestically Raised, Closed Banded Pet Birds Which Make Great Lifetime Companions .

"Newlan`S Aviaries."

Newlans Aviaries Parrot Breeders Of Solomon Island Eclectus, African Gray Congos,Timnehs, Amazons, Cockatoos, Baby Birds.We Also Raise Amazons And African Greys (Congos And Timnehs).

"Northeast Exotics"

Offers Greenwings, Blue And Golds, Yellow Colored, Hahns, Umbrella`S, Lessors, And Greaters, Sol Isle Eclectus, Napes And Many More Amazons, Congos, Jardines, Meyers And More, Lots Of Conures, Quakers. Blue Crowns, Many More .

"Old World Aviaries"

Specialize In Eclectus, Greys, And Poicephalus. We Have Red-Sided, Solomon Island, Grand, And Vosmaeri Eclectus. Congo And Timneh Greys. Our Poicephalus Include Capes, Jardines, Meyers, Senegals, Red-Bellies And Brown-Heads.

"Out On A Limb"

Family Owned And Operated Aviary With More Than 30 Years Experience. Specializing In Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Greys, And Eclectus. Out On A Limb Believes In Educating New Parrot Owners In The Proper Care Of Your Pet.

"Pampered Parrots"

Breeder Of Eclectus, Greys, Conures, Cockatoos, Amazons, Macaws And Cockatiels. Handfed Babies Raised With Individual Care.

"Parrot Breeder"

Supplying Pairs Of Parrots To Future Breeders Supplying Hand Feeding Baby Parrots To The Wholesale Trade Only.Florida Xotic Supplies Domestic, Hand Feeding Babbies.

"Parrot Jungle"

Parrot Jungle And Gardens, Is A World Famous Bird Sanctuary, Wildlife Habitat And Botanical Garden. Founded By Austrian-Born Franz Scherr, The Park Opened In 1936 To 100 Visitors Who Paid 25 Cents To Watch The First Bird Show.


Offering Various Species Of Hand-Fed Baby Parrots. Also Breeder Supplies.At Parrotbabies, We Spend A Lot Of Time With Our Baby Parrots, And Socialize Them With A Variety Of People, To Ensure They Meet Or Exceed Your Expectations.

"Parrotise In The Pines"

Offer High Quality, Hand-Fed, Hand-Raised, Baby Parrots Raised With Lots Of Tlc. Our Babies Are Well Socialized, Vet Checked, Close Banded, And Vaccinated For Avian Polyoma Virus. Our Nursery Provides You With A Real-Time Status Of Our Available Baby

"Parrotlet Ranch"

Map Certified Aviary Specializing In Domestic Hand Raised Parrotlets.Now Available: Blue And Fallow Color Mutation Pacifics. All Birds Have A Health Guarantee And Are Accompanied By The Parrotlet Handbook.


Sweet, Adorable Handfed Baby Parrots For Sale.Sell Handfed Baby Macaws, Mini-Macaws,Amazons,And Those Most Loving Cockatoo`S. We Also Carry Other Types Of Parrots. We Handle These Birds All Day Long, They Are Used To Music, They Enjoy Classical.

"Pecan Acres Pets"

Breeders Of Several Species Of Exotic, Companion Birds And Other Pets. Also, We Are Suppliers Of A Full Line Of Quality Bird Cages, Toys, And Other Accessories For Your Companion Bird.Providing The Finest, Healthiest, Hand Fed And Hand Raised Birds.

"Peewee`S Playpen And Aviary"

The Aviary Offers Hand-Fed Baby Parrotlets, Lovebirds And Conures And Specialized In Pacific & Greenrump Parrotlets,Senegals .

"Perched On A Pickett"

A Small Breeder Of Hand-Fed Amazons, Macaws, Conures, African Greys, And Eclectus. African Greys Are Medium Size Birds, Very Smart, Known For Their Excellent Talking Abilities.The Aviary Breeds Medium Sized Birds Quiet Birds For The Pet Lovers.


Private Breeders Specializing In Hand-Reared Parrots From Senegals Up To Macaws And Also Cockatiels, Rosellas And Budgies. Also Have Proven Pairs And Pairs Of Most Species.

"Pretty Birds"

Hand-Fed And Socialized Baby Birds In Pittsburgh, Pa. Some Of The Species Are Parakeets, Amazons, African Greys And Cockatoos. Birds Are For Sale Locally Only.Sell Only Socialized Hand-Fed Baby Birds.

"R & R Bird Gardens & Manufacturing"

Breeders Of Some Of The Birds Of Distinction Such As Cockatoos, Macaws, Congo African Greys, And Others.

"R&B Aviaries"

R&B Aviaries Offers Super Sweet Hand-Fed Baby Birds For Avian Companionship. Breeder Pairs And Singles Are Available From Time To Time. All Baby Birds Sold By R&B Aviaries Are Raised Here In Our Own Aviaries.

"Ritt`S Exotic Birds"

Family Owned And Operated Dedicated To Providing The Healthiest Birds Available.We Also Provide Sexing,Shipping And Other Services.Breeding A Variety Of New World Parrots.All Birds Are Guaranteed To Arrive Alive And Free Of All Avian Viruses .

"Robin`S Roost"

Aviary Specializing In Pacific Parrotlets And Color Mutations. Specialize In Handfed, Loving, And Social Parrotlets (Some Mutations Available) And Lovebirds. Currently The Farm Have Four Breeding Pairs.

"Rockledge Aviary"

Rockledge Aviary Provides The Highest Quality Hand-Fed Macaw, Amazon, Cockatoo, African Grey And Eclectus Chicks And Breeding Pairs Available! We Guarantee The Birds Health, And Ship Worldwide.Provide Incubated Or Nest-Hatched, Hand-Fed Chicks.

"Ronald Edwards Bird Garden"

The Aviary Offers Hand-Fed Congo African Greys, Ring-Neck And Plum-Head Parakeets, Cockatiels, Love Birds, Conures, And Other Varieties Of Exotic Birds. All The Birds Are Guaranteed To Be Healthy And Happy.

"Ronda`S Aviary"

Small Scale Breeder Of Greenwing, Blue & Gold & Scarlet Macaws. Specialize In Hand Fed Domestic Blue & Gold , Greenwing & Scarlet Macaw Babies.Our Babies Are Of The Best Quality.


The Rspb Is The Charity That Takes Action For Wild Birds And The Environment. Birds, Wildlife, Free, Feeding, Nature, Reserve, Charity, Biodiversity, Countryside, Conservation, Garden, Volunteer, Environment, Habitat, Membership, Royal, Society.

"Rudkin Aviary"

Breeder Of Exotic Cockatoos Specializing In Rosebreasted (Galah), Major Mitchell`S (Leadbeater), Long Billed Corella (Slender Bill), And The Greater Sulphur Crested (Galarita Galarita) Cockatoos. Handfed And Parent Raised.

"Scott Aviaries"

Breeders Of Exotic Birds. Handfed, Lovable Babies.Other Species Are B&G,Greenwing,Scarlet Macaws. Moluccan, Umbrella Cockatoos,African Greys,Amazon,Conures,Rosellas,Quakers,Mini Macaws, Quakers, Ringnecks, Cockatiels Including Whiteface Lutino.

"Shady Pines Aviary"

Selling Pampered Parrotlets, Black-Headed & White-Belly Caiques, And Color Mutation Pacific Parrotlets. All Hand-Fed And Closed Banded. Babies Are Handfed, Closed Banded, And Raised With Loving Attention.


If You Love Wild Birds And Nature, This Site S For You. You May Know My Name From My Syndicated Newspaper Column, From Articles In Wildbird , Birder S World , Pennsylvania

"Skymeadow Farm, Inc."

Aviary And Exotic Bird Breeder And Distributor. Provide Customers With Birds Of Over 100 Species & Sub-Species.Breeds And Sells Parakeets The Popular Color Mutations Of Cockatiels & Love Birds, Over 20 Species Of Finches, Canaries, Doves, Quail.

"Solely Solomon Aviaries"

Specializing Only In Solomon Island Eclectus .Solely Solomon Aviaries Warrants That, At Time Of Purchase, The Bird(S) Invoiced Are In Good Health. The Buyer Is Encouraged To Have The Bird(S) Examined By A Veterinarian Of His/Her Choice W/In 5 Days .

"Springville Aviary"

Springville Aviary Breed And Hand Raise Cockatiels, Senegals And Blue Head Pionuses. Available Birds For Sale Are Cinnamon Pearl/Wf,Pearl Pied/Wf ,Lutino Pearl ,Blue Head Pionus,Grey Cockatiel ,Meyers - Male,

"Summers Birds"

Specializing In Hand-Fed African Greys, Macaws, Cockatoos, Eclectus, And Toucans. All Of The Babies Are Domestically Bred, Hand-Raised, Socialized, And Completely Guaranteed Healthy.

"Sundown Aviary, Inc."

Breeders Of Domestic Exotic Birds And Specializes In Parrots Like Amazons,Caiques,Cockatoos,Eclectus,Greys,Macaws And Babies Are Available For Sale.

"Susie`S Birds"

Specialize In Hand-Fed Pet Birds. Some Of The Species We Raise Are: Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Senegals, Quakers, Sun Conures, Fancy Cockatiels, And Lovebirds. Breeders Of Hand-Fed Exotic Baby Birds.

"Sweet Home Aviary"

Sweet Home Aviary Is A Small Breeder With Extrordinary Moluccan,Umbrella,Elenora,Goffin & African Greys. Located In North Carolina.Only The Best Parrots Can Be Adopted. Meaning Petability, Health Quality And Imprinting.


Breeder Of African Greys, Conures, Cockatiels, Lovebirds And Quakers .Prices For These Birds Are Very Affordable, With Few Costing More Than $100.00, And Starting At Approximately $50.00.Lovebirds Have A Variety Of Peeps, Cheeps, Chirps, And Squeaks.

"Sydney`S Birds"

A Small Bird Breeder Of The Highest Quality Birds. Each Of Our Breeder Birds Has Been Examined By An Avian Veterinarian And Has Been Pbfd Tested Negative. The Breeder Birds Are Housed In Three Separate Climate Controlled Buildings.

"Talking Green Parrot Aviary"

Small Florida Breeder Of Bluefronted, Double Yellow Headed And Yellow Naped Amazons. Ships Only Fully Weaned, Vet Checked Babies. Try To Maximize The Talking Ability Of These Babies By Teaching Two Different Types Of Speech Training .

"The Back Perch"

Breeder Of Many Species Including Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Conures, Caiques, Pionus, Grey-Cheeks, And Amazons. The Smallest Parrot Raised In Captivity, Parrotlets .

"The Birds Of Chilly Hollow"

Breeder Of Show Quality English Budgerigars In All Color Varieties Including Rare Colors.The Birds Of Chilly Have Been Breeding High Quality Birds For Over 14 Years And Have A Wonderful Selection Of Prize Winning Birds In A Stunning Variety Of Colors

"The Birds Of Prey"

To Treat Injured And Orphaned Wildlife, Primarily Raptors, Such As Eagles, Hawks, Falcons And Owls And Return Healthy Members Of The Breeding Population To Their Natural Habitat

"The Canary`S Nest"

Breeder Of Canaries.The Canary`S Nest Is Proudly Working To Maintain The Best Strain Of Red Factors Available Anywhere That Are Color-Bred Not Color-Fed.

"The Feather Tree"

Specializes In Pyrrhura Conures, Also Breeding Greys, Amazons, Pionus, Poicephalus, And Greater Vasa Parrots,Pionus Parrots, And Poicephalus Parrots.

"The Nesting Box"

Breeder Of Macaws, African Greys And Eclectus. These Birds Are Highly Trainable, And With That Intelligence Comes The Requirement Of Ample Toys And Attention From Their Owners.

"The Outside Inn"

Offers Large Selection Of Hand-Fed Baby Parrots Pacific Parrots,Ringneck ,Alexandrine ,Eclectus ,Cockatoo,Greater Sulphur (Triton) .Providing Training ,Grooming And Boarding.Shipping Service Available On All Birds And Supplies.

"The Parrot Affair"

"Breeders Of African Greys; Amazons; Cockatoos; Eclectus; Macaws And More.Some Of The Baby Birds Available Are Blue And Gold Macaws,Green Wing Macaws,Scarlet,Bare Eyed Cockatoos,Moluccan Cockatoos,Catalina Macaws."

"The Parrot Aviary"

Breeder Of Domestic Hand-Fed, Well-Socialized Baby Parrots,Cockatoos (Umbrella,Moluccan,Goffins), African Greys (Congo,Timneh), Blue-Front Amazons And Red-Sided Eclectus. All Babies Are Weaned, Vet-Checked And Guaranteed.

"The Wright Roost"

The Wright Roost Is The Source For Hand-Fed Domestic Baby African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures, Macaws And Mini Macaws. Serving The Puget Sound Region.

"Theleme Birds"

From Hand-Fed Cockatiels And Macaws To Amazons, Finches, And Ringnecks Are Available.Breeders Of Family Members Of The Feathered Kind.All Babies Are Raised In Our Home As Part Of The Family.

"Top Notch Parrot"

Breeders Of Hand Raises Domestic Parrots: African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Macaws, And Conures. Experienced Shipping Department Can Deliver Birds Nearly Anywhere In The U.S.

"Tortolita Mountain Aviary"

Offers A Variety Of Parrots, Breeding Equipment, And Supplies. All Of Our Birds Come With A Written Health Guarantee. We Also Carry Breeding Equipment And Supplies For The Avian Breeder. We Occasionally Have Breeding Pairs For Sale.

"Treasured Friends Exotic Birds"

Breeder Of Hand-Fed Babies, Some Of The Species Available Are African Greys, Sun Conures, Cockatoos, Parrotlets, And Indian Ringneck Parakeets In Blue And Lutino Varieties. Offer Reasonably Priced Handfed Exotic Birds In Many Species And Varieties.

"Triple S Farm"

Having A Good Selction Of Macaws: Conures: African: To Include Congo, Jardines Cockatoos: Pinous And Parrotlets And Ship At The Customer Expence . The Aviary Can Sell Babies Out Of The Nest , Or Fed-Out.

"Tropical Bird Paradise"

Birds Of The World. Complete Accessories Finches, Parrots,Macaws,Cockatoo,Conures, Parakeets,Bird Cages,Cages,Bird Food,Bird Toys,Bird Treats,Bird Boarding

"True Companion Aviary"

Certified Avian Specialist And Take Great Pride In Providing Well Socialized, Healthy, Happy Baby Macaws, Cockatoos, Eclectus, African Parrots, Amazons, Conures, Caiques, Pionus And Hawk Headed Parrots To The Customers. Health Certificates Provided.

"Twin Willows Aviary"

Breeders Of Green-Wings, Blue&Golds, Scarlets, Militaries, Red-Fronts, Buffons, Hyacinths. Cockatoos: Mollocuns, Bare-Eyes, Umbrellas, Elenoras, Gallertias Closed Aviary, Hand-Fed, Fledged Birds Fly.

"Uncle Tom`S Farm"

Uncle Tom`S Farm Is A Small Game Bird Farm Have A Wide Variety Of Species Including Pheasants, Quail, Turkeys, Ducks And Geese.

"Unique Beak Aviary"

Aviary Breeding Domestic Close Banded Australian, African And Indo-Pacific Finches And Waxbills Including Green Singing Finch, Goldbrest And Cordon Blues. All Of The Birds Have Gone Through Proper Quarantine And When Necessary Testing.

"Urban Bird"

New York City`S State Licensed Parrot Breeder With A Retail Store. Handreared, Health Guaranteed Baby Parrots And All Supplies. They Breed Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, Moustaches, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, And Budgies. It Offers Boarding Also.

"Visual Wings"

Visual Wings Offers Many Types Of Species Australian Grassparakeets Including Scarlet-Chested, Turquoisine, Elegant, Bourke And Lineolated Parakeets.Neophema Parakeets Are Visual Wings Specialty.

"Wd Ranch And Aviaries"

Hand Fed Babies And Breeding Pairs Of Lories And Lorikeets Other Species Include Parrotlets, Senegals, Red Belly, Timneh Greys And Some Softbills. The Aviaries Produced Well-Socialized, Hand-Fed Babies, Breeding Pairs , Including Some Rare Species .

"White Mountain Bird Farm International"

Breeder Of Domestic Parrots.Specializing In Nationwide And International Sales Of Domestically Bred Parrots, Including Amazon Parrots, Cockatoos, Macaws, African Grey Parrots, Electus Parrots, Black Headed Caiques, And Others.

"Wild Birds Unlimited"

Wild Birds Unlimited Is The First And Largest Franchise System Of Retail Stores Catering To The Backyard Birdfeeding Hobbyist. Birds Birdseed Binoculars Cam Feeder Franchise Franchising Gifts Seed Birdhouse Birdbath Field Guide Spotting Scope .

"Wings N` Things"

A Bird Lovers` Paradise Established For The Happiness And Well-Being Of You And Your Parrot. The Hartmans Opened Their Online Store, After Several Years Of Hand Raising Exotic Birds

"Wings Of Joy Aviary"

A Small Breeding Facility In Southern Oregon, Specializing In Quaker Parakeets And Sun Conures. All Of The Babies Are Handfed, Closed-Banded And Raised With Loving Attention And Ship To All Parts Of The Country.


Breeders Of Parrots Like African Greys, Blue And Gold Macaws, Greenwing Macaws, Ruby Macaws, Military Macaws, Illiger Mini Macaws, Hahns Mini Macaws, Noble Mini Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos, Moluccan Cockatoos, Lesser Sulpher Crested Cockatoos.

"Woolly Feathers"

Offering Handraised Parrots Especially Macaws And Cockatoos. On Request Also If Offers African Greys, Conures, Caiques And Amazons. All Of The Baby Birds Are Raised In A Warm, Family Oriented Environment That Includes Children, Dogs And Cats.

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