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": Luvyerpet"
Most Dog Treats Have Dyes, Preservatives, And Are Baked To Death, Leaving No Nutritional Value For Your Dog. Bowie Bones Are Made Of The Freshest Ingredients And Must Be Refridgerated Or Put In The Freezer To Keep From Spoiling.

"Ablaze Bodyworks"

"Ablaze Bodyworks Provide Massage Therapy In San Antonio, Texas, In/Outcalls 7 Days/Wk. We Also Offer Secure Online Shopping Of Fine Gifts &Amp; Jewelry, Massage Equipment, Romance Pkgs &Amp; More"

"All Creatures Great And Small"

Our Holistic Health Programs Are Designed To Improve The Quality Of Health And Increase Life Expectancy Of Your Pets. At The Same Time We Save You Money In Emergencies And Other Veterinary Bills Because Your Pets Stay Healthy Longer.

"Almaden Valley Animal"

Offers Swimming Therapy For Dogs. Treatment And Rehabilitation Including Arthritis, Massage,Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Displasia, Geriatrics, And More.Treatment And Rehabilitation Including: Pre/Post Surgical Conditioning,Stroke & Paralysis,Special Service

"American Massage Therapy Association"

"The American Massage Therapy Association Represents More Than 37,000 Massage Therapists In 30 Countries. Amta Works To Establish Massage Therapy As Integral To The Maintenance Of Good Health And Complementary To Other Therapeutic Processes; To Advance The Profession Through Ethics And Standards, Certification, School Accreditation, Continuing Education, Professional Publications, Legislative Efforts, Public Education, And Fostering The Development Of Members"

"Amtil (Animal Massage & Therapies)"

Amtil (Animal Massage & Therapies) Was Founded In 1998 For The Purpose Of Making The Benefits Of Massage And Other Holistic Approaches To Animal Health Available To Companion Animals

"Animal Connection"

Learn About Holistic Care With Flint River Ranch Dog And Cat Food, Flower Essences, Animal Essences And Discover Resources To Learn More About Holistic Health.


Animal Massage Therapy - Specializing In Canine, Equine, And Feline. Maria Duthie, Licensed Massage Therapist.

"Arbonne International"

Arbonnes Natural Herbal And Botanical Skin Care For Your Baby And Children


Veterinary Diagnostic Tools With Light And Pulsed Magnetics For Safe, Effective Treatment And Injury Prevention

"Bonnie S K9 Corp"

Flipping The Dogs On Their Back Gives Me Access To The Spine So That I Can Massage It. Dogs That Just Need To Lose Weight Or Are Here For Conditioning Treatments Will Not Be Flipped On Their Backs. Dogs That Do Not Want To Be On Their Backs Will Receive Back Massages While They Are Swimming Or While They Are Taking A Break.

"Bonnie`S K9 Swim Therapy Center"

Offering Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapy, Massage, Weight Loss, And Other Treatments For The Dogs.Provide A Warm Swimming Pool To Exercise Dogs Recovering From Orthopedic And Neurological Surgery, With Arthritis Pain, And Other Orthopedic .

"Countryrun Inc"

"Countryrun Inc,Bring A Holistic Approach To Raising Puppies And Dogs. Natural Foods, Supplements And Aromatherapy Combined With Low Stress Massage, ""Hands-On"" Methods Of Training And Socialization Result In Happier, Healthier Animals. Whenever Possible, Natural Remedies And Preventatives Are The Favored Route To Well-Being For Countryrun Great Danes. "

"Darren Hawks"

Alternative Or Complimentary Therapies Are Getting More And More Attention In The Health Field. There Is A Growing Demand For Well-Integrated, Balanced Health Care And Qualified, Informed Practitioners. Many Pet Owners Would Like To Be Able To Provide The Same Kind Of Care For Their Pets As They Do For Themselves. It Seems Appropriate, Then, That Alternative Therapies Are Becoming More Available In The Veterinary Field.

"Debbie Goodwin"

Equine Sports Massage Is A Common Procedure To:Increase Flexibility , Reduce Muscle Stiffness ,Prevent Injury ,Minimize Injury Damage , Reduce Recovery Time And Improve Your Relationship With Your Horse.

"Dog Massage Emazing"

Want To Relax Your Dog And Improve His And Your Health? Give Your Dog A Gentle Pet Massage. Rub Him Softly In Small Circles Starting On The Back. Have Your Dog Lay On His Side And Speak Soothingly To Him As You Start The Small Circles Along His Back

"Don Doran`S Equine Sports Massage"

Don Doran`S Equine Sports Massage And Holistic Equine Learning Programs Horses,Massage,Esm,Equine,Holistic, Animal

"Eagle Crest Farm"

Added The Use Of Bach Flower Essence Therapy To Our Massage Treatment Program. The Use Of Flower Essences For Behavior Modification And For Preparing Animals For Surgical Procedures Or Other Traumatic Events, Has Been Very Valuable To Pet Owners.


Equine Sports Therapy Incorporates Many Different Aspects.These Include Remedial Massage Therapy, Structural Assessment And Balancing, Nutrition, Saddle And Tack Fitting, Dental Assessmnent, Accupressure And Applied Kinesiology.

"Equine Sports Massage"

Equine Sports Massage Is The Therapeutic Application Of Professional Sports Massage Techniques Applied To The Horse. These Hands On Techniques Accomplish Increased Performance Levels And Endurance As Well As Helping To Prevent Injury.

"Equine Sports Massage Natural Animal Health"

Equine Sports Massage Is The Therapeutic Application Of Professional Sports Massage Techniques Applied To The Horse. These Hands On Techniques Accomplish Increased Performance Levels And Endurance As Well As Helping To Prevent Injury


Equissage Is The Oldest And Leading Trainer Of Animal Massage Therapists In The World Our Instructors Are Trained Professionals Under The Leadership Of Mary Schreiber Who Developed The First Such Certificate Program In Equine Sports Massage Therapy

"Equissage, Inc."

Horses Are Like People, They Need Range Of Motion, Flexibility And Peace Of Mind, In Order To Train And Perform Successfully.Muscle Tissue In Both Horse And Human Can Be Overused, Overstretched, And Overloaded By Repeated Strains And Exertions. Any One Condition Resulting In Tissue Spasm Can Cause Pain And Restrict Motion. The Task Of The E.S.M.T. Is To Accurately Locate These Spasms And Work Them Out With Massage

"Geary Whiting`S Equine Massage School"

Geary Whiting`S Equine Massage School - School Addresses Both Horse And Rider Performance Problems Through Weight Training, Massage, And Nutrition.

"Get In Touch With Your Dog"

"Our New ""Get In Touch With Your Dog"" Class Will Be Held Two Fridays Once A Month. Classes Will Cover Massage And Calming Techniques, Plus Canine Body Language, Calming Signals, Easing Your Dog S Fears, Confidence Building, Stress Reduction Exercises And Relaxation Techniques."

"Healing Arts Network"

Your Source For Information On Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health And Shamanic Practice Massage,Animal Health,Equine Massage,Show Horses,Acupuncture, Amazon Trips

"Healing Touch For Animals"

Massage Is A Noninvasive And General Therapy, Which Can Relieve Pain And Help In The Treatment Of Several Conditions As Well As Prevent Their Return. Any Form Of Touch That Provides Comforts And Promotes Health And Wellness Can Be Defined As Massage.


Horsebodyworks. Drop On By For A Visit Therapeutic Body Work And Massage. Qualified Equine Body Workers, Dedicated To Enhancing The Well-Being Of All Horses And Their Riders

"In Massage Your Dog The Lang Way, Volume 2,"

In Massage Your Dog The Lang Way, Volume 2, We Show You How To Locate Bony Landmarks And How To Massage These Areas Precisely: How Joints Function How Stress And Strains Occur How To Locate Stress And Strain On Your Dog Teaches Basic Skeletal Anatomy .

"Innate Designs, Inc."

Innate Designs, Inc.,Offers Superior Veterinary, Grooming, And Boarding Services For Your Pet. We Are Located On West Green Oaks Boulevard In Arlington, Tx. Our Services Include Routine Examinations, Vaccinations, Surgery, Dentistry, X-Rays, Boarding, Grooming, Laboratory Testing, And Massage Therapy Bathing. Arlington, Tx Small Animal Veterinarian With A State-Of-The-Art Surgical Hospital, Boarding, And Grooming.

"Kahi Loa"

A Healer And Homoeopath, I Had Began To Wonder If Somewhere There Was Healing System In Existence That Involved Hands-On Approach,Provided Individuals With An Empowering Philosophy At The Same Time. Search Of This Which Untypical Many Therapies Available, My Took Me As Far Afield South East Asia, Australia India, But Remained Inconclusive. Then, Early 1996 Something Unusual Happened Would Change Life .

"Kaufman Chiropractic"

This Site Contains Information About Animal Chiropractic For Dogs, Horses, And Cats. There Also A Book On Pet Loss From A Spiritual Holistic Perspective. You Will Also Find Informative Pages About Animal Holistic And Natural Health, Animal Massage, Natural Pet Health, Saddle Fit And Other Articles Of Interest To Pet Owners.

"Lifeline Centers For Holistic Health"

The Lifeline Massage Group Consists Of Massage Therapists Offering A Wide Variety Of Massage Styles Designed To Suit Individual Preferences. Styles Include Therapeutic Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofacial Release, Manual Lymph Drainage.

"Loving Touch Pet Care Products"

Jim Durant, Licensed Massage Therapist, Presents:The Art Of Pet Massage .Decrease Your Pet`S Pain And Stiffness Due To Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, Muscle Strain, And Over Or Under Activity. Calm Your Pet Before Training Sessions Or Shows.

"Massage Awareness Inc"

Massage Awareness Inc. Offers The Most Extensive And Professional, Recreational-Based Horse And Dog Massage Training In North America

"Massage Therapy Horselink"

Massage Therapy Encourages Well Being By Relieving Stress And Muscle Fatigue While Affecting The Circulatory, Lymphatic, Nervous And Muscular Systems. Regular Massages Allow These Systems To Function More Efficiently And Can Help Relieve Chronic Injuries Or Health Problems.

"Massaging Techniques"

Too Many Dog Owners Are Challenged Or Even Bitten When They Try To Get Their Dog To Move While It Is Resting. Here, You Ll Learn To Move Your Puppy S Body And To Examine Him In A Way Thats Gentle And Safe. As You Do The Following, Remember To Handle Your Puppy The Way You Would Want To Be Handled – With Love And Respect.

"Naturalvillage.Com, Inc."

Information And Resources On Featured Schools Of Animal Therapy.Animal Therapy, Acupressure Schools, Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Oriental Medicine

"Nedda Wittels"

Nedda Wittels Offers Telepathic Animal Communication, Hands-On-Healing, Reiki, Shamballa, And Other Energetic Healing For Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, And Other Animals

"Orthodoc Guide To Muscles And Clinical Massage"

Information For The Consumer And Therapist Complete With Photographic Illustrations.

"Paschelke Massage Center"

The Response Of Animals To Paschelke Massage Demonstrates That It Is Gentle And Effective. Many Animals Have Experienced The Benefits Of Paschelke Massage: Horses, Deer, Sheep, Goats, Donkeys, Cows, Llamas, Rabbits, Cats, Dogs, And Even A Cougar At An Animal Preserve.


Polio (Short For Poliomyelitis) Is An Example Of How Human Clinical Research, Along With Advancements In Cellular Research, Led To The Near Eradication Of An Epidemic. The Disease Also Points Up The Limitations Of Animal Experiments, Which Were Slow And Cumbersome, And Misled Researchers

"Pet Massage Rehabilitation"

We Offer A New Concept Of Pet Care Using Old But Proven Methods. Massage, Exercise, And Stretching Are The Foundation Services We Provide. Pet Massage Also Offers Group And Private Interactive Seminars In Which You Bring Your Dog And Learn The Basics In Rehabilitation Care.

"Pet-Ri-Ssage Ltd."

Pet-Ri-Ssage Ltd., Pet Knead, Pet Need, Oak Park, Illinois, Workshops, Pet Massage Animal Therapy, Animal Massage, Pet Therapy, Dog, Canine, Cat, Feline, Pet Workshops, Pet Massage Training

"Pet-Ri-Ssage Ltd."

Marsha Is A Certified Animal Massage Therapist. With A B.A. In Psychology, Marsha Has Pursued The Field Of Animal Behavior In Relation To Animal Massage Therapy. Her Work Focuses On Dealing With Problematic Issues And Behavior Modification Utilizing Massage, Acupressure, T-Touch And Other Alternative Healing Techniques. Of Course, Her Cat Runs The Household.


Massage Is Useful To Help Sooth Overworked, Tired Muscles. Massage Will Not Cure Serious Disease. In Humans, Multiple Types Of Massage Are Used. These Could Also Be Used In Animals. Some Of The Common Types Include Effleurage (Long, Slow Strokes), Petrissage (Kneading And Rolling Muscles), Friction (Steady Pressure Across Muscles Fibers Without Moving Across The Skin), And Percussion (Drumming Hands Over Broad Areas Of The Body).

"Pets And Patios .Com"

Massage Therapy For Pets.This Shop Has Similar Massage Tools For Humans Too Which Will Have Both Of You Purring In No Time.Pets And Patios Is An Online Shopping Mall Exclusively For Pets, Home, And Garden Products Which Stand Out From The Crowd Not Only In Product Selection, But In Customer Satisfaction.

"Polarity Realization Institute, Inc."

Professional Career Training For Polarity, Massage, Advanced Energy Work In 6 Months Days, 12 Months Evenings, Or 24 Months Weekends

"Polarity Realization Institute, Inc."

New Englands Only Energy School For Polarity Realization Therapy, Holistic Massage, Therapeutic Massage, And Ryse.6 Month Full-Time Day Career Programs.3 Career Programs To Choose From: Holistic Or Therapeutic Massage Or Polarity Realization Therapy Career Programs

"S.M.Distributors, Inc"

This Amazing Pet Mitt Is The Quick, Easy, No Mess Way To Care For Your Pets. Its Specially Designed, Rubberized Palm With Gentle, Flexible Bristles Massages And Penetrates Your Pet S Coat To Remove Dull, Loose, Tangled Hairs And Dirt.

"Sara Light-Waller"

Massage Services For Horses And Dogs. Riding Instruction And Gentle Partnership Awareness Lessons For Better Communication And Understanding Between People And Horses.

"Spirit Filled Dogs, Inc."

A Refreshing Alternative To Traditional Dog Training. Without Choke Collars Or Other Props, You Can Happily Encourage Dog Obedience Through The Proven Techniques Of Lifestyle And Relationship

"Susan L. Poyser, R.M.T."

In Harmony Canine & Equine Massage Therapy Registered Massage Therapist,Certified Canine Massage Therapist Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist

"The Blood-Horse, Inc."

Horse Health Care Information And News Updated Daily. The Horse Interactive Is The Leading Source Of Horse Health Information.Horse, Equine, Care, Health, Welfare, Veterinarian, Advice, Nutrition, Management, Breeding, Medicine, Lameness, Conformation, Quarter, Thoroughbred.Etc.

"The Grooming Mate Glove Keeps Your Pet Groomed"

This Amazing Pet Mitt Is The Quick, Easy, No Mess Way To Care For Your Pets. Its Specially Designed, Rubberized Palm With Gentle, Flexible Bristles Massages And Penetrates Your Pet S Coat To Remove Dull, Loose, Tangled Hairs And Dirt.

"The Healing Touch Of Joy"

The Healing Touch Of Joy Promotes Animal Health For The Entire Animal Kingdom. Focusing On Horse And Canine Massage, Dr. Joy Craft Has Been Providing Alternative Veterinary Medicine For Several Years.

"Tulsa Spca"

Non-Profit Organization Which Offers Refuge, Medical Care, Nourishment And Opportunity For Adoption To Unwanted Animals. Site Lists Volunteer Events, Donation Opportunities, Dogs And Cats Available For Adoption

"Veterinary Radiation Therapy"

A Veterinary Practice Dedicated Exclusively To The Care And Treatment Of Feline Hyperthyroidism.Advances In Veterinary Oncology, Radiation Oncology, And Radiation Therapy (Rt) And Massage Are Applied Using State-Of-The-Art Equipment .

"Vortex Massage Therapy"

Massage Vortex Massage Therapy Located In Uptown Sedona Village, Arizona Provides Massage To The Uptown Sedona Village, Arizona Area. Massage Uptown Sedona Village Arizona

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