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"All Natural Healing Center For Dogs Cats"
We Provide The Most Powerful, Effective Chinese Herbal Medicine For Treatment Of Parasites Infections Such As Flea, Round Worm, Hook Worm, Tape Worm And Skin Diseases Such As Dermatitis, Itching, Hair Loss, Cold Sore, Wounds, Pressure Sore, Arthritis, Pain, For Dogs And Cats

"Alternative Medicine For Animals"

Martin Is An Animal Enthusiast. He Has A Vast Experience, And Knowledge In Animal Husbandry. He Also Has Extensive Knowledge On Homeopathy, And Frequently Uses It On His Vast Number Of Pets, To Great Success. We Provide Basic Information On Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, And Herbal Medicine For Animals.

"Cold River Veterinary Center"

Alternative Cancer Therapies,Biomedical Profiles,Intravenous Vitamin And Oxygen Therapy,High Frequency Radiography,Homeopathic Remedies,Natural Pharmacy,Telephone Consultations,Ultrasound Imaging

"Cold River Veterinary Center"

Cold River Veterinary Center Provides Oral Liquid Homeopathic Remedies For Supporting The Immune System (Left) And Liver Function.

"Equine Acupressure"

Acupressure For Animals: Dogs, Cats And Horses - Visit Us, We Have Books, Meridian Charts, Videos, And Training Programs.

"Equine Magnetic Solutions Ltd"

Welcome To Equine Magentic Solutions, A Line Of Magnetic Therapy Products Designed To Provide A Non-Invasive Treatment For Pain, Injuries And The Overall Well-Being Of Your Horse, Using The Highe St Grade Of Magnets Available For Medical Purposes. We Are Confident You Will Be Totally Satisfied With Our Quality Products And The Results You Can Begin To See Within Days.

"Fairfield Animal Hospital"

Holistic Veterinary Medicine And Surgery Is Provided By The Fairfield Animal Hospital. The Medical Modalities We Most Often Use Are: Homeopathy And Traditional Medicine.Works With Small Animals, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, And Exotic Pets .

"Foster & Smith, Inc."

Foster & Smith, Inc. Provides Homeopathic Remedies Which Are Extremely Diluted Solutions Of Assorted Herbs, Animal Products, And Chemicals.

"Hbs Equine Therapy, Inc."

Hbs Equine Therapy, Inc. - Providing Equine Therapeutic And Performance Enhancing Products That Will Give Your Horse The Winning Edge

"Holistic Veterinary Healthcare"

Homeopathy Works Just As Effectively In The Healing Of Animals As It Does In Healing Humans. Anti-Aging Detox, Drainage & Symptom Relief And Symptomatic Remedies Are Several Areas That Benefit From Homeopathic Treatment.

"Holistic Veterinary Medicine"

Holistic Veterinary Medicine. Homeopathy For Animals. Alternative Health.

"Holistic Veterinary Medicine"

Holistic Veterinary Medicine. Homeopathy For Animals. Alternative Health


Veterinary Consultancy Offering Homoeopathy, Acupuncture, And Nutritional Advice For Dogs, Cats, And Horses. Horses, Dogs And Cats Have Been Found To Respond Very Well To Homoeopathic Remedies. I Have Treated Hundreds Of Animals With Homoeopathy.

"Kala Health Enrichment, Inc."

We Specialize In Canine And Feline Nutrition. Arthrix For Dogs And Cats Offers Special Nutrition To Improve The Mobility Of Older Or Injuries Dogs And Cats.

"Ludlam-Dixie Animal Clinic"

Holistic Animal Clinic Offering Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Herbs, And Other Alternative Therapies.An Illness Can Be Treated By A Substance Capable Of Producing Similar Symptoms To Those Being Suffered By The Patient.

"Margate Animal Hospital"

Specializes In Chronic Illness, Arthritis, Cancer By Homeopathy, Western Herbs, Nutrition, Chiropractic, Metabolic Balancing, Immuneo Augmentative Therapy (Iat) For Cancer, Glandular Therapy.Works With Dogs, Cats, Small Animals, Birds.

"Marina Zacharias"

Natural Rearing - Alternative, Holistic, And Complementary Pet Health Care.Provide Information On Natural Rearing And Alternative, Holistic, Complementary Health Care For Pets

"Natural Animal Health"

Uk Site Explaining Many Of The Complementary Veterinary Therapies Available To The Horse, Dog & Other Animals, Including: Descriptions Of Each Therapy, How They Work And What Benefits They Can Bring To Animals.The Laws Which Govern The Treatment Of Animals - Who Can, And Who Can T, Treat Animals.

"Natural Animal Health"

"The Basic Principle Of Homoeopathy Is That Of ""Treating Like With Like"". If You Take A Substance And Administer It To A Normal Healthy Body (Human Or Animal), It Will Produce Certain Symptoms. The Fact That In A Normal Healthy Person (Or Animal) A Substance Will Produce Particular Symptoms Is Described As Proving The Remedy And Using That Substance As A Remedy Is Known As The Principle Of Similarity. "

"Natural Holistic Pet Care"

Certified In Veterinary Homeopathy And Acupuncture. Offers Information On All Types Of Holistic Pet Care And Consultation Service.

"Natural Holistic Pet Care"

Provides Details On Holistic Care For Animals Including Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Phone Consultations, Referrals And Related Information. Dr Larry Bernstein Is A Holistic Veterinarian Ready To Help You Care For Your Animal Companions In A Natural Way.


Equine Div. Of Pain-X-2000 - Leader In Light Therapy For Humans And Horses.Only Equine Light Therapy Device Which Has Fda Clearance For Human Use. Economical And Easy To Use.

"Performance Horse Therapy, Inc."

The Pain-X-2000 Has Been Designed To Help You Enhance Your Horse`S Well Being. You Can Improve Condition, Provide Preventive Maintenance And Accelerate Recovery From Injuries Through Direct Stimulation Of Your Horses Own Natural Healing System. The Pain-X-2000 Is The Perfect Tool To Improve Performance And Provide For Your Horses Well Being


Petmc (Pet Medical Centre) Is Committed To Pet Health And Responsible Pet Ownership. We Are Not Affiliated To A Single Pet Supplier, We Are A Real World Veterinary Clinic With Real World Clients And Patients. The Products Sold (Homeopathic, Medicinal And Behavioural Aids) Are Products We Have Found Useful In Practice And Are Sourced From Many Places.

"Pets Energy"

Homeopathy Is A System Of Medicine That Was Developed In Germany By Dr. Samuel Hahnemann In The Late Eighteenth Century. Dr. Hahnemann Was A Brilliant Pharmacist And Medical Translator Who Was The Founder Of Homeopathy. Homeopathy Is Based On The Greek Words Meaning Similar Suffering And The Concept That A Substance That Causes A Symptom In A Healthy Patient Will Treat That Same Symptom In A Sick Patient.

"Rising Sun Animal Wellness Center"

Rising Sun Animal Wellness Center Offers A Complete Range Of Conventional And Holistic Veterinary Services Especially Homeopathy Services And Offers Herbal, Homeopathic And Nutritional Products.

"The American Academy Of Veterinary Acupuncture"

Welcome To The American Academy Of Veterinary Acupuncture`S Web Site,The American Academy Of Veterinary Acupuncture Web Page, Directory Of Veterinary Acupuncturists, Directory Of Members, Directory Of Certified Veterinary Acupuncturists, Articles About Pet Care, Articles About Veterinary Medicine And Acupuncture, Articles About Alternative And Complementary Veterinary Medicine, Links To Veterinary Medical Sites, Links To Alternative Medical Sites, Links To Veterinary Sites

"The Holistic Horse."

Based On The Principle That Like Cures Like, Homeopathy Employs The Use Of Minute Doses Of Natural Remedies That Are Created From Herbal, Mineral And Animal Substances. Homeopathy Has Special Licensing Laws In Arizona, Connecticut And Nevada. It Is Widely Practiced Throughout Europe.

"Veterinary Radiation Therapy"

Veterinary Medicine Has Made Great Strides In Treating Pets With Cancer. Advances In Veterinary Oncology, Radiation Oncology, And Radiation Therapy (Rt), Are Applied Using State-Of-The-Art Equipment Including Ct Or Cat Scans And Linear Accelerators, Along With Chemotherapy And Surgery

"West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic"

Provides Veterinary Botanical Or Herbal Medicine, Veterinary Chiropractic, Veterinary Homeopathy - The Treatment Of Disease Using Substances In Minute Doses .

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