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"Alternative Medicine For Animals Badis"
Alternative Medicines, Is Always Expanding. To Help Users Find New List Of Oils That May Be Used On An Ailment. To Provide More Information We Have Also Provided A Basic Overview Of The Oil.This Page Gives Basic Information On The History Of Aromatherapy. Different Techniques Of Applying Oils

"Alternative, Complementary And Holistic Veterinary Medicine"

Information On Complementary And Alternative Therapies In Veterinary Medicine. Holistic Veterinary Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, And Herbal


Anaflora Flower Essences And Flower Essence Formulas Made Just For Animals By Sharon Callahan Internationally Recognized Animal Communication Specialist And Leading Pioneer In The Use Of Flower Essences In The Treatment Of Animals. Telepathic Animal Communication Offering Diagnostic Insight, Inspiration And Guidance.

"Animal Chiropractic And Holistic Health Forum."

We Are Updating All Of The Time And Would Appreciate Any Interesting Educational Materials Pertaining To Pets, Animal Natural Health Care, Holistic Veterinary Care, Chiropractic For Animals, Acupuncture ,And Herbal Educational Information For Pet Own

"Animal Chiropractic Zone"

This Site Contains Information About Animal Chiropractic For Dogs, Horses, And Cats, Benefits Of Massage.

"Animal Connection"

In The Tradition Of Flower Essences, Wild Earth Animal Essences Are The Latest Development In Vibrational Remedies -- Supporting And Nurturing You With The Wisdom And Power Of Wild Animals.Our Line Has Recently Expanded From 16 To 32 Essences.

"Aromaleigh Inc."

Holistic Aromatherapy For Dogs, Cats And Humans From Aromaleigh Inc. We Are Your Original Source For Pet Aromatherapy Products And Education Since 1997, And Have Been Practicing Aromatherapy For Pets And Humans Since 1992. Our 100% Natural Product Line Consists Of Over 150 Products, All Custom Blended With Premium Botanical Ingredients And Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

"Best Friends"

Ginger Had Been Studying Aromatherapy, And Along With Her Teacher, A Highly Practiced Clinical Aromatherapist, She Formulated A Wash And Drops That Would Heal And Prevent Ear Problems In Dogs. Ginger Had Been Making Her Own Shampoo For Her Dogs, And People Constantly Asked Her How She Got Her Dogs Coats So Soft And Shiny.


Purrrly Enjoyable Is The Sweet Smell Of Lavender Wafting Through The Air With Your Lap Filled With Love, Your Cat With The Wonderful Aromatherapies Oils.


Essential Oils Are Natural Products Occurring In Plants As Secondary Metabolites Which Are Highly Volatile And Exhibit Very Characteristic Smells. They Are Complex Mixtures Of Hydrocarbons (Mainly Terpenes), Aromatic Compounds, Aldehydes, Ketones, Alcohols And Esters. Since Essential Oils Are Natural Products Their Quality Is Strongly Dependent On The Source From Which They Derive

"Countryrun Great Danes"

At Countryrun, We Bring A Holistic Approach To Raising Puppies And Dogs. Natural Foods, Supplements And Aromatherapy Combined With Low Stress Massage, Hands-On Methods Of Training And Socialization Result In Happier, Healthier Animals.


Offers Always Natural, Made With Premium Ingredients, Organic Herbs And Essential Oils.Their Aromatic Line Is The Healthy Alternative For The Changing Times.

"East Jade Herbal Products - Online Store."

East Jade Herbal Products - Online Store.Traditional Chinese Medicine For Pets

"Featherhawk Essences"

Featherhawk Essences Embody The Full Range Of Vibrational Remedies Gifted To Us From Nature. These Include Plants, Gems & Minerals, And The Animal Kingdom, As Well As Environmental And Energetic Essences, Easy-To-Use Combination Formulas, And Essences Infused With The Symbols And Patterns Of Sacred Geometry.

"Holistic Veterinary Medicine"

Flower Essences Are Dilute Extracts Of Various Types Of Flowers And Plants That Are Used To Treat Animals And People. They Are Similar To Homeopathic Remedies In That They Are Diluted And Potentized To Make Them More Effective.Animals Respond Just As Well To Bach Flower Remedies As People, And Seem To Have Similar Emotional Imbalances That Can Be Corrected With The Appropriate Remedy. `


At Natures Pet We Offer Two Of What We Hope Will Be Many Wonderful Flower Essences For Both You And You Pets. We Offer Green Hope Farm Essences And Anaflora Flower Essence Therapy For Animals. We Offer Animal Emergency Care And Flee Free Flower Essence By Green Hope Farm.

"Novachem Limited"

The Stablemate Range Of Products Has Been Specially Formulated Using Only The Finest Ingredients Combined With Pure Essential Oils And Herbs With Proven Therapeutic Benfits.

"Pet Aromatherapy"

Our Goal Is To Provide You With Natural And Organic Aromatherapy Products Made Specifically For Your Pets. Below Is Some Background Information About How Our Products Originated.Aromatherapy Is The Ancient Art Of Healing And Relieving Ailments In A Natural, Holistic Way. In Recent Years, Humans Have Discovered The Amazing Benefits Of Aromatherpay.

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